Emulator: Opening Talent Super Gigolo

~ play a bit messy

On the weekend, I went to book a hotel, watched the wedding, and then renovated the house. Now the furniture is not finished.

IKEA does it, and I do it myself on weekends.

I'm taking wedding photos next month. Recently, I went to the gym after work, and I accompany my partner to lose weight. After exercising, I go home after nine o'clock.

Too busy to go home for a week!

In addition, the rhythm of this book was a bit messy from the time it was sealed, so I don't know how to write the following.

A normal author writes the following plot, which should be about saving people, gaining a harvest, exterminating a family, and enjoying a grudge.

As the author of Xiao Huangwen, I am actually writing this plot to pave the way for the following strategy.

So, it was nailed on the cover!

How could it not be blocked? I do not know either!

This book has an average score of 2200, which is nearly double the score of the previous book.

Water and water, just a little bit of bad money, it's not difficult to recommend it.

But I don't want to waste money like that.

This month's attendance and incentives are gone. If I take a dip, I can at least have one more recommendation, plus the attendance and incentives can add several thousand dollars.

However, it is not necessary.

I'll take care of it and come back for an update.

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