Go Crazy! Are You Really a Beastmaster?

Chapter 213 2nd Starwheel Gathering!

Go crazy! Are you really a beastmaster? Chapter 213 The second star wheel gathering!

She Wan knew that Yin Nanzhen had been learning the etiquette as a servant.

The etiquette of being a servant cannot be mastered in a day or two.

It will take a year or two to conservatively estimate that it will take a year or two to reach the level of Lu Xiaoyin who does not understand anything completely.

Lu Xiaoyin's etiquette was carefully cultivated and nurtured by the Founders Guild.

With Lu Xiaoyin as an example, Yin Nanzhen can make rapid progress.

She Wan has always helped Yin Nanzhen in this regard, and now She Wan is not shy about telling Yin Nanzhen how to do it.

"Remember, your loyalty is best demonstrated by doing your job well and not having an accident while driving for personal reasons."

Yin Nanzhen thought for a while after hearing She Wan's words, and then bowed to She Wan.

"Sister Wan, thank you and Brother Lu for your teaching, and I hope you can tell me more about what I have done in the future!"

She Wan heard the words and said nothing more.

She Wan, the brocade box Fang Mu rewarded herself, hadn't opened it yet.

However, She Wan was not very happy with the reward Fang Mu gave.

This sudden encounter with such a thing has put Fang Mu in danger several times, and most of the guards will need to be expanded in the future.

Then there will be many more competitors.

The competition between the guards is about strength.

If Fang Mu's new guard has a Sequence Six or Sequence Five beast, then he has no ability to compare with it, let alone compete.

Not only a guard, but looking at the sweat Fang Mu shed while treating this silver-tier iron-winged jujube, Fang Mu would probably add a healer to the manor.

Even Lu Xiaoyin, the personal butler, felt the pressure.

If Yin Nanzhen can't grow up fast, he doesn't know what to avoid as a servant.

Fang Mu will soon lose Yin Nanzhen's place.

Once Fang Mu sent Yin Nanzhen to the Jianmu Chamber of Commerce, he would no longer keep Yin Nanzhen by his side.

Then Yin Nanzhen has no future to speak of.

After treating the iron-winged dove, Fang Mu fell to the ground.

He raised his hand to take the walnut and wiped the sweat on his neck with an unknown number of paper towels.

"It takes about two days for the iron-winged dove to wake up."

"After waking up, it's not a big problem to supplement the nutrition of the iron-winged dove."

Hearing this, Hu Tao squatted beside Fang Mu and whispered thank you.

Hu Tao remembered that when he just returned to JA City and went out to eat with Fang Mu, Fang Mu asked himself a question.

Ask yourself if you would like to be a teammate of the Fangmu University team and participate in the college professional league.

At that time, the walnut agreed without thinking.

But now it seems that the gap between himself and Fang Mu is far away, and the gap will be widened in the future.

If he really became Fang Mu's teammate in college, wouldn't he be dragging Fang Mu's back?

Hu Tao, who has been praised in actual combat since contracting the beast, rarely feels unconfident.

Fang Mu stood up and said to the walnut who was supporting him.

"Hu Tao, you have seen my third sister Fang Yan. She established a club union."

"Right now, the club's union is just a prototype, but most likely it will be able to participate in the professional league next year."

"Are you interested in joining the club union?"

Few of high school students' beast-guarding strength reached the gold rank, and the silver-rank beast-guarding could only be used as cannon fodder in the professional league.

The members of the general club's trade union reserve team are also all the proud of the beasts who have reached the golden rank.

So even those small club guilds would not invite students to join in high school.

Facing Fang Mu's invitation, Hu Tao agreed without the slightest hesitation as before.

But after agreeing, Hu Tao asked hesitantly.

"Fang Mu, you know my strength. Do you think I have a chance to play with you when I join your sister's club union?"

Fang Mu immediately understood what Hu Tao was thinking when he heard the words.

Before Fang Mu didn't think about dedicating resources to Hu Tao, he helped Hu Tao to improve his strength when he was in the third year of high school.

But Hu Tao's behavior in the face of disaster touched Fang Mu.

When facing the demon attack, Hu Tao actually blocked his body in front of him without hesitation.

