God of Music

Chapter 241 - (Im)possible? (4)

“…Can you give me some time to think about it?”

The man was earnest about this question as he knew that this decided whether he would pass or fail.

When KangYoon allowed him to, the man closed his eyes.

Seeing the man fall into thought, Ailee lightly tapped on KangYoon’s desk.

‘Uhm… president.’

‘What is it?’

‘Did I… ask a too difficult question?’

When she looked restless due to being unable to hide her anxiousness, KangYoon consoled her, saying it was okay.

‘You did well. You asked that because of the difference between you and MinAh, right?’

‘Yes, but still…’

‘You can see the problem from a different perspective than mine. You just need to express your opinions without being shy, alright?’

Only after listening to KangYoon did Ailee smile faintly.

Meanwhile, the interviewee finished making up his mind and started replying.

“I believe that I should create the choreography on the best member’s level.”

“And the reason?”

Unlike before, Ailee’s voice was no longer shaking.

Lee HyunJi giggled when Ailee looked dead serious.

Not noticing that, the man looked at Ailee and continued his explanation.

“These days, there are a lot of girl-group idols. After Eddios and DiaTeen, who paved the way for this era, and Wincle, who are quickly catching up, more than a hundred girl groups have appeared in the past two years, and just as many have disappeared. I’ve tried analyzing the girl groups that have survived.”

The man took a deep breath.

This was the critical part.

“The ones that survived all had their unique traits. A unique trait- I believe that that is the most wonderful performance that a girl group can show. Just four years ago, no one could have caught up to Eddios in terms of dancing skill, but that has changed now. The general public’s standards have become higher due to the appearance of numerous girl groups. The skills of those girl groups have risen dramatically as well. I believe that Eddios should act accordingly. As such, I believe that the choreography should match someone on Miss MinAh’s level, as she is the best member in dancing.”

That was the end of the man’s answer.

KangYoon asked one final question.

Then, the man replied that he wanted to make a historical choreography before finishing up the interview.

After the man left, Ailee sighed shortly.

“If it’s about getting someone on MinAh’s level, there’s that B-boy oppa.”

Ailee shook her head as though she didn’t like the man.

However, Lee HyunJi seemed to think otherwise.

“It’s not like breakdancing is the only genre of dancing. And also, wouldn’t it be good if everyone could be as good as MinAh?”

“Director-unni, MinAh’s gifted in that regard. Among the rest of us, HanYu is probably better than the others, but… MinAh has to purposefully downplay her skills even with her.”

The difference between words and experience was huge.

Lee HyunJi accepted his answer before turning around to the resume again.

The ones standing on stage would be Eddios. No one other than them would know better about their own dancing skills.

Following that, it was the lady’s turn to take the interview.

Her specs weren’t that different from the man that took the interview earlier.

In fact, even her words and actions didn’t seem to differ from his.

As KangYoon and Lee Hyunji thought that the man was good, they fell into a dilemma when they interviewed the lady.

This time, Ailee’s question was the deciding factor.

“How would you set the difficulty of the choreography to? To match the best member? Or to match the worst member?

It was the same question she asked the man.

The lady seemed that this was an important question and asked for some time to think about it.

A while later, she started speaking.

“If it was up to me, I will take an average of the whole team and set the difficulty there.”

“What’s your reason for it?”

She replied resolutely.

“In team choreography, unity is essential. No matter how good or fancy a choreography is, without unity, it would look horrible. When I analyzed Eddios, I saw that Miss MinAh is the best in terms of technique or skill, but I found that Miss HanYu was the best when it came to showing off her figure. If it was up to me to create the choreography, I would keep Miss HanYu in mind. Every member will improve to become average, and the average will increase as well. I think that’s how I’ll do it.”

Ailee nodded her head and made a soft smile.

The interview then finished.


After the interview was over, Ailee stretched out her arms and fell splat on the desk.

KangYoon patted her back.

“Thanks for your work.”

“It’s so hard. Both of them spoke about the right things.”

Two people of similar specs had different views.

There was one that aimed for higher levels, and the other one said that she would seek to bring up the average as a whole.

It wasn’t a matter of right or wrong, but just a matter of preference.

Lee HyunJi turned over the resumes and asked KangYoon.

“That’s a difficult decision. But for me, I think I prefer the choreographer named HyukChan. I mean, I think Eddios can aim higher.”

