Driver of The Beautiful CEO

Chapter 368 As it should be

   Years and years remind one's time


   This is a wine made by Liu Yanbo himself many years ago. Later when Hu retired, he taught the brewing method to Hu.

   The rice paper has been drenched and the wine temperature is just right.

  In front of Old Wen and Old Hu, Liu Yanbo has never been a polite person. He poured three glasses of wine and did not invite the two elders to drink together. He drank it first and drank it all.

   "How is it?" Old Hu with a smile on his eyes, gently asked, "Is my apprentice still passing the level?"

   "Wine is already a good wine." Liu Yanbo said with words, "It's a pity that the drinking time is not right."

   As the first and second person of China in the last ten years, with the wisdom of Hu and Wen, how can he not understand?

   Old Wen picked up a glass of wine, Xiao Yi said, "The Zhang family is small, but what you want to do tonight is not appropriate."

   "Yes." Mr. Hu said after taking the words of Mr. Wen, "This is the Forty-Nine City after all. What your kid wants to do tonight is not only inconsistent with the law, but also too much for reason. It is really wrong."

"Besides, if you really do it, based on your current relationship with the Zhang family, even if there is no evidence from others afterwards, you will definitely be suspicious. Once this suspicion is spread, it will even spread to the whole city. The public opinion turmoil of the United States will not be a good thing for you, your family, or even the public security in this city." Hu Lao sighed lightly, "Three people become tigers, people are terrible, these four or nine If the rule of law in the city is impaired, Xiaoying, the current chairman, will inevitably lose his face."

   what Liu Yanbo wants to do tonight

   Others may not know what abacus he is playing in his heart, but Hu and Wen can guess, because they already know him enough and understand his way of doing things.

   Although Liu Yanbo is not a very principled person, he is like most people in the world. He still has a bottom line in his heart that no one else can surpass, that is


   Compared with the way most people in the world protect their family, Liu Yanbo’s method is more extreme. When he realizes that someone is going to hurt his family, he usually has only one way to fight back.

   Hurry to kill, leaving no one behind.

  Because killing is what Liu Yanbo is best at.

   And Hu Lao and Wen Lao knew this, they happened to be one of the few people in the world who could prevent Liu Yanbo from doing this kind of thing.

   They stopped him without even needing a reason, because

Liu Yanbo poured himself another glass of wine and drank it in one sip. Then he put down the wine glass and took out the golden leaf from his pocket. He looked at it and said, "You two elders make sense. This time I didn't think about it. "

After speaking, he put down the golden leaf, pushed it in front of Old Wen, and said, "Old Wen, if I remember correctly, this piece should be the last piece in your hand. Although you have stepped down now, you shouldn’t take it. It is used for such trivial matters."

   back then

   After inheriting the legacy of Ouyang Zhihua, Liu Yanbo gave him twelve golden leaves, each of which represented that they could be used unconditionally and without reason to ask him to do something.

Now the time has passed. Today, many years later, there is only one gold leaf still in the hands of Old Wen, but the eleven gold leaves that have been returned to Liu Yanbo before, each of them once represented one for the country. Min’s major events, when he took them back, he was worthy of Huaxia, and he was worthy of the late Ouyang Zhihua.

   But if the last piece is taken back now, Liu Yanbo feels ashamed.

   This golden leaf is invaluable.

But in fact, Mr. Wen has been retired for many years. He is now just an ordinary old man. He doesn't need to worry about national affairs anymore, so he almost no longer needs to really use this golden leaf, but he did not refuse, and withdrew. "I have asked Girl Qin to arrange for someone to investigate Zhang's house thoroughly. There will be results before dawn."

In public and private, neither Old Wen nor Old Hu would allow Liu Yanbo to deal with the Zhang family in his own way, but this does not mean that they would allow the Zhang family to deceive people so much. They are also humans, and they also meeting

   Protect the calf.

   "Thank you." Liu Yanbo said.

Hearing that, Mr. Hu and Mr. Wen looked at Liu Yanbo almost at the same time. They both saw the calmness on his face and the sincerity in his eyes. Then they looked at each other almost at the same time, seeing the surprise and peace in each other's eyes. Gratified

   They remember that the former Liu Yanbo was very bad words, or rather rude.

   But Liu Yanbo's focus is not here. Speaking of Ouyang Yaoqin, he couldn't help but think of her injury, so he asked "Old Wen, Miss Ouyang was injured, do you know?"

   "I know." Old Wen nodded.

   "Because of what?" Liu Yanbo asked, "Public or private?"

   Old Wen thought for a while and said, "It's a private matter."

"A month ago, this girl went to the island country privately in order to vent her friend, and wanted to assassinate the coyote group leader's son." Elder Wen said in detail, "but she missed it. It is said that the other party has some tolerance. A master of the level exists. If Jiuli received the news in time at the Tokyo intelligence station and offered assistance, this girl should not be able to return. However, Jiuli’s intelligence station in Tokyo also suffered a devastating blow. Completely destroyed."

   Vent for friends

   went to the island country to assassinate the son of the coyote leader

   After hearing these two messages, Liu Yanbo already guessed the reason.

   Ouyang Yaoqin went there for Li Feiyu.

   The last time the mountain dog team tried to kidnap Li Feiyu has indeed come to an official end, so Ouyang Yaoqin's action this time is indeed her personal business.

   Is it just because of personal business, or is it important for business?

   To Liu Yanbo, it doesn’t really matter at all. He drank another glass of wine, then put down the glass and said, “It seems we have to find time to visit the island country.”

   Lao Wen and Lao Hu have no objection to this, even

   Old Wen nodded and said, "You really should go. If you know the painting is not dead, Qin girl might call you brother-in-law now, and you should be the one for her."

   "Really as it should be." Liu Yanbo also murmured approvingly.

Ouyang Zhihua always occupies a very special place in Liu Yanbo's heart, because she is the first light in his life after the age of thirteen, a light that truly brings him back to the light, so as long as it is her I want to protect

   Regardless of people or things, he will do his best to protect her.

   And Ouyang Yaoqin is the one who still remembers Ouyang Zhihua when she is dying, and is her sister who wants to protect her forever.

and so

   This is indeed a matter of course.

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