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Go Crazy! Are You Really a Beastmaster?
Author: Agate Melon
Alternative names:疯了吧!你真是御兽师?

Go Crazy! Are You Really a Beastmaster?

This is a world where mountains, rivers, vegetation, animals, machinery, undead, elements… can all become war beasts.

This is a world dominated by beastmasters.

The swaying star dragon bird above the nine heavens.

A lightning elf wielding a long whip in a thundercloud.

The giant whales of the vast seas are entrenched in the mountains and seas in the depths of the ocean.

The ghost of the flame shadow jumping in the unquenchable candle.

Ji Feng flipped through the Book of Starry Sky in his hand and created one myth after another in this vast world of beasts.

Embark on a path that is unique to its own creator.

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