Don’t Mess with Shennong

Chapter 800 season finale

No one can tell how high Wang Pingan's realm is now, but the arrogant ancient decorators were hacked to death by six or seven, like a chicken, which is enough to explain many problems.

"Who is going to destroy my Shennong Orchard? Is it you? Is it you or you?"

Wang Ping'an pointed to Tang Buqi at Tang Sect, and everyone in Tang Sect backed away in a panic and shook their heads desperately.

Pointing to the head of the Huashan faction, the middle-aged Taoist priest wanted to run into the Huashan police station to take refuge immediately, and never be this broken head again.

When pointing to the head of the Maoshan School, the old Taoist who had been frightened a long time ago, his legs softened and his **** was sitting on the ground, and the ground quickly became wet.

"It's all of you who want to destroy my Shennong Orchard." Wang Ping'an pointed around, seeing no one admit it, he said the result himself.

"Is my Shennong Orchard unforgivable? No, when I was the strongest, I only had revenge. Even if I took a bit more ruthlessly, it would give you a chance."

"Who snatched my pill package? Who instructed Xiaoyao Sect to kill? And who poured dirty water on me?"

"This is too complicated to say, and I am too lazy to pursue it, so I will hang all the sects that may be behind the scenes. At that time, you didn't dare to put one fart. Now when I am up, I feel like I am again. Is it all right?"

"Want to kill my whole family? Kill my whole family? Don't keep the chickens and dogs? Okay, today I will do it hard and kill you all. When I return to the fairy world, I will hang your sect in the fairy world again."

After Wang Ping'an finished speaking, he chopped it down again. In the area where Tang Buqi was located, more than a hundred Tang Sect monks were chopped up before they could react, and their flesh and blood were all over the floor.

"Too cruel, Ping An lay man, you are too cruel! As Ping An emperor, and the only candidate for the next emperor, you can't be so cruel and violate heaven and harmony."

The ancient decorator with the remnant soul of the immortal, with trembling hands, pointed at Wang Ping An? and shouted loudly.

"I'll be cruel, what can you do? Don't say I am a candidate, even if I am the emperor now? I will kill all of you? To an end!"

As he said? Wang Ping'an's figure flickered, and he appeared in front of the ancient decorator, pinched his neck? Sealed him with immortal power.

"It's you? You just clamored the happiest to destroy my whole family, didn't you? Your sect in the immortal world is called... Sanmao Xianzong? OK? I remember? I will send your most sincere greetings to your ancestors."

"You, you can't do this! Although my Sanmao Xianzong is dissatisfied with some of Xianting's rules? I still support the Emperor..."

Wang Ping'an didn't let him finish? He squeezed his head? The immortal's remnant soul was also destroyed.

"I don't care who you are dissatisfied with? But if you attack Shennong Orchard today, you will die." After speaking, Wang Ping'an jumped over his body and walked towards more sectarian monks.

Several sect elders over there are praying for Fu Yuanqiu, the person in charge of the operation department? Ask him to intervene? Persuade Wang Ping'an? Don't kill yourself.

"Pay? Please, help us Maoshan persuade the Ping An layman, we are just confused for a while!"

"My Fuluzong is willing to donate all of the income for the year. I only ask you to persuade the Ping An layman. We really didn't want to kill his family. We just want to come and visit the Shennong Orchard."

"My Huashan faction is just here to make soy sauce. I think everyone is here, so I'll join in the fun. How can you ever think things will be like this?"

Fu Yuanqiu's pleading for these brazen people only smiled coldly: "You said just now that there was no place for action before, shouldn't it exist? Then just treat it as if it doesn't exist."

"This, you are sending our major sects to the road of absolute force! You are so cruel!" The elders of these sects scolded angrily.

Fu Yuanqiu didn't bother to take care of these two-faced people, but he bowed his hand to Wang Ping'an who came by:

"Unexpectedly, there will be a chance to meet again, and fortunately, Fu is incompetent and tried his best to prevent these people from breaking into the garden."

Wang Ping'an nodded slightly and said, "No matter what the result is, I will take your intentions. Although the fairy world is far away, as long as there is a person in the Shennong Orchard, it will live up to your kindness."

"The layman is polite, Fu Mou leave, here is your disposal." Fu Yuanqiu was able to get a promise from Wang Ping An, which was beyond imagination, and immediately took people away after speaking to make room for him to kill.

"Escape and you can't escape. Let's do it together and fight with him!"

"Fight, maybe there is still a chance!"

