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525 Episode 512: The King's Capital - Labour

After waiting in the hall, the chief returned.

He wrote to the Sky King asking for a visit.

After receiving it, I decided to go to the King's City where the Sky King was.

As soon as I get a letter from the chief, I'll board Merle's Tam Tam and start moving.

The aim is to be the king's capital in the middle of this reverse triangle sky continent like the North American continent.

Go with Abigail to meet the Sky King.

Allen, do I have to meet the Sky King after all?

We talked about it last night, but I'm afraid I won't see the Sky King even though I haven't done anything.

"What are you talking about?" Please come with us. "

(Mr. Abigail, I think the Dragon Man is going to be very active from now on. Even if you gain strength, don't forget your role.)

Perhaps it is only natural to come because it represents the position of the Dragon Man, he said to Abigail, who gathered in the cockpit and opened his mouth early.

Abigail silences herself, saying, "I see."

Dragons in the Divine Realm will gain strength by helping with Allen's equipment and transition dungeons.

This time, I thought I might be dissatisfied with seeing the Sky King, but I wanted you to be patient.

Once, Allen and the others gathered in the large cockpit, but there was no particular plan to talk here.

As soon as I started moving, Dogora came to Allen.

Allen, get Bronn out of there.

"Oh, Bronn, come out."


Bronze in the corner of the room.

The Stone D's Summon Beast, which boosts its growth level and stats, and doubles its stamina with the stunt "Protect Yourself", is a skill-enhancing training.

Dogora took the training axe out of the magic bag as soon as she started moving.

In addition, the magic tool was changed to one with increased magic power, and the maximum magic power was increased.

Dogora's magic bag was filled with food, training weapons, and more.



I'll hang out with you too.

Shea switched from a magic bag to a training mithril knuckle and magic tools such as rings and necklaces that boosted her magic power.



It looks like Shia will be training for Dogora as well.

(At this rate, it would take a few hours to reach the capital of the kingdom of the sky.)

Using Miles of Eyes, estimate the arrival time from the speed and the location of the Sky King's King City.

Allen begins to generate Heavenly Grace from the Summon Beast of Grass B in the corner of the cockpit by removing a set of Healing Medicine such as Earth from the Magic Bag.

When I was at school or conquering the S-class dungeon, I used to generate magic seeds from the summoning beast of Grass D, but the skill exp score was dominated by the grace of the heavens.

With the seeds of magic power and the grace of the heavens, the magic stone changes from D to B, and the magic stone becomes 100 times more expensive, but this is more efficient in the Allen's party where the maximum magic power reaches tens of thousands.

Allen's activities have also taken shape, and business by Peromus is on track, and now it is possible to generate the grace of heaven without saving money.

Allen consumes the grace of the heavens.

Since magic power is not restored in this God Realm, Allen must restore it to the two of them by the side of Dogora and Shia.

In addition, I have learned about spiritual power in the last few days.

The analysis of spiritual power has come to the God Realm to verify it as a top priority.

Spiritual Power Verification Results

Drop 200 spirit power recovery spirit stones from a B-rank spirit beast

Drop spirit stones that restore 1000 spirit power from all A-ranked spirit beasts

The effect range of the spirit stone dropped by the A-class spirit beast is a radius of 50 meters

Spiritual power regains its maximum value in 6 hours

The maximum value of spiritual power is the same as the maximum value of magic power

Grass F's Summon Beast stunt "Aroma" and Awakening Skill "Herb" have no effect on spirit recovery for a short period of time

Abilities are triggered even with spiritual power

Gain Skill XP even if you consume Spiritual Power

The skill exp obtained by consuming spiritual power is the same

(The dragons used their skills in a world without magic. Even with the spiritual power, the magical power substitute works. However, it's not a good idea to earn skill experience points with spirit power.)

Allen is unable to generate a Psychic Restoration Potion.

For a special skill called Divine Skill, I thought I would stock up on Spirit Stones.

"Hmph, hmph"

Out of breath, Dogora shoots a high-pitched sound at the summoning beast of Stone D, and inadvertently wields her great axe.

Sometimes I feel like I didn't have any teeth in the Battle of Nestirado.

I'm glad I brought you to the Divine Realm.

It looked like there was a battle in the bottom level of the S-Class Dungeon that I couldn't experience.

(I envy you. No, it's a luxury.)

Allen thought while looking at the potato face.

Allen's level is 140 and higher than any of his allies.

