Forces of Temptation

v2 Chapter 320 The present (4)

    I want everyone here.

    The next day, Zhou Ao went to the hospital.

    He Yinchuan laughed and hugged him, slapped him on the back twice, then lifted his sleeve, touched the old scar on the inner elbow of his forearm, and said with satisfaction: "Fortunately, the parts are all in place."

    Zhou Ao felt his ears warm when he touched him, and said "um" with a cold face.

    It would be nice to hold you with both hands.

    Following Zhou Ao to the hospital, Li Yinhang and Nanji Xing.

    Months ago, all players who appeared in the stadium were unified and protected for the first time.

      Several hotels that have been closed, let players have a good rest.

    While starting to sort out the cause and effect of the whole incident, they also provided basic communication services for players.

    However, the network is still at the 2g level and not fully open yet.

    Many players have killed people actively or passively in the game for the sake of personal survival.

    Now everyone is resurrected from the dead, which is inevitably embarrassing.

    They need time to digest this fact.

    Moreover, Li Yinhang's wish can only guarantee the health of the players, not protect their hearts.

    After many people leave the game, their memory still stays at the moment of death, leaving an indelible mental trauma.

    Some people are ecstatic because they are finally relieved, but they cry and laugh, and have a nervous breakdown.

    Finally, even if some players appear to be normal, they must receive half a month of treatment and observation before they can go home.

    This is an overwhelming task.

    But at least the halted social order has the confidence to move on.

    The rusted gears creaked again.

    Streets were sparsely populated.

    The cleaners dressed in dazzling orange began to clean up the mess on the street.

    A fritter pot was set up on the street.

    A full pot of fresh oil dazzled in the sunlight.


    Someone smelled the fragrance, opened the window that had not been opened for several days, and the glass made a thin sound on the window rail.

    Someone recognized the uncle of fried dough sticks, lying by the window and shouting: "Lao Su, how much is it?"

    Uncle Su, who sold fried dough sticks, wiped the corners of his eyes from the heat with his apron and shouted, "I don't want money, take it all! Take it!"

    With the loud shout, a new batch of fried dough sticks came out of the pot.


    Life is coming, so always make some noise.

    This is also what Li Yinhang saw while sitting in the car.

    She explained the awakening of a city to Nanzhou with joy and joy, and it must be the taste buds who woke up first.

    The South Pole is still in the form of a flying squirrel, holding a banana and peeling it with great interest.

    Nanzhou glanced at it: "How is it?"

    "Very good."

    Li Yinhang wanted to talk more about how the two of them got along these days.

    For example, in order to better appease Nanji Xing, who has just arrived in an unfamiliar environment, someone who knows Nanji Xing's true identity carefully asked Li Yinhang's opinion and arranged for her to share a double room with Nanji Xing.

    For example, Nanji Xing has been seriously learning to read and literate recently, and she occupies a corner of the room with her and plays the idiom solitaire game.

    For example, Li Yinhang called and chatted with his roommate Che Jie, who had come back from the dead. Soft mouse ears give her rua.

    But when the words came to her lips, she couldn't say anything, and she only had a general feeling in her heart.

    She smiled involuntarily: "...That's right, very good."

      good embryo.

    He is also nibbling on bananas and enjoying the food with all his heart.


    Because of this, Li Yinhang really wanted to teach him to know more, to understand that the world is beautiful and the time is moving.

    Jiang Fang leaned on the soft pillow.

    His hair is a little long, sloping over his shoulders, and a beautiful braid: "Yinhang, what are your plans in the future?"

    Li Yinhang shrugged and smiled calmly.

    She knows that their future is not destined to be ordinary.

    After the network is officially restored, I am afraid that most of the world will know their first and last names.

    She may change her name and escape to another country by herself.

    Perhaps, she will be invited to stay in a special place to work, be neighbors with one or two non-human beings, occasionally wear slippers, drive a four-seater car newly bought with salary, and go to the snack street to buy Fried Beef River and Bubble Wontons.

    Day after day, no matter what.

    Seeing Li Yinhang pondering, Zhou Ao simply said, "It's up to you."

    He brought Li Yinhang here today, just to let them meet and let Li Yinhang have an idea about her future.

