Novel info
Druid of Marvel
Author: Riding Crutches
Alternative names:漫威里的德鲁伊
Genre: Sci-fi

Druid of Marvel

Diablo 2 summons the druid’s upper body and crosses to become an ordinary young man in the Marvel world.

“Mr. Tony Stark, I’m a pacifist. Are you sure you want to fight me?”

“Yes, boy, I want you to taste my fist.”

“Well, you know, I’m actually a magician, and I don’t usually fight.”

“Boy, as a punishment for interrupting my pick-ups, I have to beat you, otherwise it will affect my mood for the next three days.”

“World and Promise, borrow the law, come out, my buddy ~” Two giant huskies popped out of the fast food truck.

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