Go Crazy! Are You Really a Beastmaster?

Chapter 212 Overturned vinegar jar!

Go crazy! Are you really a beastmaster? Chapter 212 The overturned vinegar jar!

According to the speed of the dragon mother, there is still a certain distance from JA city.

The evil heart sect has controlled the communication in JA City through the dimensional cracks, and it is not easy to open so many dimensional cracks at one time.

Need to consume thousands of tons of cracking stone.

The evil heart sect will spend so much resources to organize this event must have a great plan, and it is impossible to easily let the plan go bankrupt.

Once the plan goes bankrupt, not only will the thousands of tons of cracking stones go to waste, but even the Sequence Powerhouses who are dispatched will probably have no chance to go back.

Therefore, JA City must be in a state of isolation and helplessness, unable to ask for help or even pass news to the outside world.

The dragon mother's arrival in JA City was determined in advance, and will not change her decision because of other things.

The arrival of the Dragon Mother was completely beyond the expectations of the Evil Heart Sect.

The layout of the evil heart sect is so meticulous, you can see it just by looking at the arrangement of the evil heart sect at Jinghai Imperial Beast High School.

The powerhouses of the evil heart sect completely suppressed the powerhouses in Jinghai Royal Beast High School, and there was a Mr. Gray standing by.

If it wasn't for the unexpected involvement of She Wan, the entire Jinghai Royal Beast High School would have been swallowed up by the evil heart sect after a short period of resistance.

The more meticulous the plan, the more afraid of the sudden joining of the game-breaker.

The Mother of Dragons, Bishop of Flowers, happens to be the most powerful game-breaker.

Fang Mu's voice was so soft that even He Deen, who was rubbing his head beside Fang Mu, couldn't hear it clearly.

Only She Wan heard it.

The fact that the dragon mother came to JA City is not only a scavenger's secret, but also concerns the safety of the entire JA City.

Once heard by the people of the evil heart sect, the consequences would be disastrous.

Fang Mu will speak to She Wan because Fang Mu can be 100% sure of She Wan's loyalty.

When She Wan heard Fang Mu's words, her tense heart was relieved.

She Wan has never been happy because she killed a blood prince and Mr. Gray of the evil sect.

It was because She Wan knew very well that her enemies were not the only two.

In this turmoil, all the evil-hearted sect powerhouses targeting JA City are their own enemies.

Once the evil heart sect starts to target a certain city! Its main purpose is definitely not just to plunder the resources held by the entire city.

If you plunder the resources in the city, you will leave.

Once the strong men guarding the city have been dealt with, the Cult of Evil Heart will carry out evil rituals.

Sacrifice the lives of everyone in a huge city.

The corpses are then packaged up to be used as materials for the creation of skin hackers and tortoise hackers.

Even if he kills all the evil-hearted sect powerhouses in Jinghai Imperial Beast High School, he will completely restore Jinghai Imperial Beast High School to safety.

If other parts of JA city are attacked by the evil heart sect, the powerhouses of the evil heart sect will provide reinforcements to the other places that cannot be controlled by themselves.

She Wan would not be arrogant and think that she can beat Mr. Hong, who is the least contracted Sequence Six Royal Beast of the Evil Heart Sect.

You must know that the beasts of Sequence Six and Sequence Seven are completely at two levels.

The gap is as big as the gap between the Sequence Imperial Beast and the Diamond Rank Imperial Beast.

If the dragon mother can reach JA City in the afternoon, then the storm in JA City will be completely calmed down this afternoon.

You don't have to worry about protecting Fang Mu's safety anymore.

"Master, I'm going to inform your teacher and Hu Tao."

The Silver Void Purple Spider can travel in space, and the more violent the space fluctuations, the stronger the Silver Void Purple Spider's ability to travel in space.

Unless it collided with a beast with a higher level than the Silver Void Purple Spider head-on, the Silver Void Purple Spider's movement in space could perfectly cover its position by virtue of the chaotic space.

Otherwise, She Wan would not take the risk of taking Fang Mu back to the manor or sending Fang Mu to the scavenger branch.

Hearing She Wan's words, Cui Ruochen immediately stated that he was going to stay at the school to take care of the injured classmates and sort out the bodies of the victims.

Many students have died in this catastrophe against the entire JA city.

If Cui Ruochen has the ability, he hopes that after the catastrophe is over, the parents of these students can at least leave a memory when they come to the school.

Of course, it is very possible that some students are still alive, but their parents died in this catastrophe.

The worst is that neither parents nor students survived the catastrophe.