With 99 Dogora and Shea, the level didn't go any higher.

Allen, who has no growth limit, is doing well, but if Allen and Dogora fight with weapons, Dogora will win.

The stats are high, but Allen doesn't have the skills needed for melee combat.

I levelled up my stats, but I couldn't take advantage of them.

With the appearance of higher demon gods and sub-divine level spirit beasts, the number of opponents that could fight with status boosts was very low.

With the Quattro's Miles Eyes and Bird F's Summon Beast, I could tell you what to do.

The tactics cultivated from previous generations and the ability to analyze information with overwhelming intelligence are in the combat style of a Summoner.

(Still, I want to fight on my own. No, I don't think this is the right balance.)

I know it's a selfish desire.

I told myself that I only envied that the potato-faced Dogora would not hesitate to go to Nestirado.


I saw the artifact on the cockpit wall.

The edge of the blade glows red, and there seems to be a god of fire on the spot.


What? What?

Allen wanted to check with Fire God Freya.

Freya-sama, can you hunt down the spirit beast and increase the attack power that you can put into Kagutsuchi when you have more divine power?

Dogora's attacks depend on her stats, abilities, and weapon attack.

The Fire God who desires divine power must also work.

If there was a strong spiritual beast like Nestirado, it was even more so.

No? Well, that's right. You have to pay for the offerings you offer. "

“Thank you, I'll do my best to be the higher god.”

That's quite a challenge. Besides, the higher gods have the duty of higher gods. The gods must be summed up. "

It's not impossible, but I won't go into detail, but it sounds like we have to hunt the spirit beast endlessly.

In addition, the Fire God says that it is troublesome to become a superior god.

(I see. I want strength, but I don't want any more success. Looks like you don't want to get promoted.)

It seems that a powerful God has a corresponding responsibility.

The secular thoughts of the gods give a sense of humanity somewhere.

The promise was made to improve the power of the Kagutsuchi artifact.

A few hours have passed.

In the eyes of Allen and the others, the King of the Chandarh Sky Kingdom was seen.

In the Divine Realm, which seems to have few resources, the capital is in three levels.

I wonder if I need to build a tall building in the sky.

In the Divine Realm, where the human world is high above the lower realm, Cecil seems to have raised doubts about the structure of the royal capital, which further highlights the height.

"Isn't that the prestige of the God Realm?" The king doesn't live in a nice city. "

(As expected, it's not that big a building. It's less than 10 kilometers long.)

It's quite a big structure, but it's inferior to the Imperial Capitals of the Bauxite Empire and the Prostia Empire.

Both empires had 100 kilometers in diameter in the Imperial Capital.

Unlike the two countries, which have a population of 100 million people, the Chandar Skyland is said to have less than 10 million people in the Divine Realm and Dragon Man combined.

[Structure of the Royal Capital]

One tier has a diameter of 10 kilometers

The two tiers have a diameter of 3 kilometers

The three levels are 1 kilometer in diameter

Each level is supported by a column of about a kilometer, the city is structured with many columns, and light seems to enter the lower level.

A little further down, Allen and the others descend from Tam Tam and head for the entrance to the first level of the three-layer structure, where the first level of the large, medium, and small is the largest.

There was a gatekeeper at the entrance.

(Isn't there a dragon man? Oh, by the way, the Dragon Man was kicked out of the capital because he didn't work.)

I remembered the words of the Chief of the Dragon Man.

For thousands of years, no one dived through the gates of the new judgment.

Thanks to you, the Dragon Man is not powerful enough to hunt the spirit beast, and the Dragon Man can no longer fulfill his role.

The Heavenly King cursed the Dragon Man and kicked the Dragon Man out of the capital for a long time.

I headed for the gatekeeper.

I think there's a gatekeeper everywhere you go.

"You guys, stop! You're not from the Divine Realm!!"

(That's more than I thought.)

"Yes, my name is Allen and I'm from the human world."

"What? Oh, is it true that the human world has gone beyond the gates of judgment?"

Apparently, the gatekeepers say that the story of Allen's passage through the gate of judgment was true.

It was the third day that Allen and the others had crossed the gate of judgment, and it seemed to me that they were talking about the possibility of coming here.

"Yes, that's right. Would you mind putting it inside?"

If I didn't get inside, I wouldn't be able to give the Spirit Crystal Stone to the Sky King.

You're not a dragon man, are you?