This kind of person who can sacrifice his life to protect himself and has no interest in it, apart from his elder brothers and sisters, may only have walnuts.

Facing Hu Tao's lack of self-confidence, Fang Mu intends to let Hu Tao re-establish his self-confidence in front of him.

"Hutao, have you seen Mr. Gray who was in the line today?"

"As long as you casually comprehend an earth-attribute profound pattern, you can synthesize a third-level profound seal, which is even higher than that of Mr. Gray's profound seal!"

"Among the second-year high school students, the entire Dragon Soaring Federation may not be able to find a genius who has comprehended three profound patterns at the same time."

"When you sign a contract with the club, the club will provide resources to strengthen the beast for you."

"Then we just have to figure out a way to win the game and make money for the club."

"You have such a good talent, I don't want you to team up with others!"

Seeing the unconfidence in Hu Tao's eyes dissipated a bit because of his own words.

Fang Mu was about to take the walnuts to eat when She Wan brought He Deen to Fang Mu.

"Master, my substitute soul Mantong has returned."

"Beihunmantong's actions were stable, and he just brought Mr. He back together."

"In addition, the spiders sent by the Silver Void Purple Spider have already contacted your sister and Hu Tao's parents."

"Your sister is currently at the headquarters of the Jing Navy, staying by the side of Deputy Corps Commander Russell to deploy manpower."

"Both Walnut's parents were moved to the nearest shelter."

Hearing She Wan's words, Fang Mu and Hu Tao's hearts relaxed at the same time.

Hu Tao has always been worried about his parents, but Hu Tao has no ability to see the situation of his parents.

This kind of thing is not easy for Walnut to trouble Fang Mu. After all, his home is far away from the manor where Fang Mu lives.

Traveling such a long distance in the face of the catastrophe of the entire JA city is likely to be in danger.

Fang Mu didn't tell himself that he was going to investigate the safety of his parents before. It turned out that Fang Mu had already arranged for someone to do it.

Even someone like Hu Tao, who has been strong since childhood and hardly shed tears, could not help but turn red in his eyes.

Fang Mu took the blood-enriching tea handed over by Lu Xiaoyin and ordered it directly to Lu Xiaoyin.

"Let's take Mr. He to rest first, and let's talk about it after resting!"

Originally, the Silver Void Purple Spider could bring He Deen back to the manor when he came back for the first time.

It's just that He De'en's body is weak, and the almost broken spiritual power is forcibly patched up by Fang Mu with master-level potions and many spiritual materials.

Even the Silver Void Purple Spider can form an energy shield to protect the person on its back.

This kind of mental fluctuation that even ordinary people can withstand after being protected has a great impact on He Deen.

He Deen did not force himself to communicate with Fang Mu.

He has already joined Fang Mu's command, and no matter what he wants to do in the future, the most important thing is to recover his injuries first.

As a senior architect, He Deen is well-informed.

Seeing the layout of Fang Mu's manor, He De'n knew exactly what position Fang Mu had in the heart of the master creator behind him.

A place where a master-builder lives should be at this level, and it is almost impossible to be luxurious no matter how luxurious it is.

Lu Xiaoyin asked why Deen arranged the room, and Fang Mu asked She Wan to take Hu Tao to dinner.

Fang Mu himself went back to the room and took a good bath first.

I replaced the school uniform that was damaged in many places, and replaced it with a home uniform that I often wear in the manor on weekdays.

Even though this storm will be stopped after the arrival of the Dragon Mother, the campus is almost completely destroyed, and the land is heavily polluted.

Whether it's the rebuilding of a school district or the scavenger's renovation of contaminated land, it will take a constant period of time.

In the last semester of Jinghai Royal Beast High School, it was said that it would take two months off.

But all this has nothing to do with Fang Mu.

Fang Mu planned to use the scavenger to contact the school when the school was rebuilt in the past few days to help him go through the formalities for going out.

If Fang Mu was asked to do it himself, most of the time he could only apply for a leave of absence.

Because of She Wan, the school will definitely doubt her identity, and having a scavenger to hand over to him can save Fang Mu a lot of trouble.