Cui Ruochen's father and mother died in the disaster caused by the evil organization.

Cui Ruochen can best understand the suffering caused by the death of a loved one.

Seeing that Cui Ruochen insisted that Fang Mu was not reluctant, nor did he choose to stay at school for Cui Ruochen.

Instead, the Silver Void Purple Spider brought himself and Hu Tao back to the manor, and left the substitute Soul Mantong at Jinghai Royal Beast High School to help clean up the alien beast tide and the powerhouse of the evil heart sect.

In fact, it was as early as when She Wan liberated Lu Kai, allowing Lu Kai to manipulate his two Sequence Royal Beasts to help other Sequence Powerhouses.

The balance of victory was tilted towards Jinghai Royal Beast High School.

Hu Tao knew that it was useless to stay, and Hu Tao was very willing to stay with Fang Mu.

The bones of the wings of the walnut's iron-winged jujube dove have been crushed and are in urgent need of treatment.

But now there are many beasts in the school who are more seriously injured than their iron-winged jujube.

And when both the beastmaster and the beastmaster are injured, the beastmaster's priority will always be the highest.

Only when the iron-winged juju arrives at Fang Mu can the injury be healed.

Don't look at the broken bones of the wings and can't threaten the life of the beast.

But once the bone and ligament are mixed together, the ligament becomes necrotic.

Even if they receive rehabilitation treatment afterward, the mobility and responsiveness of their wings will be greatly reduced as before.

Form a disability that is difficult to be perceived by outsiders.

Riding on the back of the Silver Void Purple Spider, the Silver Void Purple Spider immediately manipulated the power of space to form a protective cover on the back.

Then the forelimbs probed into the void.

Fang Mu only felt that he had entered a beautiful environment intertwined with gray and silver, as if only a moment and a long time had passed.

By the time Fang Mu escaped from this beautiful environment woven with gray and silver, he had already arrived at the door of the main house.

Lu Xiaoyin and Yin Nanzhen were waiting anxiously at the door, worried about Fang Mu's situation.

Seeing Fang Mu, the two immediately greeted them.

After confirming that Fang Mu was not injured, the two let out a long sigh of relief.

Fang Mu introduced Lu Xiaoyin and Yin Nanzhen.

"This is my classmate Hu Tao, let's go first!"

"Sister Wan waits until your ghost-type beast has rescued the Sequence Powerhouse in Jinghai Royal Beast High School and is sure that Jinghai Royal Beast High School is enough to overwhelm the evil mind sect, then call your ghost-type beast back!"

"We are neighbors with Jinghai Tianyu University. You can help Jinghai Tianyu University."

She Wan nodded when she heard the words.

In She Wan's opinion, it is very necessary to show affection to the neighbor of Jinghai Tianyu University.

After all, Fang Mu will also choose to study at Jinghai Tianyu University.

"Young master, when I take back Mantong for the soul, I will send the Silver Void Purple Spider over there first."

"My main priority now is to protect your safety!"

"When I just came back, I let the Silver Void Purple Spider separate out some of its daughters."

"Jinghai Tianyu University has just started, and Zique Academy sent two high-level officials to Jinghai Tianyu University for inspection."

"Because it is a secret investigation, the Evil Heart Sect has not heard the news before."

"This makes the Evil Heart Sect always at a disadvantage in Jinghai Tianyu University."

"If it weren't for the dispatch of a Mr. Hong, Jinghai Tianyu University would probably have already started to clean up the cracks in the dimension!"

Fang Mu nodded when he heard the words, and entered the gate of the main house with the walnut.

The premise of Fang Mu helping others is to ensure his own safety in a limited way.

Fang Mu knows that his safety is not only related to himself, but also to the dreams of his brothers and sisters and the future of the Fang family.

Therefore, Fang Mu would never joke about his own safety.

Otherwise, Fang Mu could not leave Shewan's imperial beast in the manor, and let Shewan send all the imperial beasts out.

Hu Tao's family conditions are not bad among the classmates of Jinghai Royal Beast High School, otherwise, he would not have been brought to Haiyan Palace for dinner by his father.

Right now, Hu Tao is still stunned by the environment where Fang Mu lives.

Haiyan Palace can already be regarded as the top environment in the eyes of Walnut, but the manor where Fang Mu lives is definitely more luxurious than the layout of Haiyan Palace.

The few peony plants in the hall that spray the bright clouds can explain everything.

More importantly, through the exchange between Fang Mu and She Wan just now, Hu Tao learned that the manor where Fang Mu lives is close to Jinghai Tianyu University.

