Godly Empress Doctor

~ New beginning 4

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"So the biggest possibility is that the person took your mother and Xiao Qi abducted, and then was seen by Fang Ge. Fang Ge wanted to save people, but in the end..." Luo Zilin and Feng Wu's analysis conspired. Together.

"Who on earth took Niangqin and Xiaoqi away? He actually dared to kill Fang Ge!" Feng Wu clenched her fists, she would definitely not let that person go!

What about the Spirit Emperor Realm? The Spirit Emperor Realm is indeed powerful, but she is already in the Spirit Holy Realm now!

"Where are you going?" Luo Zilin saw Feng Wu rushing out, and immediately stopped her.

"Go to the group of Yan Yu!" Feng Wu's expression was calm, but her heart was not calm at all.

Luo Zilin said: "There are so many people on Yan Yu's side. If you look for it now, isn't it because the sheep entered the tiger's mouth?! And are you sure he took the people away?"

Feng Wu: "Even if the person isn't taken by him, it can't be separated from him!"

Luo Zilin said: "The palm of the patron Fang Ge is indeed similar to the non-killing palm of Prince Yan's Mansion, but it is only similar, and there is no conclusive evidence."

Feng Wu: "It's not your family's business, so naturally you are not in a hurry!"

Seeing Feng Wu turning around and about to leave, Luo Zilin said anxiously: "Trust me, I'm more anxious than you think!"

Feng Wu didn't believe it.

Luo Zilin said helplessly: "Okay, I'll take you to find Yan Yu, but it's hard to say whether you can catch up with him at this time."

Luo Zilin used a sword and took Feng Wu on the flying sword, heading straight towards Dongsang Country.

There is a one-year appointment, Yan Yu should not do it.

When they chased the Dongsang country, they saw that the entire Dongsang country was declining, and Feng Wu's eyes widened, because it was almost completely different from the Donglin City she had come to before.

Ruins all over the ground, wounded and dead all over the ground... it's like a massacre site.

At the gate of the Imperial Palace in the east, a person knelt on the spot, looking dispirited.

Feng Wu stepped forward and found that it was Leng Yexiao.

Leng Ye Xiao's face was withered at this moment, with blood mixed on her face, and her whole body was filled with indescribable sadness.

"What's going on?" Feng Wu stepped forward and stared at Leng Yexiao.

Leng Yexiao raised his eyes to look at Feng Wu, and for a while, his eyes moved. He pointed to Feng Wu, but he couldn't speak.

At this moment, Feng Wu didn't act as someone else, but she was her own beautiful and unparalleled face.

"All of this was done by Yan Yu." Leng Yexiao looked desperate. He looked at Feng Wu and suddenly laughed. His smile was bleak and his voice was stern like a ghost: "He can't bully the Emperor Junwu. I can only come back and spread my anger on Dongsang Country, this devastated land...all his handwriting!"

"This man is a lunatic! He massacred the city! Massacred thousands of people!"

"These people are innocent. What did they do wrong, why should they be slaughtered to death?!"

"He wants to vent when he is angry, will these thousands of people become his soul under the sword?"

"He didn't kill me, he said he wanted me to watch my people alive and die..."

"You killed me, Feng Wu, you killed me!" Leng Yexiao's eyes fixed on Feng Wu, "You kill me!"

At this moment, Leng Yexiao was tied to the ground, and his cultivation was abolished, and he couldn't get it out with any strength.

Feng Wu and Luo Zilin looked at each other.

They have been chasing over at the fastest speed, so Yan Yu and the group have already left? ! Killed so many people and left? !

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