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God of Shuratan
Author: Sky God
Alternative names:修罗丹神

God of Shuratan

To achieve half-step domination, the heavenly sword demon Qin Yangxiu could lose his beloved wife and take great risks. He resolutely used the reincarnation bell to return to his youth.

The beautiful sister became a guard, the wealthy rich man became a maid, and the Dan woman who was strong Danzong begged to be a girl.

The pure maiden, the charming witch, the imperial princess, the elven queen, and all the beauties of the country are all haunting Qin Yang.

Qin Yang had all his heart on his wife.

It can be known that Qin Yang returned from her death at a great risk, but Qin Yang’s identified wife forced him to accept and accept the house girl.

Qin Yang is in trouble!

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