Driver of The Beautiful CEO

Chapter 42 Do you want to

For the next three days, life seemed to return to its former calmness.

Even better.

Lin Xue quit her job at Tianshui Bar, worked as an assistant to Yin Hanruo, and lived in Zizhuyuan, which made Liu Yanbo feel relieved.

Lin Xue used to rent a house outside, Liu Yanbo did not worry about it, and secretly did a lot of things.

For example, some people live in the Jiasheng community, but he is very clear ...

Liu Yanbo thought about letting Lin Xue live with him at the beginning, but he wasn't embarrassed to open this mouth in the end. After all, his relationship with Yin Hanruo was too superficial, and the owner of this 'home' was not him.

After such a thing, if Yin Hanruo did not take the initiative to raise it, Liu Yanbo certainly would not open this mouth, but he had made plans to move out and rented a house next to Lin Xue.

Yes, Liu Yanbo is afraid, he is afraid of the revenge of the nine masters, Lin Xue is his only weakness, and there is no room for loss.

Liu Yanbo has been in the city for three years. Although he doesn't like some people and things in the gossip society, he still hears a lot of legends about the Jiuye.

Jiuye, formerly known as Jin Jiucheng, came to the market alone in his teens.

The 1980s and 1990s were the most rampant and heyday of the underworld since the founding of China. Jiuye, with his extraordinary courage and skill, quickly rose at that time and became the most hot newcomer king in the underground city of the sea.

At the beginning of this century, anti-smuggling activities began in various parts of China. Many underground gangsters who had made storms and storms were imprisoned. Jiuye was also among them. However, he was not arrested, but he voluntarily surrendered himself. know.

It is said that Jiuye, who had been squatted for three years, changed his temperament without the sharpness of the past, and became extremely calm or vicious.

After being released from prison, Jiuye slept for nearly a year, during which he seldom went out and became extraordinarily low-key. When everyone thought that the former gangster would disappear from the rivers and lakes, he suddenly returned to the rivers and lakes, and thundered suddenly. The trend defeated the only big man who survived in the previous anti-crime campaign.

From then on, for a long time to come, there was only one king in the underground world of Haishi, and the authorities of the Haishi seemed to have acquiesced in his existence.

After establishing his own underground kingship, Jiuye began to step on the countertop, start a company, and do charity ...

Society is advancing, the dark age of fighting and killing is over, and the fight is no longer whose fist is hard, who has many brothers, Jiuye has also become a famous entrepreneur and philanthropist in the city, but everyone knows His underground kingdom has not disappeared, and he has even grown stronger. He still holds the kingship of the underground city of Haishi in his hands.

Some people wanted to replace it, but in the end they all became victims of Jiu Ye defending the kingship.

The revenge of such a gangster is terrifying, and few people can bear it.

Just like Ji Ruyan, she is the newcomer of the underground city of Haishi, and she has also been infinitely beautiful. Even in the eyes of outsiders, she was once able to compete with the Jiuye Chamber, but when she officially confronted Jiuye, it was obvious It's down, maybe her end is tomorrow? Maybe it is the day after tomorrow?

Will Jiu Ye's next goal be himself?

May have looked at himself high, but Liu Yanbo had to defend.

The enemy of the enemy is a friend, he plans to talk to Ji Ruyan——

The official declaration of war three days ago didn't seem to have much impact on Ji Ruyan, at least it didn't seem to change much on the bright side.

Tianshui Bar is open as usual, business is still booming.

Liu Yanbo, as before, walked in lazily after smoking a cigarette in front of the bar.

Tonight's music is very powerful, and the drinkers are twisting with their music in their positions. Not many people noticed Liu Yanbo's arrival, but those who noticed him were all surprised.

Fighted Jiuye, is he still alive?

In the hearts of many people who were present that night, Liu Yanbo was actually "damn". His skill is indeed terrifying, but no one thinks that he has the strength to compete with Jiuye. After all, in this era, the fight is about network connections and money. Even if you are a taxi driver, how can you avoid the bullets of professional killers? Can you escape the failure of national laws and regulations?

