Dressed As the Villain’s Rich Second-generation Father, Showing Off the Dead Protagonist

Chapter 494 Kill Ouyang Kewen

"Li Daoyuan, you hateful dog thief, I must beat you to death today!"

At this moment, the old man in white was completely crazy. Seeing a member of the Ouyang family in front of him, he mistook him for Li Daoyuan and punched him.

This member of the Ouyang family, how could he stand still and wait to die, and he was forced to fight back.

Just by Li Daoyuan's method of dividing two by three, the entire members of the Ouyang family were mobilized by Li Daoyuan, constantly bearing the anger of the white clothed old man.

In desperation, ten or ten people could only take action in the end, choosing to fight with the old man in white,

Seeing this scene, Ouyang Cvington felt bad. All of this was Li Daoyuan's conspiracy.

Just as he was about to stop it, the iron fist of the white clothed old man hit him.

Ouyang Kewen moved and dodged for a while, constantly dodging the attacks of the old man in white.

But seeing that his ancestors were completely crazy, he couldn't speak at all. He knew that if this continued, the entire Ouyang family would be completely over.

Ouyang Kewen's eyes rolled around, he knew that at this time, relying on these members of the Ouyang family and the old man in white, he would not be able to kill Li Daoyuan at all.

If you continue to stay here, you may lose your life here.

Out of desperation, Ouyang Kewen stood and retreated, and finally retreated outside the lobby, jumped, and ran towards the outside.

Since he was powerless, Ouyang Kewen couldn't just wait to die here in vain.

At this moment, he could only escape from the Ouyang family, find a way to fight back, and then find a way to deal with Li Daoyuan.

It's a pity that Li Daoyuan has long been watching Ouyang Kewen's movements.

Since he came to clean up the entire Ouyang family, how could he allow this Ouyang Kewen to escape.

This is the head of the Ouyang family. Although his fighting strength is not very good, Li Daoyuan will never let the tiger go back to the mountain.

He took a deep leap, flew to Ouyang kewen with a strong light effort, turned around, looked at Ouyang kewen lightly, and said, "Ouyang kewen, where are you going? Your ancestors are still fighting outside, so if you think about running away, it might be inappropriate. "

Today, the entire Ouyang family should not think about escaping, especially this Ouyang Kewen. As the head of the Ouyang family, Li Daoyuan has not let him go.

Seeing Li Daoyuan staring at him, Ouyang Kewen was even more shocked.

There are so many people here, especially those with strong martial arts such as the old man in white, but Li Daoyuan didn't deal with it, and instead stared at himself.

Ouyang Kewen took a deep breath and thought of his son. Having died tragically in the hands of Li Daoyuan, his hopes have been completely shattered, and his heart is full of anger.

Gritting his teeth, he shouted, "Damn Li Daoyuan, I fought with you!"

Saying that, Ouyang Kewen waved his iron fist and smashed it towards Li Daoyuan.

"It's good to come, let me take a lesson, how much is the owner of the Ouyang family?"

Li Daoyuan shouted loudly without being polite, and raised his fist.

The two fists crossed each other, only to hear a bang, the strong internal force shocked the two to retreat again and again.

Li Daoyuan took two steps back to stabilize his body.

On the other hand, Ouyang Kewen was even more unbearable. He kept taking five steps back. The hand that clenched his fist was trembling at the moment.

I saw that his tiger's mouth was bleeding, and this punch obviously caused him a serious injury.

However, compared to the elders of the Ouyang family, Ouyang Kewen is still a bit stronger.

After all, as the head of the Ouyang family, he is not a paper paste, and he also has a few brushes.

As a powerhouse in the mid-transition realm, although he is not Li Daoyuan's opponent, he is not something Li Daoyuan can kill with three punches and two feet.

Seeing that Ouyang Kewen was able to block his own move, he was even more interested in Li Daoyuan, and he was not polite. This time he launched the attack first.

To deal with the white clothed old man and the yellow clothed old man, the reason why Li Daoyuan moved and dodged, and was unwilling to confront the two of them head-on, was simply to preserve his strength and not want to lose both in the fight against them.

But for Ouyang Kewen, Li Daoyuan didn't even regard him as an opponent in this mere mid-stage transformation realm, and naturally he let go of his hands and feet to fight.

Li Daoyuan set a series of legs, constantly kicking towards Ouyang Kewen.

At first, Ouyang Kewen was able to resist several moves with his superb boxing skills.

However, Li Daoyuan became more and more brave, and under the attack of strong internal force, Ouyang Kewen was a little bit painful.

Every time he resisted a move, Ouyang kewen only felt his palms tingle. The strong internal strength penetrated into his body through his palms, causing Ouyang kewen to suffer serious internal injuries.

After resisting a few more times, Ouyang Kewen finally couldn't bear it anymore, so he moved to dodge, trying to avoid Li Daoyuan's attack.

"Want to run, how can it be so easy!"

"Ouyang Kewen, I'd like to see if you, the head of the Ouyang family, have gained a false reputation. Come and fight me, Li Daoyuan, for 300 rounds."

Li Daoyuan shouted loudly, seeing that Ouyang Kewen couldn't hold it, and he was not polite. He bullied him forward, and used a series of punches, constantly forcing Ouyang Kewen, and Ouyang Kewen kept parrying.

Hearing a thud, Li Daoyuan punched Ouyang kewen in the shoulder with a strong blow, causing Ouyang kewen to fall to the ground on his knees, clutching his bleeding shoulder, causing another burst of pain.

All of a sudden, Ouyang Kewen completely broke the defense. He lost a shoulder, and his combat effectiveness was greatly reduced.

In addition, he had already suffered internal injuries. At this moment, he was simply unable to resist Li Daoyuan's attack.

But even so, Li Daoyuan has not stopped, because he knows that if he fails to fight a tiger, he will suffer the consequences, for people like Ouyang Kewen.

Although for Li Daoyuan, there is no big threat at all, but Li Daoyuan does not want to keep this non-threatening threat in this world.

To treat the enemy, there will never be any kindness, because to be kind to the enemy is to be cruel to oneself.

Li Daoyuan is a kind-hearted person. Naturally, he can't do cruel things to himself, so he can only be kind to the enemy.

Seeing Ouyang Kewen's tragic appearance, Li Daoyuan couldn't help but snorted coldly and said, "Ouyang Kewen, I can't blame me for this. If you want to blame it, you can only blame you, the Ouyang family.

"When you get to the underworld, go find trouble with your son, because it is all because of him that your Ouyang family will be completely destroyed."

Having said that, Li Daoyuan struck again with a strong hand, and suddenly slapped Ouyang Kewen on the forehead.

This palm directly killed Ouyang Kewen.

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