Heaven’s Intention

Chapter 1083 Join together

In the Shennongjiao space, the golden brilliance sprinkled with everything.

The sun returns to the top, where the holy mountain is located.

The wind blew past the mid-levels, and there were gorgeous clouds.

Under the holy mountain, the mountain range stretches, and at the edge of the mountain range is a forest, and then outward, is a grassland.

The big river slowly turns to the distance, and there are groups of animals drinking and jumping.

Farther away, there are deserts, glaciers, and seas.

At this time, the highest part of the holy mountain, the green light descended from the world tree, which dipped the entire sky and surrounded Romon.

"Boom!" The dark palace below, again

In the next moment, a figure already appeared on the stone steps.

"Great Glorious Lord, you are here!" Luo Meng got up and saluted slightly.

"His Royal Highness, I didn't expect you to be in charge of the New World Tree!" The Lord of Glory said briefly, but his eyes gradually drifted upward.

There, a huge tree floated in the air.

"World Tree ..." The luminous Lord murmured, a subtle and complex emotion mixed in his voice.

"Yes, it is the world tree, the lord of brilliance. Ten thousand years ago, you were born from the flame of the world tree and became a god, with an unparalleled power that almost dominated the world."

"However, you are still incomplete. You should work hard to achieve the wish of the world tree, but you have not done it. Now, the path of destiny has come to an end, it can no longer continue, or even cannot exist, so you want Strangle everything? "

"Destroyed the New World Tree, and you can't exist anymore."

The Lord of Light suddenly fell silent. After a while, the corner of his mouth slightly raised: "His Royal Highness, you are still young, you don't understand!"

"You think my way is over. In fact, for me, this is also a great turning point! However, the words have no meaning. At this time, there is only one battle!"

In the next moment, the golden light overflowed from its body.

Although he was already mentally prepared, this made Romon's eyes sink in an instant.

A round of dazzling sun appeared behind the shining lord, and the sacred armor on his body was quickly repaired. The only change was the sarcasm in the cold pupil.

This arrogant and upright posture embodies the self-confidence of a thousand years of hegemony.

Almost at the same time, the sacred armor on Luo Meng's body was also formed, and the gun for killing God was already in his hand.

"Take my last note, God-given destruction!" The words did not fall, and the world tree immediately circulated to form a huge field.

Immediately afterwards, a ray of white light exploded in the center, igniting the entire palace.

This destructive light is completely destructive. It is not any kind of element in the darkness of the turbulent water and water, nor a spell, no control, no resonance.

It just destroys!

This is the old world tree, the greatest authority given to the Lord of Light.

At the moment when thoughts are too late to flow, the laws of repression are naturally disintegrated, and the power of this destruction is not only upward, but also irresistible.

"Kill!" At this moment, Romon's cry came out of his heart, and flames ignited in his eyes, which is the only sign of the greatest release of Shenhuo.

Kill the god's spear and stab it violently.

The spear pierced, the power of destruction had rushed in, and the sacred armor on Romon's body lit up, but he could not resist this pure power of destruction.

The sacred armor, after holding a breath, melted. At the next moment, the body that had been transformed into the body of the **** began to melt. At the next moment, the terrifying power of the lord of brilliance had torn apart the spirit of Romon.

In the past, all the processes in the past appeared to Romon's eyes again. This is the situation where the spirit carrying Romon's consciousness is rapidly decomposing and fragmenting.

In the next moment, everything is close to the blank, which is complete destruction.

I don't know how much time has passed, a clear voice cut through the void.

Luo Meng has now turned into a golden skeleton, only the central fire is still burning faintly.

However, in only a few seconds, the entire internal administration is generated, the brain is generated, then the skin is continuously regenerated, and finally, it becomes a complete **** body.

The sacred armor is thus regenerated.

Only then could Romon see everything in front of him.

The gun that killed God in the hand pierced the heart of the brilliance Lord with accuracy, he roared, and seemed to be struggling to say something.

The golden blood flowed continuously, even if the glorious Lord was struggling, it would not help.

"What's going on? Why am I still alive ..." Romon was puzzled, but the next moment, it understood.

Behind it, the world tree is scorched black, like a lightning strike, between this life and death, it replaces Romon to bear this blow!

Luo Meng turned his head and stared at the shining lord who was struggling under the spear. A strange and mysterious symbol appeared on the body of the shining lord.

Luo Meng sneered: "The power of the God-killing gun is similar to your God-given destruction, as long as it is hit, no matter what divine power and realm, it will quickly seal and collapse, and then greet the destruction.

Speaking of which, there was a hint of smile in Romon's tone.

It's just that the words haven't come down yet. In the next moment, a dazzling light emerges from the body of the shining lord. This is a splendid figure-no, it is a tree shadow.

This tree shadow is overwhelming, shining with dazzling white light, it pounces on the New World Tree.

At this moment, Luo Meng saw the splendid lord of the dead body under the gun of killing the god, with a triumphant smile on his mouth.

