Dressed As the Villain’s Rich Second-generation Father, Showing Off the Dead Protagonist

Chapter 495 The peak of the villain's life

After solving Ouyang Ouyang Kewen, the battle of the Ouyang family has not been completely resolved yet.

Li Daoyuan's purpose is not to solve a mere Ouyang Kewen, but to solve the entire Ouyang family.

After finishing all this, Li Daoyuan didn't bother to collect Ouyang Kewen's body, and immediately strode towards the inner hall of the Ouyang family.

At this moment, the war in the inner hall is still breaking out.

Although these people from the Ouyang family are numerous and powerful, in Li Daoyuan's eyes, they are all scumbags, and they are simply vulnerable.

Of course, in the eyes of the white-clothed old man, it is also a straw bag.

At this moment, he has long been red-eyed, and his six relatives do not recognize him, but anyone who dares to stop the old man in white. They were all beheaded by him.

Even if there are more than a dozen masters in the inner hall, there are only three or two left to be killed by the old man in white. Severely wounded and incapacitated.

As for the others, they were sent to see the King of Hell by the old man in white.

However, after several battles, the old man in white was not feeling well, his physical strength was severely overdrawn, and coupled with his age, he was there after all.

At this moment, he is also a little out of breath, but the anger in his heart has been supporting him all the time.

If Li Daoyuan is not beheaded, he will never give up.

Seeing that this old man was so vicious, he even killed his own people. He was so carefree and decisive when he killed him.

Li Daoyuan took a deep breath when he saw it.

A good old guy, he is really ruthless, he is really a man of great things,

Seeing this, Li Daoyuan directly praised the old man.

He even clapped two palms in a row and shouted: "Okay, it's really good, old guy, I originally wanted to deal with these people, but this time you took a shot, but it helped me a lot. All the masters of the Ouyang family have been dealt with, and now it's just the two of us, the real battle!"

Without the drag of the people from the Ouyang family, coupled with the fact that the old man in white was severely depleted at the moment, and his combat power was greatly reduced, Li Daoyuan no longer had any fear of him.

As the saying goes, taking advantage of your illness to kill you, this time is an excellent opportunity to kill the old man in white and destroy the Ouyang family. Of course, Li Daoyuan will not miss this excellent opportunity.

"Li Daoyuan, you have hurt my Ouyang family. Even if the old man dies today, he will accompany you to the funeral!"

The old man in white shouted loudly, and endless anger was burning all over his body.

Even though he was exhausted at this time, he still held his breath and killed Li Daoyuan again.

"Come on, old guy, I let you go before, just because you are old, and now I won't let you."

"Since you insist on courting death, don't blame me, Li Daoyuan, for not respecting the old and caring for the young. Take your life!"

Li Daoyuan said without being polite, jumping up and using a series of leg techniques, constantly kicking the old man in white.

The old man was not polite either, he was also a set of serial legs.

The two kicked more than a dozen feet in the air, only to hear a tinkling sound.

The legs of the two kicked each other's body, as if they had hit an iron plate.

At this moment, both of them are using a lifeless style of play, just want to kill each other.

Of course, the reason why Li and Daoyuan dared to confront each other head-on now is because he knows that the old man in white at the moment can't hold it any longer, and if he fights again, he will surely die.

As for Li Daoyuan, it was only a minor injury, and this minor injury was still within the scope of his own tolerance.

Sure enough, after fighting dozens of moves, the white clothed old man felt even more out of breath. Even with this endless anger, his physical strength was still there.

After a series of battles, his internal strength was severely depleted, which was irreparable. No matter how strong his willpower was, he could not make up for the consumption of his own internal strength.

"Old guy, I said you can't do it anymore, you are old, and the era that belongs to you has long passed."

"At this time, if you hide and enjoy your old age, you may be able to save your life. As for now, you should reunite with your brother."

After Li Daoyuan finished saying this, he took a quick step and rushed towards the old man again.

"Even if the old man is old, what if you want to kill the old man, you are still in the heat, how can the old man be afraid of you, this little thief!"

The old man in white forcibly took a breath and fought against Li Daoyuan again.

But it can also be clearly seen that at this time, his movements and strength are a little slower.

Li Daoyuan, on the other hand, became more energetic in the Vietnam War. The endless power, like a tidal wave, was constantly surging, making the old men retreat one after another.

After continuing to attack dozens of tricks, Li Daoyuan found a flaw, and with a quick blow, he directly hit the old man's heart, and one move led the old man to the lunch box.

After cleaning up the strongest existence of the Ouyang family, as for the rest, Li Daoyuan did not continue to do anything, but handed it over to his subordinates.

As a big villain, sometimes he has to do it himself, and sometimes Li Daoyuan doesn't have to do it at all.

otherwise. He has so many men. What are they used for, at this time, it is naturally the time to use them.

A few hours later, the entire Ouyang family was on fire.

Under the light of that flame, Li Daoyuan quietly withdrew from the Ouyang family and returned to Jinling City by plane.

Naturally, Li Daoyuan didn't tell anyone about the Ouyang family.

Perhaps no one knows that Li Daoyuan quietly went to the Ouyang family this time.

After destroying the entire Ouyang family, and killing the protagonist, Li Daoyuan can finally calm down a little this time.

As for Bai Mei, she is also a reincarnation from another world, and the protagonist in the previous life, Ouyang Tian had a relationship, and the two were also childhood sweethearts.

Li Daoyuan did not tell Bai Mei about this memory.

Maybe Bai Mei didn't know the last memory, for him. is the best choice.

Otherwise, once he knows, he doesn't know what kind of decision he will make.

This is both for Bai Mei and Li Daoyuan. Is it all an injury?

Let him only keep this life, and ignore the previous life and the next life.

Without the interference of the protagonists, Li Daoyuan naturally continued to live a carefree life.

Every day, I tease the little girl Gu Yanran, and stop by to see Zhao Feiyan, the president of Bingshan. If you have time, you can go to the milk tea shop opened by Luo Qingyu and drink a cup of milk tea. This is the life that the villain should have.

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