"Kill, he hasn't become an immortal after all, even if he is truly immortal, he is not unkillable!"

The remaining masters of the martial arts, as well as the ancient decorators, were fierce one by one, like sleepy beasts, madly attacking Wang Ping'an.

The magic weapons, artifacts, and talisman in his hand were raindrops, smashing at Wang Ping An, the orchard, and the relatives and friends behind him.

Wang Ping'an's strength is better than before, using Shennongding at this moment can almost show the ultimate of Shennongding.

As the treasure of the human race, green light instantly enveloped the entire orchard.

All the magic weapons, artifacts, and talisman that were attacked were taken away by it in an instant, and the show was over without disguising. This was a crushing blow.

The light of the knife flashed, puff puff puff, like cutting wheat, slashing across the waist, with one knife down, hundreds of monks fell.

After the two cuts, there were almost no people standing.

At the beginning, there were more than 1,800 monks from various factions who attacked the Shennong Orchard. Just now because of fear, they gathered together, which was convenient for Wang Ping'an to kill.

Just two dollars and it's over.

The remaining few survivors escaped temporarily because of drilling underground early.

However, Wang Ping'an stomped his foot, and the entire ground was instantly as strong as a stone. The monks who used the earth to escape were instantly squeezed by the land like a stone.

A mass of sludge exploded underground, the soul was destroyed, harmlessness ended a life of sin.

"Who else? If you are not dead, you can jump out and accompany me to fight for 300 rounds!" Wang Ping'an's voice sounded through the audience without any rush.

Before he appeared, another confinement formation was set up around him. People on the outside couldn't get in, and people inside couldn't get out unless he got his consent.

There were also 10,000 or 20,000 monks watching outside, witnessing the terrible Wang Ping'an.

With two swords, all the masters of the big sects were killed, which was simply terrifying.

The faint-hearted, even if just watching the battle, get scared and lose control.

"The devil, it's a murderous demon! I swear to God that I will never provoke anyone in Shennong Orchard! The juniors in the family, whoever provokes him, I immediately cut off the blood relationship with him! No, personally interrupt the limbs and tie them up. , Send it to Shennong Orchard to please sin!"

"This battle is enough to interrupt the backbone of the thousand-year sect. From now on, there will be no arrogance of the thousand-year sect in the land of China! I even wonder if this is a bureau set by the Ping An layman. He has not ascended to the immortal world at all, but deliberately hid it and waited. These people jumped out for revenge!"

"You can't live by yourself, this is the responsibility of the major sects! Just now, people are weak, and they are clamoring to destroy the Shennong Orchard! Now Wang Pingan returns, let them go directly to destroy! Hey... he finished killing, why not go back to comfort his relatives and friends , Flew away? What is he going to do?"

Wang Pingan did not answer everyone's doubts, or rather, did not answer with words, he wanted to answer everyone with actions.

The first stop was Maoshan. He destroyed the Maoshan main hall with a single knife and cut the main peak to pieces. The three remnant soul immortals hidden in the back mountain were destroyed on the spot.

The second stop, I went to Wudang, smashed the gate of Wudang with a single knife, then destroyed the three main peaks, and killed five remnant spirit immortals hiding in the cave. For ordinary disciples, he was too lazy, but those people fled in an instant. Out of Wudang.

The third stop went to the headquarters of the Central Southern Brotherhood Alliance...

After that, he went to Huashan School, Fuluzong, Shenfuzong, and Wang Ping'an visited all the schools that participated in the encirclement and suppression of Shennong Orchard.

At this time, the monks who received the news knew how ruthless Wang Ping'an was.

I knew he was so cruel, what happened to the Demon Sect? Like the remnants of the Yin Mei Sect who jumped out all day to find things, they were so scared that they had closed their doors for a hundred years, and vowed not to go out again within a hundred years.

On this day, Wang Ping'an was killed from dawn to darkness, washing the entire cultivation world with blood.

The last time Wang Ping'an came to collect debts, it was just playful. This time I was really angry when I came here. The blood of the direct killing flowed into rivers and the mountains and rivers fell apart.

When it was dark, Wang Ping'an returned to the Shennong Orchard, wearing a white coat and slightly **** spots.

To the onlookers who still did not want to leave, he said loudly:

"Before I ascend, I will leave a knife here. Seeing a knife is like seeing a person. If there are people who offend Shennong Orchard again, punish the Nine Clan!"

After speaking, Wang Ping'an fixed the kitchen knife in his hand to a length of forty meters and inserted it in the center of the Shennong Orchard.

