Fox in the Penalty Area

Chapter 323 How can a hat trick be so easy?

The Crown Stadium was full of joy and deafening.

In the cheers, Melibanega is dribbling the ball to the goal of Athletic Vizcaya.

He used a fried ball on the line of the penalty area to deftly dodge the defenders, and then faced the Atlético Vizcaya central defender who rushed to cover, another sudden change of direction, taking the football to the outside and accelerating at the same time Throw away each other.

While he was doing this, Cerrados quickly went straight into the middle of the penalty area of ​​Athletic Vizcaya, and everyone's attention was attracted by Meli. At this time, as long as Meli could pass the football across, he faced It's almost empty!

But Merry didn't do that.

After continuously swaying away the Vizcaya defenders, although the shooting angle was already very small, Meli still shot the football directly to the goal!

Since the football was a little far from the supporting foot when he was shooting, Merry didn't eat the right part. After the outer instep of his right foot slashed the football, the football turned a corner and flew out of the bottom line...

The cheers in the stands turned into gigantic sighs.


"Oops!" The commentator also regretted, "Merry's previous series of breakthroughs were very beautiful, but the last shots fell short! He almost got a hat-trick!"

"In the last minute of the game, Merry's physical fitness also dropped significantly. After passing people in a row, if he wants to shoot from a small angle, his legs can't support it anymore... But it doesn't matter, even if the ball doesn't score, it doesn't matter. Affect the final result!"

In the upper left corner of the game broadcast screen, the real-time score of the game is displayed:


In the 89th minute, the King of Madrid led Atlético Vizcaya by four goals.

As the commentator said, if Merry scored this goal or not, it would have no effect on the outcome of the game.

Cerrados made a white run. He had a little regret standing in the middle, but he didn't show it - he didn't show his hand to Merry, or waved his arms unhappily.

He didn't even change his expression, he just turned around and ran back silently.

Because he can understand why Merry didn't pass the ball.

Understand how much Merry wants a hat-trick.

In the Champions League in midweek, the King of Madrid beat Razgrad 2:1 away, but Meli failed to score.

Hu Lai scored twice in the Champions League on the first day, especially the second zero-angle goal, which caused discussion and attention throughout Europe after the game, and the limelight disappeared for a while.

In such a comparison, Meli's performance without scoring can be regarded as bleak.

But in fact, Meli's performance was not bad. The King of Madrid was able to defeat his opponent 2:1, and Meli also contributed an assist.

Just as a striker, of course, assists are not as good as goals.

In this weekend's league match against Athletic Vizcaya, Melli scored in just two minutes.

From that time on, Cerrados knew how high Meli's desire to score goals was in this game.

In the next game, he will try his best to cooperate and support Meli, hoping that he can score more goals.

In the fifty-fifth minute, the second half had just begun, Merry scored another goal and scored twice - this goal was assisted by Cerrados.

Now Merry is one step away from a hat-trick.

But who knew that this step was so far away—from the fifty-fifth minute to the present, thirty-five minutes had passed, and Merry was stunned that he had not scored the third goal. Opportunities, or even make them yourself.

The goal did not come.

It's kind of contrived.

So that in the end, I was a little impatient. The last ball was not a good shooting opportunity. The best way to deal with it is to pass the football to the unmarked Cerrados in the middle.

But Merry still chose to do it himself, just thinking that he wanted to score was a little stunned.

Perhaps it was also somewhat influenced by Hu Lai's goal in the Champions League in midweek - Merry may have thought in his mind that since Hu Lai can score at a near-zero angle, why can't I?

But the reality is very different.

What happened to Hu Lai at the time? After running around without the ball, he suddenly accelerated to get in front of Nazari to catch the ball, and then kicked and shot.

The whole process does not consume a lot of physical energy, so Hu Lai has sufficient physical strength to maintain a stable body and accurate shooting footwork when he finally shoots.

What about Merry?

Consecutive dribbling from outside the penalty area, passing two defenders one after another.

The last pass was more of a sudden acceleration, or at the last moment of the game, Merry, who had played the whole game, how much energy does he have to support his last shot at this time?

Cerrados understood Merry quite well, so he did not criticize Merry's wayward behavior.

