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~ Completed testimonials and new book (new book is the story of the border)

New book: Introduction

After working hard to learn a skill, Zhou Xiaobo jokingly said to the skill: You are all grown up, and you should learn to upgrade yourself. I didn’t expect the skill to run directly. When the skill comes back, it has already risen to x……

Title: "My Skills Run"

I originally wanted to continue writing this book, but it felt a bit slow, so I opened a new book directly, but it is in the same vein as this book.

Note: The new writing is the battle of the boundary of the boundary, the real title should be-"The boundary of the boundary of the creation game code".

By the way, spoilers can’t always be passively beaten. The next step is to grab resources and even compete for more “anchors”. The premise is that the invaders of the outside world are prepared first. A long battle at the edge of the border.


I hope everyone will continue to support my new book, which is equivalent to watching VIP for free, and the update is still fast, hehe.

As for why the update is slow now, you can only use the word "passion" to explain it. Old books are like their own yellow-faced women. They have been tired for a long time, and they may not have much passion. The new book, even if it is the same as the old book It’s the same thing, but it’s also a charming little lady. Well, everyone knows it, so I won’t say much.

To make a joke, the fact is that the new book will get everyone's support. In the new book period, every recommendation and collection is exciting. It is full of energy, just like the old oxen being whip, one after another. The old ox is also desperately running forward, and it is still a kind of very happy, so I hope everyone will desperately draw me, add bricks and tiles to the new book, make me more passionate, and then write more and more exciting plots.

Shimizu tadpoles, goodbye!

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