Novel info
From the Island Owner to the King
Author: Fu Bao
Alternative names:从岛主到国王
Genre: Urban Life

From the Island Owner to the King

America buys ranches!
Buy a Manor in Europe!
Build a fishing ground!
Gourmet restaurants spread all over the world.
Manage islands and turn islands into nations!
The sea is vertical and horizontal, the sea is his paradise, there are countless shipwreck treasures on the sea floor, …!
Treasures of Pirates of the Caribbean, Ancient Maritime Silk Road of the South China Sea, Wrecks of Venetian merchants in the Mediterranean, Wrecks of Vikings of the Baltic, …
From Chen Rui’s acquisition of pregnant sea beads, everything became possible.
This is a story of a great sea adventurer from the island owner to the king.
The plot is reasonable, moderate YY, absolutely cool.


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