The land around Jinghai Tianyu University is expensive. It is hard to imagine that such a huge manor can be built.

Obviously the other party is very familiar with the wood, but for a while, Hu Tao is still cautious.

Even though he had followed Fang Mu to the sofa, Hu Tao still didn't dare to sit on the sofa.

Fortunately, Fang Mu didn't give Hu Tao much chance to be restrained. He picked up a peach in the fruit bowl and handed it to Hu Tao.

"I remember that you like to eat peaches the most, so eat a peach first to suppress your shock!"

"I just took a half-hour break in the clever round tent, and now after such a long time, my energy has recovered seven to eighty-eight."

"You summon the iron-winged dove, and I will treat the iron-winged dove for you."

"I remember your iron-winged dove's wings were attacked by several horns, and even the big bones of the wings were smashed."

Hearing this, Hu Tao warmed his heart, and hurriedly summoned the Iron Winged Judove.

Hu Tao didn't remember his subconscious act in front of Fang Mu, but he remembered that Fang Mu pulled himself behind him.

Help yourself to resist the attack of several demons.

Fang Mu was able to push down because he had a silver spiritual weapon to protect him. If he was hit by those few demons, he would definitely be directly smashed into flesh.

Walnut is a carefree character, Fang Mu's concern makes it difficult for Walnut to feel too restrained.

The walnut that took the peach took a heavy bite on the peach.

While tasting the sweetness of peach juice, he comforted the iron-winged jujube.

In addition to the diamond-level sleeping moss, Fangmu also prepared many low-level sleeping moss.

Fang Mu took out a pot of sleepy moss with copper steps and said to Walnut.

"Let the iron-winged dove peck at the sleeping moss!"

"If it is not in a state of coma, it will be very difficult for me to help the iron-winged jujube to build bones."

"Sleeping moss does not have particularly serious sequelae like those spiritual materials that force imperial beasts to fall asleep. Iron-winged jujube won't have any adverse effects after waking up."

When Hu Tao heard Fang Mu's words, he stretched out his hand and rubbed the crown-feathered forehead of the iron-winged jujue.

"Tie Bi, look how much Fang Mu cares about you, let's eat a mouthful of sleepy moss!"

"Don't forget to thank Fang Mu before eating."

"When you wake up, the injuries on your wings will recover!"

The iron-winged juju is very familiar with Fang Mu.

Fang Mu would help Bai Hao and Bai Ya prepare meals for the imperial beasts, and naturally, he would help Hu Tao prepare meals for the iron-winged jujube.

Because Fang Mu and walnut are more mature, Fang Mu is curious about the iron-winged jujue, and the walnut will summon the iron-winged judove and let Fang Mu play with it casually.

This made Fang Mu and Iron-winged Jujue forge a deep friendship.

The iron-winged jujube is a delicious and affordable meal that is different for seven days, and it is carefully formulated by Fang Mu.

This alone is enough to make Fang Mu the favorite human being of the iron-winged jujube after the walnut.

The iron-winged jujube is nearly two meters high on its feet.

In order to interact with the walnut in front of the walnut, let the walnut touch the crown feather on the top of his head.

Iron-winged doves will naturally bend their knees.

The iron-winged juju came to Fang Mu's side and bent his knees, letting the feather's soft neck rub against Fang Mu's neck and let out a clear cry.

From the sound of the iron-winged juvenile dove, Fang Mu could feel the weakness of the iron-winged juvenile dove.

Fang Mu has done this kind of action more than once, and Fang Mu is accustomed to it.

But all of a sudden, Sushui, who was in the Book of Life, overturned the vinegar jar.

Fang Mu usually plays with Fang Qin, Fang Yuan, Fang Yan's beasts, and he will show a very strong possessiveness.

What's more, Fang Mu has such an intimate interaction with the beast of Walnut.

Feeling sucking the overturned vinegar jar, Fang Mu couldn't help but smile.

The possessive desire of the beast for the beastmaster shows the position of the beastmaster in the beast's heart.

Fang Mu never doubted his own position in Sushen's heart.

Fang Mu clearly remembers what Sushui said.

"In the eyes of Susuo, except for square wood, the world is garbage."

Fang Mu used his mental power to appease the suction, while touching the crown feather on the head of the iron-winged dove to respond to the iron-winged dove.

This kind of behavior looks like a scumbag.

As a Ph.D. in biology, Fang Mu can draw a precise structural diagram of a bird's skeleton within five minutes with just a piece of paper.