"Yes, the dragon is with me, but it's somewhere else." Should I call it in? "

Klenna and Dogora were leveling up in the S-Class Dungeon.

Allen started a conversation with the gatekeeper as a matter of course.

Keel seemed to be impressed by his constant dexterity.

"No, you don't have to. What brings you today to Labour, the capital of the kingdom of the heavens?"

In fact, I received a letter from the Patriarch to meet His Majesty the King of Heaven.

"Hmm? How can you write a letter saying that every Dragon Man can meet His Majesty the King in the Sky?" Isn't it disrespectful? "

The gatekeeper stared at Abigail as if she represented the Dragon Man.

It seemed that the chief's behavior was rude to the Sky King who was a member of the Divine Realm.

(I see, this is the position of the Dragon Man)

According to the chief, there are millions of Dragon people in this God Realm.

The chieftain is the head of the millions.

The Dragon Man's Patriarch brings together more Dragon People than King Albers of the Dark Elf's Land.

Even so, it is probably because of its low position in the God Realm that it cannot name a "king" and is called a patriarch.

"Indeed. I apologize very much. However, there are circumstances."

Always be polite that you can't help but fight with a gatekeeper like this.

The gatekeeper's expression changed when Abigail and I went hunting for spirit beasts and talked about getting the "Spirit Crystal Stone".

"Oh, oh? Oh, oh!!" You have come to present Spirit Crystal Stone to His Majesty the King of the Sky!! Why didn't you tell me that right away!! "

After a few seconds of understanding, I think I understand what Allen wants to do.

"That's right." Isn't it pretty? "

"Well then, I'll deal with the minister." It's coming this way. "

I didn't need a letter. It's a rich theory.

I don't think the letter that was given to the chief for waiting seems to have had any effect.

Maybe he was desperate to raise the Dragon Man's stance a bit.

The door is opened by a gatekeeper, and the streetscape of one level with people from the God Realm is spread out.

Again, there are a number of pillars around the city that seem to support the lives of people in the Divine Realm.

When I tried to walk towards the main street, the gatekeeper pulled my hand.

"What? Not this way?"

"No, I think I'd like to see His Majesty the King of the Skies." It's a civilian neighborhood. I'll guide you to the aristocratic quarter, so you can come to our transfer room. "

It doesn't seem to make sense to go into the city.

It doesn't go to the main street where the gate is opened, but it is guided to a private room along the outer wall.

Somehow the gatekeeper opens the door of the room by unlocking the door.

Something like a seal is painted on the floor.

There is something like a transfer device in the divine realm, isn't there?

It will be a study, Allen says.

That's right. This was given to me by the magic god Isilis in my previous gift.

“That's great. Divine world people can do God's work, right?"

“That's right. I see you've got a little bit of a sense of how wonderful the Divine Realm is.”

I'll give you a compliment for now.

(Does that mean that the magic god Isilis is helping people in the Divine Realm to do their work?)

I feel like I've heard some good things.

It stands in the middle of the room with a seal-like design in the middle of the room, as told by the gatekeeper.

Hundreds of people are transfer rooms large enough to fit in.

Huh? Is it a spirit stone?

"That's right, I need a spirit stone to transfer." You should dedicate yourself firmly to His Majesty the King of the Skies. "

Standing neatly side by side, Allen finds a device in the corner of the room.

The device was fitted with the same spirit stones that Allen and the others had acquired.

When I thought that the spirit stone was shining, the transfer ended.

You're moving, aren't you?

"Yes, this is a two-tier aristocratic town."

It seemed that one had moved up the hierarchy all at once.

I can see the outside, but it looks like a very central part of the building.

Guided by a gatekeeper from the Divine Realm, he proceeded to the king's city.

I wonder if these three levels are royalty, two are aristocrats, and one is like a commoner.

"Maybe so." Outsiders need to talk to two tiers of aristocrats first. "

Cecil noticed that the city streets are more luxurious than any other strata, and the buildings and clothes worn by people in the divine world are also luxurious.

The king named Sky King reigned among the people in the Divine Realm, and it seems that the difference in status is clear.

Since the royal palace has a three-layer structure, it has a very three-dimensional architectural structure, but there is a magnificent mansion ahead of the gatekeeper.

It looks like the house of these two strata of powerful nobility.

"Wait a minute."

The doorman seems to go inside the mansion and talk to me.

So far, none of the letters given to the chief have any effect.

So Allen arrived in Labour, the capital of the king of the gods.

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