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Future Super Intelligent System
Alternative names:未来超级智能系统
Genre: Sci-fi

Future Super Intelligent System

The artificial intelligence we look forward to is not an increasing number of harassment recommendations that cannot be shielded, it is not a smart assistant that Hu Jianren can easily defeat, nor is it a smart photography embedded with various presets.

What we look forward to is a smart housekeeper who can truly sense human emotions and respond comfortably; a human-type intelligent robot that can realize the simulation of human appearance and behavior patterns; a smart paradise that can perform various scene simulation games with intelligent robots; It is a smart city that can promote national quality, education and spiritual development, etc.

Let’s see how Liu Fan leans on the future super intelligent system, starting from the basics of algorithms and chips, and gradually creating the era of intelligence, presenting a rising road for the development of China’s artificial intelligence enterprises and the exciting era of future intelligence.

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