But the reality that most ordinary people do n’t know, or do n’t want to face is-

The bullet is fast, and the person who can shoot is the person; the laws and regulations are fair, and the person who can establish the national system is also the person.

People, after all, are flawed.

In response to many strange eyes, Liu Yanbo walked silently to the bar and knocked on the bar.

"Bo Ge, you are here." Xiao Xu brought a glass of wine in his hand and said with a smile: "Vodka does not add ice."

"You are the first person willing to talk to me tonight, and invite you to supper someday." Liu Yanbo took the drink with a smile and asked with a sip, "What about your boss?"

Xu Xu extended his hand and said, "The second floor."

Liu Yanbo waved his hand and walked towards the second floor.

Sober drinkers gave way, the black security guards dared not stop anymore, and the black third came from the second floor ......

Liu Yanbo still has a gentle smile on his face, and he still wears the hundreds of pieces of land to spread the goods.

He hasn't changed. What has changed is the person who once looked down upon him.

In the office on the second floor, Ji Ruyan had already prepared wine and dishes, not to mention how enthusiastic, but at least the smile was very friendly, and the voice was as attractive as ever: "I haven't eaten dinner yet, have you eaten it? If you didn't eat it , If you do n’t mind, just sit down and eat together. "

"I have always been able to eat." Liu Yanbo sat on the sofa and took over the chopsticks handed over by Ji Ruyan.

Ji Ruyan also sat on the sofa, and Liu Yanbo sat on the same one, barely able to sit three people, the two were separated by half a position, but occasional touch is inevitable.

"These are all made by myself, you taste it, it doesn't suit your taste." Ji Ruyan helped Liu Yanbo to pour a glass of red wine, and sandwiched him a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs.

Liu Yanbo is also not pretentious, not only eaten the sweet and sour pork ribs, but also tasted several other dishes one by one.

"How is it?" Ji Ruyan asked with expectation.

Liu Yanbo extended his thumbs up and praised, "It has all colors and fragrances. I can't think of Mr. Ji's craftsmanship. It seems that I am very happy tonight."

"Really?" Ji Ruyan is happy like a child.

"I don't like cheating that much." Liu Yanbo continued to eat, and said, "If only it could be spicier."

"I don't know that you are coming, these are made according to my own taste." Ji Ruyan held his chin with his hand, the little woman's gesture revealed. "Tell me in advance the next time you come, I'll make it more spicy according to your taste."

Liu Yanbo smiled and didn't speak. His mouth was full of dishes, fearing that he would squirt out.

He always cherishes food.

Ji Ruyan didn't speak anymore. She just stared quietly at the pretty man in front of her, and occasionally put him a chopstick dish.

This night is as usual as countless nights. This is not an overly spacious office. They just sit on the same sofa at will, just like an ordinary couple.

The husband who returned from work brought a little tired, the gentle wife had already prepared the wine and dishes, without too much words, but only occasionally touched a glass, each with a soft smile.

This warmth makes people greedy.

Not much food, most of them went into Liu Yanbo's stomach. After eating, he realized that he was a little rude, so he smiled and said: "Boss Ji's craft is so good, who will marry you as a wife in the future? It ’s considered a great blessing. "

Although the horse fart is cliché, but useful, at least Ji Ruyan smiled more beautifully.

"What a blessing to repair? Isn't it a woman's job to do laundry and cooking?" Ji Ruyan put the ashtray in front of Liu Yanbo and began to clean up the tableware.

Liu Yanbo lit a cigarette and smiled, "I can't think of Mr. Ji's consciousness. It's really a model among strong women."

"I don't want to be a strong woman." Ji Ruyan suddenly stopped her hand, and she looked up at Liu Yanbo, serious and gentle--

"I want to find a reliable man, give me a solid and warm embrace, will you?"

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