Therefore, Fang Mu can use Yindian Gensokyo to treat the iron-winged juvenile dove through [Magic Shadow], so that the bones of the iron-winged juvenile dove can be returned to their positions.

Fang Mu's Yindian Gensokyo rank is only on the silver rank, and the healing effect is not good.

However, Fang Mu had not hired a personal doctor's assistant in the manor before.

She Wan, Lu Xiaoyin, and Yin Nanzhen did not possess the healing power of beasts.

At this juncture, it is definitely impossible to ask a doctor, so Fang Mu can only treat the iron-winged jujube.

The iron-winged juvenile pigeon fell asleep immediately after pecking at the sleepy moss.

Fang Mu had long discovered that the iron-winged judove had a hundred hearts.

Probably because of fear of pain, when the iron-winged jujube pecked the sleeping moss, not only did it take two bites, but both bites were large.

Fang Mu can predict that the iron-winged Ju Jiu will be lethargic for two days.

Fang Mu squatted down, and carefully touched the wings of the iron-winged Judove.

Fang Mu found that the damage to the wings of the iron-winged ju dove was more serious than he expected.

Fortunately, except for the large wing bones, the other bones of the iron-winged dove were just broken and not broken.

Most of the ligaments are just scratched.

The severed ligaments can grow back after the large wing bones are restored, and will not affect the action ability and reaction speed of the iron-winged jujube.

Hu Tao watched as Fang Mu kept tugging at the wings of the iron-winged jujue with his hands.

The drowsy iron-winged dove fell on the crystal grass under his feet, like the pitiful fish on a eucalyptus board.

Not only did Hu Tao close his eyes, he couldn't bear to see the iron-winged jujube suffer.

If it weren't for Fang Mu, other people who were not qualified as therapists would definitely not agree to do this.

Within an hour, beads of sweat began to ooze out of Fang Mu's forehead.

As a defensive beast, the iron-winged dove mainly relies on its wings for defense, and its bones and ligaments are very hard.

It takes a lot of force to move it back to its original position.

Seeing Fang Mu sweating, Hu Tao hurriedly took out a piece of tissue paper from his pocket and walked in front of Fang Mu, wiping the sweat off Fang Mu's head.

Yin Nanzhen, Lu Xiaoyin and She Wan were all guarding the hall of the main house.

In case of danger, the three of them can protect Fang Mu immediately.

Looking at the interaction between Hu Tao and Fang Mu, Yin Nanzhen asked Lu Xiaoyin in a low voice.

"Brother Lu, don't you think this is the young lady?"

"If this is the young lady, we can have a good condom!"

After getting to know Lu Xiaoyin, Yin Nanzhen finally found someone who could chat with him.

Lu Xiaoyin's strength is lower than his own, and he is Fang Mu's housekeeper.

It is often less stressful to please a person who is not as powerful as you but has a higher status than yourself.

Yin Nanzhen was used to seeing Lu Xiaoyin's kind side~www.~ but unexpectedly, Lu Xiaoyin's brows furrowed tightly before he said his words, and he said in a serious and serious tone.

"Nan Zhen, don't let your cleverness get burned in the end. You just need to remember that you are the young master's coachman and do your duty as a coachman well."

"Don't think about those messy things, those things are not yours to think about!"

"As long as the young master doesn't take the initiative to tell you that Miss Walnut is the hostess of the manor."

"You just need to treat Miss Hu Tao as the young master's classmate."

"Otherwise something happened, don't blame me for not reminding you in advance!"

After finishing what he had to say, Lu Xiaoyin turned to help Fang Mu make a cup of blood-enriching tea.

Add some energy-recovering spiritual materials to this blood-enriching tea.

After Fang Mu treated the iron-winged jujube for a while, his cup of blood-enriching tea could come in handy.

Yin Nanzhen thought that he first asked Lu Xiaoyin what he meant, but not doing so secretly was a very interesting behavior to show his favor to Lu Xiaoyin.

Unexpectedly, he was warned by Lu Xiaoyin.

Yin Nanzhen didn't understand what Lu Xiaoyin meant for a while.

Seeing Yin Nanzhen's confused and aggrieved expression, She Wan reluctantly came to Yin Nanzhen's side, and said that she hated iron.

"You didn't take what I told you before!"

"Young master doesn't treat you as a servant, but you have to clarify the identity of your servant."

"It is an arrogance for a servant to please his master's friends, and to examine and figure out the master's interpersonal relationship."

"In addition, with the young master's heart, how could it be possible to take the love of children to heart?"+Add bookmark+

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