On the knife, blood was still dripping, and his anger was soaring.

"We dare not! Please Ping An layman to ascend with peace of mind. In the future, we will never dare to offend Shennong Orchard. If there is any offense, we shall punish it together!"

"I hope so, it's all gone."

After Wang Ping'an finished speaking, his figure rushed into the Shennong orchard. A mist rose up around the orchard, shutting off the onlookers.

Shennongding has cleaned all the corpses around.

The various magic weapons that were devoured were re-refined by it to produce a batch of high-quality new magic weapons, which were delivered to Wang Ping'an and distributed to everyone in a unified manner.

This time, he really left.

Wang Pingan distributed all the pills and magic weapons on his body to everyone.

Especially the younger sister, Xu Qing, and Gu Qingcheng, he was most worried, because these were the three who had the best relationship with him, and gave them a lot of magic weapons to save their lives, as well as the pill that Shennongding specially refined.

Parents are ordinary people, instead of using these.

Yesterday's ascension, in fact, he did not enter the fairy gate, but just kicked Suzaku in, flew to the side in the dazzling light, hid it, and deceived all human beings in the world.

The so-called edict of the Emperor of Heaven only allowed him to ascend immediately, but not immediately. Through the system, he communicated with the master Shennong, and he could ascend again at any time within three days.

Only then was a game set up conveniently to eliminate all potential dangers for relatives and friends.

The Eight Desolate Banners were restored and upgraded by Shennong Ding to become a fairy-like formation flag, which was once again set around the Shennong Orchard.

Wang Ping'an accompanied Xu Qing and Gu Qingcheng on the last night, completely crazy, and promised them that after returning to the fairy world, he would look for opportunities in the lower world.

At the same time, they are also asked to practice hard, as long as they barely reach the edge of the ascension realm, they will go through the back door and let them ascend.

Moreover, he also left a back player, and no one told him.

Anyway, the soul was broken. After he comprehended the incomplete road rules, he chopped a piece of the soul and lurked in the depths of the kitchen knife. If the Shennong Orchard was in danger, the piece of soul would make the enemy relive the despair of terror.

The next day, the morning glow filled the sky, dyeing the entire sky red.

When the fairy gate opened again, Wang Ping'an soared again and again.

The countless cultivators who had anticipated this situation a long time ago stood silently and watched from afar, just like sending a plague god, watching him leave.

The grand ascension scene reappeared again.

Fairies danced with music, auspicious beasts were auspicious, countless immortal soldiers and generals knelt to welcome Ping An emperor and return to the fairy world.

This is not an ordinary ascension, this is a return to the fairy world.

Judging from this grand and extravagant celebration scene, we know that Wang Ping'an's status and status are not trivial.

"There will be a period later! See you in the fairy world!" Wang Ping'an flew into the fairy gate, arching his hands towards relatives and friends in the direction of Shennong Orchard.

"There will be a period later!" Relatives and friends burst into tears. Although they were reluctant to give up, they sent their most sincere blessings.

The fairy light was brighter, and the fairy gate disappeared in an instant.

Wang Ping'an re-accepted the forging body of Xianguang, the so-called Shennong system, in Xianchi, has been washed away by pure Xianqi, at this moment, his soul is perfect and completely restored.

Wang Ping'an walked out of the fairy pond and saw the clouds in the distance, standing three elderly men with extremely powerful auras.

These three people appeared in his dreams countless times, in fragments of his soul memory.

The old man, Shennong, and Tiandi smiled and waved at him.

Wang Ping'an sighed and slowly flew over. He still had a lot of doubts and wanted to ask them face to face.

Can the last fragment of the jade disc of good fortune be recovered, will it be able to fill the heavens? Can it allow the world to decay and reproduce the vitality of the prehistoric times?

Obviously it is impossible. As the next emperor, Wang Ping'an felt that these three bigwigs might have dug a bigger hole for themselves, leaving a huge mess, waiting for themselves to deal with.

"Come and come, quickly follow us to the Lingxiao Palace, today is a good day, all civil and military ministers are waiting for you to ascend the throne!"

"Ah? So anxious?" Wang Ping'an was startled, feeling that these three big men couldn't wait to put themselves on the fire.

"No hurry, just right, it's a good day! Hahahaha!" The three big men laughed, with a sense of ease of unloading the burden.

"..." A kind of helplessness, loneliness, and loneliness peculiar to tool people rose in Wang Ping'an's heart!

Don’t you just have to taste the simple, boring and boring life of the Emperor of Heaven?

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