There are only three hours left before the agreed time to meet the Dragon Mother, and the Evil Heart Sect can only be rampant for another three hours at most.

Fang Mu is now ready to sort out what She Wan has won for herself in this catastrophe.

Fang Mu first summoned Sushui, and then he released the bodies of the Sequence Seven Withering Cold Badge, the Sequence Eight Tile Bone Spike, the Blood Prince and the Sewn Hacker in his 500-square-meter room.

Because of the unique characteristic of sucking [Electronic Butterfly], the stitched body hacker no longer needs the soul of the strong as a driving force.

Fang Mu gave Mr. Hui's soul to the ghost servant Yuji, the ghost servant of Hell Prajna.

Let Ghost Yuji use Mr. Gray's soul to refine high-level dead souls and help the quality of Hell Prajna improve.

The more powerful the soul refined, the higher the level of the dead soul.

This kind of dead soul refined by the soul of a strong sequence is impossible to buy in the outside world.

Fang Muben thought that in the face of a blood prince's body and blood, he would show an uncontrollable thirst.

But the fact is completely different from Fang Mu's imagination.

Since the old man of the mad wolf mercenary group traded the relic of the era, the desire for the abundance of blood has all gathered on the relic of the era.

This made Fang Mu more curious about what was in the wooden box.

It's just that it is not easy to open the relics of the era. Even if Fang Mu is soaked with 100% pure life medicine, it will take at least two months.

The current state of Feng Rang of Blood is like a person facing the cut raw meat and the pot-wrapped meat that has just come out of the pot.

When there is more delicious food in front of me, the things I liked to eat before are suddenly compared.

Since Feng Rang of Blood was not clamoring to eat the heart of the blood prince, Fang Mu decided to keep the heart of the blood prince.

The heart of the blood clan is the energy core of the blood clan's body. If the heart is taken away, even if an electronic butterfly controls the body of the blood clan prince, the strength of the blood prince will be greatly reduced.

Fang Mu said to Sushui.

"Suck, your electronic butterfly has condensed two, use your electronic butterfly to infect the corpse of this blood prince and this quilted hacker!"

Sushou heard the words, the heart of the machine suddenly lit up.

Hundreds of gears spewed from the heart of machinery, and these gears formed two flying mechanical butterflies.

These two mechanical butterflies are full of steampunk flavor.

Suddenly, a blue-purple arc lit up on the wings of the two mechanical butterflies, which were made of gears.

The two mechanical butterflies shot straight towards the bodies of the blood prince and the sewn-body hacker, and in an instant they got into their bodies.

Because Sushou's current strength is only at the silver rank, it is hard to imagine how long it will take to infect and control two sequence-rank corpses through the exclusive feature [Electronic Butterfly].

Just when Fang Mu was about to put these remaining corpses into the Purple Ice Crystal Ring and wait quietly, he just listened to Sushui.

"Fangmu, I can catalyze the electronic butterfly by devouring the corresponding energy, and help the electronic butterfly to control the infestation and control objects to shorten the time."

Fang Mu was overjoyed when he heard the words, but he didn't expect Suck to have such an ability!

What Fang Mu needs most now is time.

If Fang Mu could master the combat power of a Sequence Nine in a short period of time, Fang Mu could be much calmer than he is now when he encounters dangers and accidents.

"What do you mean by the corresponding energy that you are talking about?"

Hearing Fang Mu's question, Susui went directly to the corpses of Tashigu Shiyou and Withering Ba Zhang.

"Fang Mu, my electronic butterfly can not only control flesh and blood, but also control machinery and some alien objects."

"The new king of the blood race and the body of the sewn-body hacker that are now infected and controlled by the electronic butterfly belong to the category of flesh and blood."

"If you let me devour the bodies of these two big guys, I should only spend a few days to fully grasp the infected corpses through the electronic butterfly lake."

"It's just that most of the bodies of these two big guys will be eaten by me, and even if there are most of them, there will be not much left."

Fang Mu hesitated a little when he heard the words, and then agreed to **** up the body of Tile Bone Thorn You and Withering Ba Zhang.

Although the Tile Bone Thorn and the Withering Badge are the highest-level trophies Fang Mu has obtained so far, they are not more precious than time.