She chose someone just like herself.

KangYoon picked up the resume with the name ‘Cha YoonMi’ and spoke.

“For me, I prefer her.”


Lee HyunJi gave him a suspicious gaze, but KangYoon ignored her and tapped Ailee’s back.



“Have you decided?”

Ailee didn’t budge.

No, it was more like she couldn’t.

Actually, she wanted to close her ears shut when the two talked about who to choose because of the sheer pressure.

However, it wasn’t like she could ignore them.

Moreover, the current scores were 1:1, a tie.

She had the final say!

“Do I need to decide right now?”

“Is there a reason not to decide right now?”

Ailee shook her hands in fright, but KangYoon didn’t give her a chance.

‘How am I supposed to decide…’

Who was better? No, in the first case, she wondered if it was okay for her to decide.

Wouldn’t she inconvenience everyone else?

Just as her own thumping heartbeat entered her ears, KangYoon spoke.

“Who do you think Eddios needs more?”


“Think about it like that.”

Ailee stared at KangYoon.

Sometimes, he was very unpredictable.

Like how he brought her to such an important place, and like how he said strange things to her.


Those words strangely hit her heart where it ached.

‘We need to improve. Especially… me. I can’t have MinAh downplay her dancing to my level forever.’

Who was more necessary to Eddios right now?

She came to a decision.

Then, she resolutely said it out loud.

“I think we should go with the male choreographer.”

“What’s your reason?”

“I think he’ll give us a harder time… but I think he’ll make us improve more as well.”

KangYoon pressed the ‘pass’ stamp on the resume with the name ‘Lee HyukChan.’


After Ailee returned, KangYoon and Lee Hyunji went to the rooftop.

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

“I did what on purpose?”

Lee HyunJi sipped on some coffee as she grinned.

“When you said that you preferred the female choreographer.”

“Well, who knows?”

KangYoon only smiled.

However, Lee HyunJi continued speaking as though she knew what KangYoon was thinking.

“You did that to make Ailee make the decision. Making her decide who it is that Eddios needs the most. That will improve her sense of responsibility, and it also makes her feel like she’s someone important to the company.”

KangYoon just smiled.

Lee HyunJi pulled on her sleeves before patting KangYoon’s back lightly.

“Geez, you’re quite devious.”

Under the setting sun, KangYoon and Lee HyunJi enjoyed some coffee time together.


“Well done.”

Producer Oh JiWan raised his thumbs up towards Jung MinAh, who was walking out of the booth.

“Thanks for your work.”

Jung MinAh also sighed in relief.

The ever so controversial recording had finally finished.

However, An ShiJin, who was chewing gum behind producer Oh JIWan, uttered in dissatisfaction.

“You’re far from good… but I guess it’s worth listening now.”

Producer Oh JiWan, who knew of Jung MinAh’s personality, widened his eyes in shock.

‘What the! Is this woman crazy?’

There weren’t many people that could handle her, even in MG.

Although she listened to the trainers, the trainers themselves found Jung MinAh challenging to handle since she had such a large ego. It wasn’t that well-known, thanks to JooAh and Min JinSeo, but actually, MinAh was not that different from them.

…KangYoon was actually the biggest mystery at MG.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m sure that’s how it sounds to you.”

“Hey, I sense a bone in your words.”

“Well, tit for tat, duh.”

“Hah? A master can be rough with his words, but the disciple must always receive it nicely.”

“Why don’t you learn your idioms again?”

Just as producer Oh JiWan was about to stop them, some people entered the studio.

It was KangYoon, who had come after being notified that the recording was over.

“Thanks for your work.”

When KangYoon arrived, Jung MinAh just turned her head away from An ShiJin, and Ahn ShiJin stuck to KangYoon.

“Producer Oh. How is it?”

“I think this should do. I think I just have to adjust the EQ and do the rest of the work.”

“Can I listen to it?”

KangYoon immediately played back the recording.

The speakers started producing many different notes and generated white light.

‘There aren’t any unstable notes.’

The shape and size of the notes were consistent.

Unlike before, there was no problem with the volume either.

KangYoon stopped the playback and asked An ShiJin.

“Do you think MinAh will suffice with this?”

When he asked, An ShiJin turned around to Jung MinAh.

Standing behind KangYoon, Jung MinAh became frightened and shook her head. Seeing that, Ahn ShiJin made an evil smile.