    Li Yinhang is different from Nanzhou, Jiangfang and Nanjixing.

    She is a serious human being with a healthy mind and a kind-hearted person. She can choose to stay or leave.

    Li Yinhang often takes one step and looks at three steps when doing things.

    These days she couldn't see Jiang Fang and Nanzhou, she kept thinking about it.

    So, facing Zhou Ao and He Yinchuan, she quickly gave her answer.

    She turned around and said pragmatically, "If you stay, will the package be allocated?"

    He Yinchuan smiled: "Of course, I will find a suitable position for you."

    Li Yinhang: "Will you assign a room?"

    She pointed to Jiang Fang: "Just live next door to them, okay?"


    The March scene is fleeting.

    Nanzhou has participated in several physical and psychological tests.

    He didn't know the result himself, but looking at He Yinchuan's expression, he knew the result was not bad.

    Nan Zhou would occasionally borrow a few books from the hospital library to sleep, and read with his eyes when he was happy.

    Gradually, he knew many stories in this world, how complicated and gorgeous.

    Jiang Fang's body recovered very quickly, and soon he was able to hold a cane with Nan Zhou to see the red leaves in the courtyard.


    Clusters of crimson flames burned above their heads.

    A little spark fluttered to the head of Nanzhou.

    He took off the maple leaf and looked at the sun.

    The veins of the leaves are unusually clear, and the blood veins stretch to the sky.

    Nan Zhou's heart moved slightly: "In the future, let's plant a tree together."

    The apple tree, which takes a year to mature, still hasn't grown in their warehouse.

    The place where Nan Zhou wants them to be together in the future also has lush apple trees.

    Jiang Fang also thought about it and grabbed Nan Zhou's hand.

    "Do the math, the day is coming." Jiang Fang said, "Let's go to a place with 10,000 mu of apple forest and pick a lot of apples, okay?"

    After hearing their request, He Yinchuan was a little hesitant.

    Jiang Fang smiled and said: "Ask the person above you. He came out of one prison and should not be trapped in another. Besides, we don't go abroad. More than nine million square kilometers , enough for us to see."

    He Yinchuan nodded: "Okay, I'll go ask for instructions."

    The result of the request will come down soon.

    At the same time, they got an RV key originally recorded in Jiang Fang's name, and a complete set of camping equipment.

    Of course, it also comes with a central control GPS system.

    He Yinchuan was also very happy. When he delivered the car, he generously informed them of the existence of the positioning system in the car.

    Jiang Fang and Nanzhou have no comments.

    They also deserve some peace of mind.

    After making all preparations, Jiang Fang carried Nanzhou and slowly drove out of the hospital filled with the smell of disinfectant from a separate passage.

    Nanzhou was lying by the window, looking at the vast world that was moving backwards, in a trance.

    Before he left the city, he suddenly sat up straight and snorted.

    Jiang Fang was busy looking at the road. There were already more vehicles on the road. He had no time to distract himself: "...What?"

    "I saw someone I knew." Nan Zhou gave a strange answer, "But I don't know him."

    After checking the road conditions ahead, Jiang Fang curiously turned to look at the familiar stranger Nan Zhou mentioned.

    Unfortunately, they have already missed it.

    Yu Tuishi stood tall, standing in the sky, holding a cup of fragrant coffee, standing at the door of a certain university, as if waiting for someone.

    He faced the school's honor board and looked at them one by one.

    until he was lightly tapped on his shoulder.

    Yu Tuisi turned around, but there was no one beside her.

    When he turned around again, there was a Chen Su Yeyan who stood in front of him with his hands behind his back and said, "What are you looking at?"

    This is Chen Suye's alma mater.

    His disappearance in the events of "Gravity" greatly touched the heart of his retired mentor.

    The old man has been atheist all his life, and for this proud student, he specially went to ask Guanyin Bodhisattva.

    Because of love and reason, Chen Suye will come to see the old man.

    Yu Tuisi put hot coffee to his cheek: "Nothing."

    But he still glanced intently, as if there was something he cared about.

    Chen Suye affirmed: "You have something on your mind."

    "It doesn't matter..."

