Driver of The Beautiful CEO

Chapter 6 Was green

At 8pm, the Pearl Hotel.

The parking plaza outside the hotel is filled with all kinds of luxury cars, and gentlemen and ladies from all walks of life are getting off the bus. One by one, the clothes are bright and graceful and enter the hotel one after another.

In a red Maserati, Yin Hanruo looked coldly at the man with his hands on the steering wheel and asked slightly dissatisfiedly, "Are you really not going in?"

"Don't go in."

The man is naturally Liu Yanbo, wearing a casual dress of a hundred pieces, with a cigarette in his mouth that has not been lit.

"Just whatever you want!" Leaving such a sentence, Yin Hanruo pushed open the door directly angrily, and when he got off, he said back, "Don't smoke in my car."

Liu Yanbo nodded with a smile.

Yin Hanruo got everyone's attention when she got off the bus, especially the man, because she was really beautiful.

The body is a white evening dress, a pair of high-heeled shoes with rhinestones on the feet, a small and exquisite bag in his hand, and a delicate and fashionable necklace on his neck, each one is exquisite, but each One thing is eclipsed by this woman, which is not as beautiful as hers.

Yin Hanruo, like a queen, moved the lotus step under the attention of many people and walked to the hotel lobby gracefully and gracefully.

Liu Yanbo watched Yin Hanruo walk into the hotel lobby in the car, smiled, and closed his eyes with some tiredness.


The two cars met and woke up Liu Yanbo who was sleeping in the next car.

It was a Ferrari and a Lamborghini that collided together. What caught Liu Yanbo ’s attention was not the two top luxury cars. It was a woman, a woman who got down from Ferrari. He not only recognized this woman, but also followed this very familiar.

How familiar is?

Familiar with the same roof under one year and three months;

Familiar with touching every inch of skin on each other;

Familiar with the two people hugged together on many nights when they couldn't fall asleep, planning the future and looking forward to their married life.

Is such a familiar woman. She lay beside her last night and fell asleep peacefully, but she was leaning on another man's arms tonight.

"Han. Fei. Yan." Liu Yanbo closed his eyes and slowly spit out the three words in his mouth, his voice colder than the ice.

The owners were two young people. For the two cars that collided together, they didn't even take a look at them. They took their respective women and walked into the hotel together. The two of them talked and laughed along the way.

Suppressing the anger in his heart, Liu Yanbo took out his mobile phone to dial Yin Hanruo's phone, and said blankly: "Come out and pick me up."

In the banquet hall of the Pearl Hotel, Yin Hanruo, who had just hung up the phone, frowned, a short sentence, but she had heard it from her voice, and the man was endlessly angry.

The banquet hall is on the third floor, and the elevator usually does not reach the next minute, but Yin Hanruo suddenly feels that the tens of seconds at this time are very long. She even has a thought in her heart, as long as she is late for a second now Liu Yanbo will have a big disaster in this second.

Out of the elevator, Yin Hanruo carried the skirt and trot out of the hotel lobby directly to the parking square. When the door was opened, when Liu Yanbo was still sitting in the car, she even had a A feeling of relief.

"what happened?"

Liu Yanbo got out of the car, threw away the cigarette butts, and said lightly: "It's fine, just want to go in and see."

"I don't believe it!" Yin Hanruo said firmly.

"I don't need your belief, you just need to bring me in."

Yin Hanruo put his hands across and stood in front of Liu Yanbo and said seriously: "If you don't tell me the real reason, I won't take you in."

Liu Yanbo looked at Yin Hanruo who was standing in front of him, his eyes slowly getting colder and colder. He took a step forward and asked coldly, "Are you sure?"

The two were close to each other. After Liu Yanbo stepped out, the two would almost stick together.

This was the first time Yin Hanruo was so close to a man other than his relatives. Liu Yanbo's body smelled of tobacco. Her white face was flushed with blush. She instinctively wanted to go back, but she was again The pressure was down, and I didn't step back half a step.

Yin Hanruo raised his head, looked at Liu Yanbo's cold eyes, and nodded stubbornly.

If Yin Han refused to give in, Liu Yanbo didn't move forward anymore, and the two stalemate, they stopped talking.

"Really a stubborn woman!"

Stalemate for about ten minutes, Liu Yanbo suddenly took two steps back, sighed.

Seeing Liu Yanbo retreat, Yin Hanchang breathed a sigh of relief and put his hands down, like that he won a blocking battle.

Perhaps Yin Hanruo looked a little funny like retreating the enemy. Liu Yanbo even smiled. He took out a cigarette and said, "You won again."

Lighted up a cigarette, Liu Yanbo took a few breaths and sighed softly, "I seem to be wearing a green hat."

"What? You, you ..."

Yin Hanruo, who was fully psychologically prepared, was also surprised by Liu Yanbo's words, pointing at him and saying a whole sentence for a long time.

"I said that I was wearing a green hat on my head." Liu Yanbo repeated it angrily.

"Are you saying that your girlfriend is here too? Or came with other men."

Yin Hanruo finally reacted.

Liu Yanbo nodded and asked, "Can you take me in now? Stubborn woman!"

"Don't call me like that, it's terrible!"

Yin Hanruo glared at Liu Yanbo angrily, and said, "Then you promise me, you can't be impulsive after entering."

Liu Yanbo lost his cigarette butts and said: "Go."

"Then do you agree?"

Liu Yanbo replied: "Can I not agree?"


"Then you ask a fart."

"You wait for me!"


In the banquet hall, the charity auction has begun, and everyone's attention is on the auction items. No one noticed that Yin Hanruo brought in a man who would not appear here.

There are many people in the banquet hall, at least a few hundred people, but Liu Yanbo still found Han Feiyan at a glance.

This is probably the sentence that should be answered: In the vast sea of ​​people, with only one glance, I can find you who cares most in my heart.

It's just Liu Yanbo, no longer romantic.

"Did you find it?" Yin Hanruo asked softly.

Liu Yanbo nodded and said coldly: "I'll go and see."

"I will go with you."

Yin Hanruo looked at Liu Yanbo uncomfortably.

"No, you are too compelling, I don't want her to find me too early."

Liu Yanbo walked towards the right side of the banquet hall.

Dozens of round tables are placed in the central area of ​​the banquet hall for guests, and on both sides are places for drinks and food, as well as places where staff and waiters gather, which will not attract attention, at least not It will attract the attention of the upper class people sitting in the central area.

Liu Yanbo was mixed with a group of staff, coldly looking at Han Feiyan who was sitting at a round table with a smile.

Han Feiyan wore a red evening dress tonight, still very beautiful, but just put on a heavy makeup, so that she was a little less pure and beautiful when she was with Liu Yanbo on weekdays, a little more enchanting and charming.

The time passed slowly, and Han Feiyan, who was smiling broadly, was finally tired, and she ended her laugh with a kiss;

Liu Yanbo, who was intently looking, was also bored, so he turned away.

The auction is still going on. Who will notice the departure of a man as ordinary as dust?


Yin Hanruo is not a confused woman. She can guess that Liu Yanbo didn't want his girlfriend to find out because he still had a little hope in his heart, hoping that this was just ordinary social entertainment.

He is stupid, but she will not laugh at him.

In love, only those who have paid their sincerity will be stupid. Such stupidity cannot be mocked, and no one is qualified to mock.

Out of the banquet hall, Liu Yanbo directly dialed Han Feiyan's phone, but the phone was connected, but no one answered it. Try again, but this time it was hung up by the other party.

After ten minutes, Liu Yanbo received a text message.

"I'm working overtime, so I won't go back tonight, you have to rest early."

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