Driver of The Beautiful CEO

Chapter 48 Chinese

Pulse gate was buckled.

Jiuye ’s reaction was not unpleasant. In the moment when Liu Yanbo was detained, his left hand shook and another sleeved sword fell into his hand.

嗖 ~ 嗖 ~

At the same time, the old man sitting on the sofa also shot again, his hands raised, two flying knives shot at Liu Yanbo quickly.

Kacha ~

Liu Yanbo's reaction was quicker. He violently broke the wrist bone of Jiu Ye's right hand, pulled it homeopathically, and threw out the entire person as a meat shield.

Two flying knives plunged into Jiu Ye's thighs and shoulder blades fiercely.

Despite the resistance of the flying knife, the force of Liu Yanbo ’s tossing was so great, the nine grandfathers continued to cast off in the air, only to hear the sound of "Bang Bang", he whole body hit the wall hard , And then smashed to the ground, there seems to be a sound of bone shattering.

Cough ~

Jiuye coughed up blood in his mouth. It took him a while to stand up and lean against the wall. The expression on his face was distorted by the pain. His eyes were staring at Liu Yanbo with hatred and fear. Some are unwilling.

When did he eat such a big loss before.

Jiuye's life can be described as battle-hardened, and there are many masters against him. Before tonight, he had never lost.

This is his glory and the foundation of his confidence.

But he never imagined that he could not make a move in front of this young man with his head hidden.

At this moment, I am afraid that not only Jiu Ye's heart is terrified, but those masters who have died in his hands are even more grieved.

Why did you become so cooked?

Jiuye is not really a dish. At least in Liu Yanbo's eyes, his sword is more powerful than the seven men's combined attack, but it is still too slow.


People who shoot slower usually die faster.

What kind of shots are required to be quick?

"Sword, you didn't use it like this." Liu Yanbo picked up the sleeved sword that Jiuye dropped off on the ground.

Sleeve sword is about one foot long and more than an inch wide. The body of the sword shines with cold cold light. Liu Yanbo flexed his fingers on the body of the sword.

"This is a good sword." Liu Yanbo was amazed.

Finally, Liu Yanbo held the sword behind his back, quite like a swordsman guru.

Has a sword in his hand, and he is vertical and horizontal.

Faintly, even his breath changed, no longer as cold as before.

At this time, Liu Yanbo was like a sword with a sheath and a sharp breath around his body. He looked directly at the old man sitting on the sofa and said firmly: "It's you."

The old man on the sofa rose slowly, and he was watching Liu Yanbo. This is also the first time he is looking at the so-called taxi driver.

"Young man, there is no life and death feud between you and me, there is no need to fight for your life and death?" The old man's hoarse voice was as unpleasant as a broken gong. "It's not as good as you and I stop here and go our own way."

The old man smelled a breath of life in crisis on Liu Yanbo, he did not want to fight.

He is a killer and an old man over 60 years old. He has already seen the warmth and coldness of the world, and he knows how to choose.

What is more important than living?

Revenge for your companions? This is a joke.

The killer is the most ruthless person in the world, even without friends, how can he consider others as companions?

Hehe ~

Liu Yanbo seemed to really hear a big joke and sneered: "From the moment you step into the Chinese land with misfortune, you are already a mortal person."

There may be too many irregularities in this country, there may be many shortcomings, maybe there are many unsightly things secretly filled ...

Hua Xia people may be very selfish, maybe they like to cheat, maybe they are used to fighting in the nest ...

But my great rivers and mountains in the sky, how can I let the thieves come and go free?

Is impossible!

The people on this land have never really succumbed to the invaders for thousands of years. It used to be like this, it is now like this, it will be like this in the future.

Gujiaweiguo, this is the heritage carved in the bones of every Chinese.

Liu Yanbo is now just a taxi driver, a small ordinary people struggling to live at the bottom of society.

The family is ruined and his lover betrayed ... There are too many unsatisfactory things in his life.

But what about this?

He has no home, but he has a country. As long as the country is still there, the home will be there.

This is not a noble character from cultivation, but a responsibility that every Chinese person should have.

"You are not dying, it will insult me ​​China Guowei." Liu Yanbo said one word, just like a heavy hammer.

Nine Lord lowered his head, but he was a little ashamed.

He is an illustrious man of the first generation. He does all the bad things, but he is also a Chinese.

He can lose money to the people of the world, but he should not lose money to the land of China that nurtured his ancestors for generations.

Colluded with the thief, he is a treason.

At this moment, on the verge of life and death, a generation of gangsters regained the shame of their youth, and remorse.

It ’s not surprising that bad guys are still human after all, and they are different from livestock——

"I used to be a Chinese." The old man said carelessly. He had long lost such things as human nature and feelings.

"Then you are even more damn!" Liu Yanbo took off his mask and said with a cold voice: "Remember my appearance, but also remember my name. My name is Liu Yanbo, I am a Chinese."

This is determination, determination to kill.

The old man certainly understands Liu Yanbo's meaning, but he has too many puzzles and frowns: "Are you worth it? Don't say if you have the ability to kill me, even if you can kill me, you have to bear us' Undercurrent's revenge, by then, friends and family around you will have no escape. "

"It seems that your status in" Undercurrent "is not low!" Liu Yanbo sneered: "Threat me? Even if the" ghost and ghost "does not dare to do something, you dare to say."

"Then I will look at killing you and what kind of revenge I will suffer in the future."

As soon as the voice fell, Liu Yanbo flew up, and his sleeved sword was like a dragon out of the sea, stab straight out.

This sword does not have any fancy movements, just fast, so fast that even the cold light is too late to shine.

呲 ~

The old man has not responded yet, and the sword has passed through.

A quick sword, a ruthless sword.

The old man's eyes widened and he looked at Liu Yanbo in panic. He was not afraid of death, but the person in front of him.

Who is he?

Why would he know the most secret existence of "Undercurrent"?

Double ghosts and ghosts, chasing souls and killing lives.

The second-ranked duo in the world ’s killer rankings is also the biggest reliance on ‘undercurrents’.

The sword has not been pulled out, the old man still has a breath, he does not regret whether this life is worthless, he just wants to die, he asked intermittently: "You ... are ... who ..."

"Hua Xia people." Liu Yanbo yanked out his sleeved sword, waved his hand, and throwed away the blood beads that would have fallen in the future.

Plump ~

The old man fell to the ground in response to the sound, and he was not dead.

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