"No!" At this moment, Romon suddenly understood.

This is not the lord of brilliance, this is the spirit of the old world tree, it is to seize the body of the new world tree and be regenerated.

The Buddha said that one moment is one thought, twenty thoughts are one moment, and the belief of two has been firmly established in the Kingdom of Salante and extended to the five coastal countries.

Today, everyone gathered in the Great Temple.

Aini lay quietly in it. The grace of God restored her to a girl's form. Her face was ruddy and her skin looked like snow. She lay quietly in the wooden coffin with a serene look, and she seemed to just fall asleep.

A touch of holy light fell on every corner of the hall, and the chant of the windless wind made all the people present dare not blasphemy slightly.

Pope Kamrongpa personally presided over the funeral.

He was also drooping and decayed, his hair was white, he could no longer see a blond hair, and his face was covered with furrow-like folds, full of sorrow.

However, his tone is still low and smooth: "... she has spent common time with God, the grace she bathed from the inside out-for decades, she has calmly endured everything with purity and patience , Glorifying the name of the Lord. "

Speaking of which, Pope Kamrongpa paused, and his ear heard the subtle and clear voice.

"... the earth is gradually growing, and the island is also growing in territory, and today, all of you are not as happy and sad as you are, and the one I love will be with me."

"God is with her!" Pope Kamrongpa said with a smile.

The people standing below have many nobles, the messengers of the four elemental goddesses, the archbishop of the goddess of death, the archbishops of the gods, and the messengers of the glorious master.

The Archbishop of the Glorious Lord's face was cold, and he said nothing.

In that year, after the great miracle, the altar and the holy symbol of the Lord of Light collapsed, all the priests and paladins lost their magic, and all prayers did not respond.

This terrible silence lasted for seven years at once, causing the entire glorious church to fall apart.

Seven years later, the lord of brilliance regained consciousness, but terrible rumors passed on to the whole world. The lord of brilliance was not the original one!

"Let us pray for all the sacred martyrs and devouts!" Pope Kamrongpa said finally. He slowly closed his eyes and a tiredness came to his heart: "Lord, please open your country. ! "

His time in the Lord's world is also running out. However, in the past 70 years, he has obtained millions of believers for the Lord of Nature and spread its glory to half the continent.

Shennongjiao Space Natural Kingdom

Wake up like a dream.

Ai Ni opened her eyes, a very familiar feeling, this is the villa of Yuanfan Port.

She got up habitually, put on her clothes, and came to the balcony soil.

Just looking down, everything has changed. Below is not a garden, but a world unfolding slowly.

Mountains, plains, oceans, towns and manors.

At this moment, holding her hand in one hand, Ai Ni looked at it and saw Romon.

There was no strong light of imagination, no ice above the mortals, what she saw was only him decades ago.

"Come on, let's go down."

Seventy years have passed, two generations have passed, hundreds of thousands of prayers have settled here.

Many small towns have also been established here.

It seems that in a blink of an eye, we have arrived at a small town, where the planning is also very good. Stone slabs, small stone arch bridges, and many lush trees are planted on the left and right to block the sunlight.

When the colorful sun shines down, it is full of tranquility and serenity.

Walking slowly along the street, the restaurants, bars and shops in the immediate vicinity attracted Aini deeply.

A few children cheered out and played around.

And several people greeted her.

"Yedu, Cons, Fudi, and Mrs. Kana?"

Behind Mrs. Kana, there is a couple who are busy and receiving guests from the hotel.

Ai Ni's eyes were blurred. Mrs. Kana was the mother of Fafer, and behind her were Varden and his wife Ai, who were also busy.

Occasionally, he looked up and his eyes collided, each showing a happy smile.

Looking at them, Faffer's mother was also holding a rag in her forehead, smiling with relief.

"Ah! The lord and his wife are here. Come in, come in. I'll prepare the pie for you!" Faffer's mother looked up and saw Romon coming in from the outside. The specially prepared pie came out from behind the counter and was placed on a secluded table by the window.

Aini saluted slightly and went up, even the location is exactly the same as the familiar hotel. After Mrs. Kana's death, this feeling no longer exists.

At this time, she quietly enjoyed the long absence, and looked down at the window.

At this moment, a young girl was shopping, and she seemed to have a feeling. She looked up and saw Aini and Romon ~ www.wekomic.com ~ bent over slightly, pulling a skirt to salute, this is the standard etiquette of a lady, But for this girl, it has not been seen for many years.

This is Owena, with blond hair over her waist, bright purple eyes, high chest, long legs, and wearing a skirt-only God knows how many years she hadn't worn a skirt before she died in battle.

At this time, looking at her ladylike dress, Ai Ni's eyes were more blurred, but she tried to open her eyes wide, because there were more familiar people in front of her.

"Bells, Fafer, Nick, Lulun, and ... Father Father!"

A familiar face appeared, her eyes were finally blurred, and she could no longer see clearly, only letting happy tears flow down.

One day, her children will come to meet her.

The authority of God is to retain the past time and love.

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