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Dragon Ball Twelve Modifiers
Author: Zhuanzai
Alternative names:龙珠之十二项修改器

Dragon Ball Twelve Modifiers

[Twelve Modifiers of Dragon Ball] Ye Shan crossed and was reborn to a Saiyan baby in Dragon Ball.

Traveling to the high-risk and high-powered Dragon Ball world, Ye Shan said he was panicking. Fortunately, the benefits of the traversal are still there.

Twelve modifiers version 1.0!

F1 10 times faster! Let you feel the sourness that is like sitting on a rocket! ~

F2 10x perception! !! There are no martial arts moves in the world that I can’t learn, just let me have a look. Just one glance!

F3 unlimited strength! !! Just know the name! !!

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