Novel info
Fall in Love in an Escape Game
Author: Jiu Li Zi
Alternative names:在逃生游戏里谈恋爱
Genre: Drama, Romance

Fall in Love in an Escape Game

No accidents, the congenital deficiency of Shano was updated at about 8 pm to extend the life, and participated in the escape game.

The first game world, his identity is a blind rich young master, systematically warned: “At the beginning of the game, you must follow your ‘boyfriend’, he will save you three times, this is for you Do you remember the benefits of this newbie Xiaobai’s newcomer? ”

Shannon: Alright, remember.

System: The newcomer looks very obedient and can be assured.

At the beginning of the game, Shanuo grabbed the hand of the man around him as instructed by the system.

system:……! !! !! The evil spirit looked at the little lamb who had thrown himself in front of him, and smiled slowly.

At the end of the game, Shannon said with emotion: It was indeed a novice game, and there was no danger during the whole process! In addition, “boyfriend” takes great care of me, I must thank him well next time I meet.


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