Anyway, the team will definitely win, Merry can do whatever he wants.

As the flag that the club focuses on cultivating, if it doesn't even have the right to fire, it's really a shame...

It’s just that understanding is understood, and there are some things that Therados, who is the captain, has to say.

※※※The referee blew the whistle for the end of the game shortly after Merry did not score the goal.

In fact, the stoppage time was four minutes, but the referee blew his whistle at three and a half minutes to announce the end of the game.

In any case, Athletic Biscay couldn't make a comeback. Half a minute or less is meaningless.

However, this made Merry a little unhappy. He thought that since the injury time was four minutes, the referee should strictly follow the injury time. This more than half a minute less than half a minute is meaningless to others, but meaningful to him!

He still wants to complete the hat trick!

What if he scores another goal in the last half minute?

After the game, Cerrados took the initiative to come up and hug Merry, who was not in a high mood: "Relax, Merry. It is also a very good performance to score twice."

Merry covered his mouth and said, "But captain, I can score three goals, why settle for two goals?"

Cerrados knew that Merry was not reconciled, and he hugged Merry hard: "But Merry, it is precisely because of this mentality that you did not score the third goal in the end. You are scoring the second goal. If you are in a hurry after a goal, and your mind is calm, it will help you score goals. No matter how superb your personal ability is, you also need some luck. When you put your mind right, luck will take the initiative to find it. On you. But if you are in a hurry, the more anxious you are, the luckier you will get away... Hat trick, how can it be so easy?"

Merry couldn't find anything to refute Cerrados, he also knew that the captain was right, so he could only nodded: "I will remember, captain.

Therados didn't know if Meli would really remember it, but that wasn't his responsibility. As the captain, I have said everything that needs to be said, and whether or not he can listen to it is up to Meili. We are all adults, and we must take responsibility for our own words and deeds.

He patted Merry **** the shoulder one last time, let go of him, and went to celebrate the victory with the rest of his teammates.

Merry's mood was still unhappy. After he forced a smile in front of the camera for a while, he went straight to the player tunnel and left.


"Hat trick, how can it be so easy?"

The words of Captain Therados echoed in Meli's mind again.

The latter stared at the TV screen and wanted to pick up the phone and send a message to the captain to ask him, "Then why did Hu Lai get a hat-trick?"

Of course, he just thought about it, and didn't really run to hit the captain in the face...

He just felt that he was slapped in the face by Hu Lai.

On the TV, the narrator exclaimed:

"Hu! Hu! Hu Lai!! He scored his third goal of the game! Hat trick!!"

Hu Lai, who scored a goal, was running wildly to celebrate, leaping high in his signature celebration.

Luckily it's on the road, so Merry can't hear the deafening "HUUUUU!!!", otherwise he'll be even more uncomfortable...

All he heard now was a commotion mixed with boos.

What is being broadcast live on TV is Valentia's home game against the Pirates of Madrid.

As the last game of this round of La Liga, it is also highly anticipated.

Although after the last round of the league ~www.~ Valendia lost the top spot in the league because of a 1:1 draw with Sebastia away. But they are still the same as the Catalan United and the King of Madrid. They are the only three teams in the league so far that have not lost a game.

The game was at home again, scoring in the opening six minutes to take the lead.

The situation is very good.

But the Valendia home fans were only happy until the 29th minute.

Because of that time, Hu Lai scored to tie the game.

In the 46th minute, in injury time in the first half, Hu Lai scored twice to help the Pirates take the lead.

Now, in the 63rd minute, Hu Lai received a cross from Kamara in the penalty area and scored a goal to complete a hat-trick.

Merry was a little bit defensive.

Starting with a big four against the Sevilla Navigators, Hulay has scored nine goals in three games.

A big four, a hat-trick and a brace, all three goal packages have been enjoyed over and over again.

And what about Merry himself? There has been no hat-trick so far this season.

So for me, hat trick is not so easy, for Hu, hat trick is so easy?

Merry turned off the TV, not wanting to continue watching.

His agent once told him that Hu Lai was like a whip to him, constantly pushing him forward.

He has always motivated himself this way.

This was the first time he felt that the whip was a little too painful...

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