General, Madam Called You To Farm

Chapter 273 Support her (two more)

   Chapter 273 Support her (two more)

  The crowd was terrified.

  Bai Xihe was not angry, her tone was clear and light, like the wind blowing from a mountain stream: "Teaching a daughter like Miss Lin, Taiwei Lin is really a good tutor."

  's voice without any anger made everyone's heart tighten.

  Lin Ruyue finally realized that she was in trouble.

   She had never dreamed that she would provoke the Empress Dowager.

   For a moment, countless thoughts flashed through her mind, but, rather than saving herself, she was still thinking more about how things got to this point.

   She ran on the girl from the countryside a lot in Gong Xue, and the other party never took it seriously, and she became more and more reckless.

  If that girl had fought with her from the beginning, maybe she wouldn't be so complacent...

   "Tai, Empress Dowager..."

   She looked at the woman on the phoenix pleadingly, hoping that the other party would forgive her once for the sake of the Lin family.

  It's a pity to disappoint her.

   Bai Xihe said lightly, "Little Yunzi."

  The **** next to Fengxiao bowed: "The servant is here."

  Su Xiaoxiao recognized that he was the **** who confronted him in front of the Empress Dowager with a peach as a murder weapon last time in Taoyuan.

   was originally called Xiao Yunzi.

   Xiao Yunzi said: "What is the order of the Empress Dowager?"

   "Aijia remembers that Miss Lin is a student of Gong Xue?"

   "Yes." Xiao Yunzi replied.

   Bai Xihe said: "In this case, it is not good for Aijia to overtake the house. You should go to the palace school and tell the truth about what happened today, and how the palace school will deal with it. You don't have to come and ask the Aijia."

   These words, on the bright side, handed over the disposal power to Gong Xue, but the question is, it was the Empress Dowager who came forward in person, is this sure that you don't mean to ask?

  Lin Ruyue panicked. She knelt on the ground and rushed towards Bai Xihe: "The Empress Dowager... The Empress Dowager—"

  Fengxuan's tulle was gently blown by the breeze, and Bai Xi and Xun sat on the soft futon, their expressions unmoved.

  Su Xiaoxiao looked at her fixedly, thinking of how frightened she looked outside the palace that day.

   is really... like two different people.

   Bai Xihe left.

   In this deep palace that eats people and doesn't spit out bones, she can be indifferent to the world, but she can't show her vulnerability to anyone.

   If she is careless, she is already a pile of dead bones under the palace wall.

   It's just that she didn't expect that, but she still made people see her most vulnerable side.

  Thinking of this, Bai Xihe closed his eyes with a complicated expression.


   Gongxue has two masters in charge, also known as Dafuzi, one is Master Zuo from the Ministry of Rites, and the other is Master Liao from the Hanlin Academy.

   They jointly managed the Gongxue, and when they saw the red man beside the Empress Dowager coming over, the two were so shocked that they almost wore their official hats crookedly.

  If the Queen or the Queen Mother sent someone over, they still think it's normal. Why did the Queen Mother, who never interfered in the harem, intervene in the affairs of the palace?

   It wasn't until Xiao Yunzi finished speaking that the two of them understood what was going on.

   After Xiao Yunzi left, the two looked at each other and sighed at each other.

   Master Zuo of the Ministry of Rites said: "Old piss, what do you say?"

   "It's Liao!" Master Liao corrected him.

   Lord Zuo waved his hand: "Oh, it's almost time, when are you still thinking about this?"

  Hanlin officials love to find fault!

  Master Liao has a headache.

  The Empress Dowager is really not involved, so she won't let anyone come over to say a word in person, but this Miss Lin's background... is not low.

  The great family of great generals on Thursday: Wei, Qin, Su, and Leng.

   Correspondingly, there are also four great families of civil servants: Wang, Jing, Guo, and Lu.

   In recent years, the Lu family has made several mistakes in succession, and its status is not as good as before, and there is a faint trend of being replaced by the Lin family.

   Among them, Taiwei Lin is the cousin of the Queen Mother.

  This is embarrassing.

   With the Empress Dowager on one side and Taiwei Lin and the Empress Dowager on the other, how can they not offend both sides?

   "It is impossible not to offend, so choose one." Master Zuo said resignedly.

  The Empress Dowager is the emperor's biological mother, and she is naturally superior in terms of closeness and distance.

   But when the late emperor inherited the throne from his nephew, it caused a lot of criticism. In order to block the audience, the late emperor did not dare to neglect the empress dowager.

  Emperor Jingxuan upheld his father's legacy and treated the Empress Dowager with courtesy.

To say that the Empress Dowager played beautifully, she clearly could get a small family daughter out of the palace school with a single decree, but she had to push it to them and let them be the ones who offended the Empress Dowager and Captain Lin. Big injustice.

   Having said that, Lin Ruyue really went too far.

   Now that the matter has spread, not punishing her heavily will inevitably make people question Gong Xue's unfairness, and even the reputation of the two princesses is not very good.

   In the end, the two decided to cancel Lin Ruyue's qualification as a companion.

  Lin Ruyue waited tremblingly in the classroom, she knew that she had made a big disaster this time and would definitely be punished, but she didn't expect that she would be expelled from the palace school?


   Just because he scolded that girl, "Is there a mother born, but no mother?"?

   "I didn't disrespect the Empress Dowager! I was scolding that girl..." In the small garden outside the classroom, she burst into tears.

   Not a single daughter came to comfort her.

  Who told her to provoke the Empress Dowager, and it was too late for everyone to avoid suspicion?

   "Miss Hu! Miss Hu!"

In the panic, she saw Hu Biyun approaching.

  Hu Biyun also heard about this from the palace mouth, and was about to turn around and pretend he didn't hear it, but Lin Ruyue had already rushed in front of her.

  Lin Ruyue grabbed her wrist: "Miss Hu! Imperial Doctor Hu is a popular person in front of His Majesty and the Queen recently, go and plead for me! Let them not expel me from the palace—"

Hu Biyun brushed Lin Ruyue's hand away without a trace, and said with a look of regret: "Miss Lin, I also want to help you, but my father is busy with the hospital... The Queen Mother, her old man's phoenix body is in harmony... My father has already counted Sun never returned to the mansion, I can't even see him once... Forgive me, I can't help."

   It is such a great honor to be able to heal the Queen Mother?

  I really don't know if Hu Biyun is refusing or showing off.

  Lin Ruyue gave her a disappointed look: "You just don't want to help me, do you?"

  Hu Biyun opened his mouth: "Miss Lin..."

Lin Ruyue said excitedly: "I only went to reprimand that girl to stand up for you! You told me that girl robbed you of Renxintang's business by tricks, and I made a case for you! Why did you treat me like this? ?"

  Hu Biyun whispered: "I didn't ask you again."

  Lin Ruyue sternly said, "Hu Biyun!"

   "I'm going to class, Miss Lin, excuse me."

  Hu Biyun said, and entered the classroom without looking back.

  The Lin family has grown steadily, but Lin Ruyue is just a little prostitute!

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