    Yu Tuisi gestured somewhere in the honor column: "I remember... someone won a municipal basketball league championship a few years ago, didn't they?"

    After saying this, Lawyer Yu himself felt that it was illogical, so he snorted softly.

    Chen Suye raised his eyebrows: "Does it mean that I can learn to play basketball from now on?"

    Yu Tuisi slightly raised the corner of his mouth and waved his hand, but his eyes remained on the place where the championship medal should have been hung.

    It was empty, as if nothing should exist.


    The destination of Jiangfang and Nanzhou is a place called Aksu.

    In two days, they entered the junction of sky and sand.

    Jiang Fang is very enjoyable. The original RV is all in accordance with the most comfortable and expensive specifications, driving on the road, as if two little snails are driving their home freely on the road.

    At night, the two rested beside a natural and nameless sandy spring.

    Jiang Fang taught Nanzhou BBQ.

    Unfortunately, any food that passes through Nanzhou's hands has the ability to turn magic into decay.

    Jiang Fang just went to get some honey, and a pair of chicken wings flew together, turning into a pair of crow wings, walking neatly.

    Nanzhou's barbecue drill was robbed.

    He sat cross-legged aside, took out his sketchbook, and smeared between the papers with his own style of drawing.

    Everything is slow.

    The sound of the wild wind wrinkling the spring water.

    Jiang Fang flips the grilled food.

    How fast the sunset falls.

    Finally, a thin meniscus rose into the air, shining in the eyes of people, the eyes are cool.

    After dinner, the wind was blowing, and the time was just right.

    The sand slammed on the outer wall of the RV, like a torrential snow.

    The two were lying on the soft RV bed, wearing the same shorts, wrapped in the same quilt, with a small light on, chatting endlessly about their whimsy.

    They have a lot to say.

    For example, today they are thinking of a wonderful thing.

    The reason is that Nan Zhou thought of Xiao Ming who was stranded at the station in the last instance.

    He asked in a low voice, "Brother Fang, if time could be reversed to the point where you want to go back, what would you do?"

    Jiang Fang also replied in a low voice: "I will go to your author and force him to write you an ending that comes to me."

    Nan Zhou agreed very much: "Well, when I come out, I will knock on your door."

    Jiang Fang teased him: "My family lives in an apartment, not a detached house."

    Nanzhou: "I'll climb the window."

    Jiang Fang: "The windows of my house are very high."

    Nanzhou: "I am very good at climbing."

    Jiang Fang stroked the hair of the cat who was proud of his ability to climb high, and continued to talk to him in a whisper: "Ukraine is neither big nor small, just Kyiv , there are tens of thousands of windows in total."

    Nanzhou: "Then I'll open it slowly one by one."

    "Not too much trouble?"

    "It's no trouble to find you." Nan Zhou said, "You can also plant an apple tree under the window to show me the way."

    "What if you find me?"


    After a long silence.

    "It's like it is now." Nan Zhou said, "I lie in the same bed with you and tell you, I'm here. We are together, seventy years old, eighty years old and young. "

    Between the quilt, the bare skin of the two legs will not touch, and will not be separated, but they are both scalded by the heat not far away.

    "…Yeah. That's it."

    Jiang Fang's voice became sombre and gentle.

    He turned sideways, overwhelmed Nan Zhou, and kissed his side neck.

    In the sandbox of the universe where they live, there is a fixed law, and that is universal gravitation.

    Like a budding apple tree.

    Like an apple falling.

    They will meet, which is the ultimate law of this universe.

    In the darkness, Nan Zhou's breathing gradually turned sharp.

    A strand of sweaty black hair touched his forehead.

    He tightened his voice in confusion and whispered: "What are you doing? What have you done to me?"

    Jiang Fang smiled and read a poem in his ear: "'Do what spring does on apple trees.'"

    Jiang Fang was about to move, but suddenly, as if he realized something, he raised his head and smiled at a place in the void: "Do you still want to see it?"

    The one who was in charge of observing their movements had already turned off all image receiving devices with a blushing face.

    Jiang Fang turned his face, turned to the screen, and blinked lively: "And those of you who don't know which world you live in, don't watch it."

    The world slammed into darkness.

    There are only mountains and rivers and stars twinkling.

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