Novel info
Enemies are Close at Hand
Author: Wind Sword
Alternative names:咫尺之间人尽敌国
Genre: Fantasy, Xuanhuan

Enemies are Close at Hand

“I don’t read many books. Don’t lie to me. The meaning of being an enemy in the distance is that I stand still and can destroy a hostile country by one person.”

“But, I remember, this sentence seems to mean that when two people are close, the other person is useless even if there is a country behind them.”


The Baili Qingfeng held the sword flat, and the electromagnetic field formed by Thunder ’s infuriating burst with a large ampere force, pushing the excalibur cast by the superconductor Akami Steel in his hand, tearing the atmosphere at 20 times the speed of sound, and putting a ship 300 kilometers away The aircraft carrier exploded, and the explosive flames of the gunpowder depot lit up the sky.

“Look, I’m just a stone’s throw away.”


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