Since the Withering Han Ba ​​Zhang and Tile Bone Thorn You were both killed by She Wan, if Fang Mu wanted such supplies, she could ask She Wan to look for them again.

Moreover, sucking and swallowing the bodies of Tile Bone Spur You and Withering Cold Tyrant can also condense a large number of attribute crystals and poison crystals.

Fang Mu was very envious of the special toxin that targets bones like Tile Bone Spike.

After Yunyu Doll absorbs it, it can greatly improve the combat power of Yunyu Doll.

"Suck, go and devour the bodies of Tile Bone Thorn You and Withering Cold Ba Zhang!"

"Leave the main tentacles of Tile Bone Thorn and the biggest suckers next to the mouth of the Withering Cold Ba Zhang, and you can absorb the rest."

"If the energy is not enough, don't touch the main tentacles of Tile Bone Spur You, and the main suckers of Withering Cold Tyrant."

"I will find other corpses for you to devour."

Hearing Fang Mu's words, Sushui nodded as if he didn't understand.

In the eyes of sucking, these bodies are all garbage, and there is no difference between eating and not eating.

Since Fang Mu has seriously instructed himself, Sushui will definitely take Fang Mu's words seriously.

Suckling is very interested in devouring the corpses of Withering Chill and Tashiguchiu.

Garbage is also divided into three, six, nine, and so on. Tile Bone Spur You and Withering Cold Tyrant contain a lot of energy in their bodies.

Fang Mu's room usually doesn't come in actively.

Without Fang Mu's permission, She Wan and Lu Xiaoyin would only wait at their door at most.

Let Su Su devour the body of Withering Hanba Zhang and Tashigushuyou in the room without being discovered by outsiders.

It doesn't matter if Lu Xiaoyin, She Wan, Yin Nanzhen and others really saw it.

The three are Fang Mu's servants, and they will not do anything unfavorable to the other party under the control of the soul-carrying ants produced by the soul ant queen.

At this moment, the low voice of the Nebula messenger sounded in Fang Mu's mind.

"Master, I have been guided, and the Star Wheel party has begun!"

"I wonder if you are interested in attending?"

Fang Mu's heart moved when he heard the words, and the Star Wheel Party was held a little earlier than he expected.

Now there are nearly two hours before the arrival of the Mother of Dragons, and the Star Wheel Gathering can end in an hour at most.

Participating in the Star Wheel Gathering had no effect on Fang Mu, Fang Mu directly summoned the Nebula Messenger and instructed the Nebula Messenger.

"One Sword"

"Take me to the Land of the Stars for the party!"

The last star-wheel gathering gave Fang Mu a lot of harvest. UU reading www. uukanshu. com

If it wasn't for the Sequence Spirit Artifact, Sen Luo's Resentment Bell, in exchange for the last Star Wheel Gathering, the Purple Ice Crystal Ring alone would definitely not be able to put pressure on the blood Prince Carlos.

The blood prince Carlos had to call out Mr. Gray.

Fang Mu remembers Shui Miao? He said that he is a master forging spirit, and a master forging spirit is capable of forging high-level sequence spiritual tools.

If Fang Mu couldn't get a Sequence Spirit Artifact that met his requirements during the Star Wheel Gathering, he could contact Shui Miao.

See if you can customize it in Shui Miao?

The last Star Wheel Gathering Fang Mu thought his own people set up a very successful.

Not only did he make the other members of the Star Wheel Gathering think that he had a master builder, but he also thought that he had two master makers as senior brothers.

This further enhanced his status in the hearts of the star wheel members.

The other official members of the star wheel sitting on the golden seats are so eager to take care of themselves, on the one hand, because they represent the master of creation and have enough strength and heritage.

On the other hand, it is also because he has played the banner of equality and mutual benefit, ensuring that others will not suffer losses when trading with him.

If you put on the air when others are looking for you to trade, you will pay double the premium.

Then these official members who are eligible to sit on the golden seat have absolutely no need to take care of themselves.

These members all have the ability and capital to catch up with other channels for creating masters.

Looking at the star cluster flickering in front of him, Fang Mu knew that he had reached the land of star wheels. +Bookmark+

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