Douluo Xiaoyao Villa

~ postscript

Many years later, on this day, five creatures came to Da Lei Yin Temple of Western religion. They were Tang Monk, Sun Wukong, Zhu Bajie, Sha Wujing, and Bai Longma. After nine hundred and eighty-one difficulties, the four masters and apprentices finally arrived at the Daleiyin Temple.

When the four masters and apprentices came to the Great Heroes Hall, they saw five hundred Arhats, Guanyin Bodhisattva, and Rulai Buddha on both sides. However, at this time, the Western Daleiyin Temple was a little different, and the characters were a little different.

Rugao Buddha is a Duobao who cuts religion, and beside him is Kong Xuan, the peacock Daming King at this time. When Tang San saw Rulai Buddha, he immediately knelt down and said, "Practice Tang Sanzang, see the Buddha."

After the five masters and apprentices of Tang Sanzang came to Daleiyin Temple, they were all regarded as Western Buddhas by the Buddha. When the five of their apprentices returned to Datang, it also meant that the Journey to the West had ended.

At this time, Zhun Ti and Wake suddenly woke up, then looked at each other, and then disappeared immediately.

The two came to Zixiao Palace. At this time, the gate of Zixiao Palace had not been opened, but there were already people waiting. They were Sanqing, son-in-law and Houtu. When the people met again, Zhun Ti and Cui came forward and said, "I've seen you brothers and sisters."

Sanqing and son-in-law nodded, and Lao Tzu said at this time: "We haven't encountered this situation for many years." After Lao Tzu finished speaking, everyone was silent for a while. Indeed, the last time they waited for the gate of the Zixiao Palace to open or the people were not sanctified, listening to Hongjun's sermon.

The Master of Heaven said: "The teacher has not summoned us since leaving, but suddenly it is like this. It seems that there is something important to explain to me."

After the Tongtian leader had finished speaking, the gate of the Zixiao Palace suddenly opened, and everyone immediately saw it after entering.

When the crowd entered the Zixiao Palace, they were all surprised. At this time, there was a person sitting on the main seat of the Zixiao Palace. This person was in white, with white hair and even eyebrows. Hong Jun was sitting face to face with each other.

The saints came behind Hong Jun and said, "See the teacher."

Hongjun said at this time: "All are here. Come and meet the heavens."

"What!" Hong Jun immediately shocked all the saints present, and they all looked at the white man sitting on the Lord.

At this time, the man in white opened his eyes, and the pale green eyes were particularly bright. He smiled first, but anyone present was immediately in a bath.

"Happy!" Tongtian leader looked at each other in shock, and Lao Tzu and Yuan Shi Tianzun also had the same expression.

Li Yu glanced at everyone, then winked at Hong Jun. Hong Jun immediately said to everyone: "Today is a heavenly way, and I have been separated from the heavenly way, and today is the **** of order."

When everyone heard Hongjun's words, they immediately looked at Li Yu, and Tongtian asked Li Yu at this time: "Xiaoyao is heaven!"

Li Yu looked at Tongtian and said, "The heavenly path is happy, but Xiaoyao is not heavenly." Li Yu repeated what Hong Jun said at the beginning, but reversed the order, and the meaning was different.

While the crowd was still shocked by the changes of Li Yu, Li Yu said to everyone: "If the Tao has been completed today, Hong Jun no longer fits the Tao, and then gets rid of the heavenly Tao. He is the **** of order. We have been guarding the order of floods and famines. Today, the Journey to the West has ended and Hong Jun no longer supervises the order of floods and famines. Therefore, we need to choose another one from the heavenly saint to replace Hong Jun. After the next mass calamity is over, we will re-select A new **** of order is created, and every quantity is rotated once. "

At this time, Hong Jun said to all the heavenly saints: "The end of the Journey to the West is over, and I will no longer be the **** of order. From now on, the new **** of order will act as a guide and wait for the end of the next time. , Will be reselected. "

When everyone heard Hong Jun's words, they immediately said, "Be obedient to the teacher's law." The saints all know that the God of order sounds good, but like Hong Jun, he has no freedom, so he should be replaced by Hong After Jun's position, Sanqing and son-in-law did not have any dissatisfaction, and Zhun Ti did not have any dissatisfaction because he was afraid. After all, Li Yu at this time is heavenly, and Li Yu knows any ideas now.

After doing all this, the saints left, leaving only two people, Li Yu and Hong Jun, at the Zixiao Palace.

Hong Jun asked Li Yu: "Are you leaving?"

Li Yu smiled and said, "I'm not suitable for Honghuang anymore, so I will let Penglai Island come to chaos, and then I will always guard Honghuang." Hong Jun was silent after hearing Li Yu's words, and then Hong Jun suddenly raised his head. Courageously asked Li Yu: "I want to know, are you heaven or is it heaven."

Li Yu heard the words for a moment, then smiled and said, "Does this matter? You only need to know that heaven is me, but I am not heaven." Li Yu disappeared after speaking.

When Li Yu disappeared, Hong Jun suddenly smiled, and then said, "The heavenly Tao is you, but Xiaoyao Tianzun is not heavenly."

Many years later, on this day, a huge island suspended in the chaos, this island is like another world, where there is the sun, the moon, and the mountains and flowing water.

On this day, Li Yu was fishing with his two wives and daughters, and the place where they fished was the pond where Sanguang Shenshui gathered. Li Yu, who was fishing, suddenly changed his face, and then looked forward. There was a mountain, the highest peak on the island. There was a cave in the peak, and there was a huge egg deep in the cave. At this time, the crack was slowly appearing on the egg, and the crack was still emitting white light. White light was shining through the eggshell, and a woman wrapped in six huge wings was curling up inside the egg.

Li Yu stood up in surprise, then said, "Here you are!" After that, Li Yu disappeared directly. Li Qingxuan, Bingxuan and Li Xuan were immediately puzzled when they saw Li Yu's look. I don't know what happened to Li Yu.

At this time, a golden yellow meteor suddenly appeared on the island, and the target was Xiaoyao Palace.

At this time ~ ~ Li Yu was sitting on the throne of Xiaoyao Palace, and then watched the golden meteor flying towards Xiaoyao Palace.

When the meteor entered the Xiaoyao Palace, it gradually became smaller, and finally became a human figure, covered with white clothes, holding a dragon Long Yuxiao in his hands, a long hair, very handsome. This person is Li Yu's son and the only son, Li Xuan.

Li Xuan first looked inside the Xiaoyao Palace, then tears stayed, and the other party murmured, "I'm back ..."

"Child, welcome back." At this time, Li Yu's voice appeared and Li Xuan immediately took a look, then looked at the throne heading upward, Li Yu was sitting on it and smiling at him.

Li Xuan saluted immediately with tears: "Baby meets his father." Li Yu almost couldn't control his body immediately after hearing Li Xuan's words. He waited for a day to wait for a few big catastrophes. Wait until.

Li Xuan experienced his whole life in another world. At the end of his life, his soul was finally gone, and he returned to where he should be. As for where Li Xuan went and what did he experience? Please see "The Return of the King of Warriors"

(End of book)

It is finally over, after more than nine months, 1.5 million words. To be honest, the editor is really reluctant, this book has not brought much benefit to the editor, it can only be barely alive. But I have no complaints, because I like to do it. The book attracted a lot of scolding at the beginning, and there was a lot of encouragement from kind people. I still remember the first book friend encouraged, and the first book friend scolded me, and the first to give this book Book reviewers, I deeply remember these. In the end, all I can say is that we met in the new book, The Return of Kings to Warriors.


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