“The thing is. Actually….”

“I believe that she must be lacking compared to your standards.”


But When KangYoon said what she wanted to say, she became silent.

Jung MinAh also flinched.

However, his words didn’t end there.”

“But I think that she’s improved a lot. It’s all thanks to you.”

“N-no, it’s not entirely…”

“And that’s why….”

KangYoon continued speaking with a stern expression.

“Can you become a vocal trainer for not just MinAh, but all of our signers? I’ll pay you well.”

“WHAAAAAAAT! Ahjussi! You can’t, NEVER!”

The thunderbolt struck from behind.

However, KangYoon ignored Jung MinAh and waited for An ShiJin’s reply.

An ShiJin looked at Jung MinAh, who was standing behind KangYoon, and made a soft smile.

“…Well, I’d love to. But there’s a condition.”

“A condition?”

“My condition is that Jung MinAh receives at least two periods of lessons from me every week. I’ll exclude the occasions when she has a schedule on some island or overseas. But otherwise, it’s a must.”

What was this absurd condition? Even KangYoon was surprised. Then, she started explaining.

“Right now, I can let this go since there’s no more time, but I’m not alright with her. Money? I couldn’t care less. It’s not like I’m in this industry for the money….”

“Okay, then. I’ll write a contract within the next few days and show it to you.”

There was no reason for KangYoon to refuse.

She was more than eager to do the work; that ‘condition’ of hers was just what he needed.



In front of An ShiJin’s evil smile, Jung MinAh started trembling like a rat in front of a cat.

KangYoon then left the studio and returned to his office.

When he arrived, though, he saw that he had a guest.

“President Choo, welcome.”

President Choo ManJi, who was having a conversation with Lee HyunJi on the sofa, immediately stood up when he saw KangYoon and shook hands with him.

“Hahaha. It’s been a long time, President Lee.”

President Choo ManJi’s expression was very bright.

DiaTeen was doing exceptionally well in China. The other artists of Yoonseul Entertainment were also producing a profit within the country.

When Lee HyunJi stood up, saying that she had something to do, President Choo ManJi closed in on him.

“Have you heard about Yerang?”

“About President Kang ShiMyoung? No, is something up?”

President Choo ManJi started laughing heartily.

“Hahaha. Eddios is making a comeback soon, right?”

“Yes, they are. Are the rumors spreading already?”

“You outsourced the music video quite a while ago, so it’s not that surprising. I heard that there was even a shoot overseas.”

“Yes. I was planning to invest a lot this time, but things got more delayed than I thought. I should get them done quickly.”

It wasn’t that big of a secret anyway.

KangYoon wondered why President Choo ManJi was bringing up such a topic.

When he asked the reason, he laughed as he replied.

“It seems like Yerang originally planned to have their comeback in December. But, they delayed Winkle’s comeback for later as soon as they heard that Eddios was making a comeback. There’s no set schedule, you say… Doesn’t that sound like they wimped out? The more I thought about it, the more it made me laugh.”

“Winkle, huh. That’s not surprising. I mean, they even got the comment that they were Eddios copycats for a while. Though… they do seem to be gaining reputation now.”

“It’s sweet like revenge. I mean, they can’t get away scot-free when they’ve made others cry blood.”

KangYoon only made a bitter smile.

For a company, delaying an artist’s album was not such an easy decision.

After all, it meant that profits would be delayed for later.

Drinking coffee, President Choo ManJi stood up after promising another schedule.

He left with quick steps saying that he had a schedule in China.


The preparations for Eddios’s new album was going smoothly.

Lee HyukChan, the new choreographer at World Entertainment, started creating choreography for the song ‘Sweet’n’Sour’ as soon as he received it.

Jung MinAh participated in its creation as well.

Four days had passed since the two started making the choreography.

Choreographer Lee HyukChan summoned all members of Eddios for training since the choreography was out.

After a simple explanation, Jung MinAh and he started dancing according to the music.

After around three minutes…

“How is it. Isn’t it good?”


However, everyone’s expressions were quite something to look at.

When Jung MinAh tilted her head and asked what was up, Christie sighed.

“…You want us to do that?”

“Why, is it hard?”

“Hey! Do you think we have two hearts like you do? You want us to move around all over the stage!?”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

The vitality of running around across the whole stage!

The energetic choreography was enough to put any cheerleader choreography to shame, and everyone frowned because of it.

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