Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 1321 The addition of Sovereign


In an instant, the positions of Lin Rui and Thor were hit by countless energy beams.

The weapons on the battleships of the Sovereign clan were not the two laser guns that the Star Jue held in his hands. At least the location where hundreds of spaceships set fire was as dazzling as a small sun.

Peter, who had been standing in the distance observing the situation there, quickly hid in the vicinity with Jack beside him because of the special spider induction a second before the appearance of the Sovereign clan. So when the Sovereign clan appeared and launched an attack, they escaped despite being embarrassed.


At this moment, seeing Lin Rui and Thor being attacked by hundreds of spaceships, Peter shouted worriedly, and then turned to look at Jack, who was also worried.



The meaning of Peter's eyes was self-evident. After nodding vigorously, Jack had waved out a magic portal, and at the same time a magic shield appeared above their heads.

"Go!" With a low shout, Jack had already controlled the magic portal and rushed out quickly.


After Jack summoned the magic space door, Peter also rushed out. When Peter saw the situation at the magical space gate, he jumped in.


After passing through the magic space gate, Peter had already traveled a distance of tens of meters to the top of the two battleships of the Sovereign clan surrounding Lin Rui and Thor. Glancing at the hundreds of combat spaceships floating around, Peter quickly launched spider silk with both hands in all directions.

Puff puff!

Although Sovereign's spacecraft had spotted Peter the moment he appeared, everyone was attacking Lin Rui and Thor at this time, and the signs of life there hadn't disappeared yet!

And Sovereign didn't pay much attention to this guy who appeared out of thin air in a strange costume on the top of the spaceship, and the scanning instrument did not scan him with any powerful weapon at all.

Therefore, under Peter's desperate launch, the spider silk shot from his wrist quickly linked to more than a dozen nearby spaceships.

This kind of spider silk from Tony’s latest Spider-Man suit is also the latest, with dozens of changes, and the effects are all sorts of weird. Peter hasn't been fully acquainted with the role of these spider silks, but now he is launching the most powerful spider silk with electrical energy.

"Electricity! The highest power!" After Spider Silk was connected to more than a dozen spaceships, Peter had already activated Spider Silk's electrical system.


In an instant, every translucent spider silk burst out with white electric light, constantly hitting the shells of the dozen or so spaceships. However, Peter's face changed in the next moment.

"how come?!…"

Under the attack of the electric spider silk, although these golden spaceships seemed to be wrapped by strong electric lights, there was nothing at all, and these powerful electric shocks could not cause them any harm at all.

What Peter didn't know was that the Sovereign clan was very powerful in the universe, and technology was at the top. Although Tony's technology is considered top-notch on the earth, it is not enough to see it in the universe.

Moreover, the electrical energy on the spider's silk may be powerful enough for the earth's technology, but it is not enough to see in front of the Sovereign spacecraft. What's more, in order to show the wealth of your family, many of these golden spaceships are indeed made of gold, and the insulation effect of the spaceship is good!


Just when Peter was astonished, several energy beams had been grazing him and shot past him. Obviously, there is still a spacecraft who wants to remove his little bug.

"Then try another one!" The electric shock spider silk was ineffective, and Peter pulled the spider silk and moved quickly between the spaceships, and had already changed the effect of the spider silk.

Puff puff!

Then, Jack saw Peter constantly jumping between the spaceships to avoid attacks, while launching various spider silks to effectively attack these spaceships.

But the results were almost no. The materials of these spaceships are much higher than the technology on the earth. Peter's upgraded version of the Spider-Man suit still cannot cause objective damage to them.


Just when Peter Ximli escaped the attack of two spaceships and was about to be directly hit by a spaceship behind him, a magical space gate appeared behind him. The spaceship that had hit it directly rushed in, and then from a few tens of meters away. He rushed out in the other direction.


The place where he rushed out happened to be the place where several spaceships were gathered together. Jack's hand-to-turn star shift caused Sovereign's several spaceships to collide and disrupt the formation, but it couldn't shake the fundamentals.

Swipe it!

Just when Peter and Jack were angry because Lin Rui and Thor were attacked, the Rocket Raccoon also flew with complicated eyes, and then launched a frantic attack on the spacecraft.

Rocket Raccoon knew that these Sovereigns should actually attack themselves. Because they were probably attracted by the high-energy battery from Sovereign stolen from their backpack, and Lin Rui and Thor were implicated by them.

"You arrogant golden guys! The battery is with me! I have the ability to grab it back!" Rocket Raccoon shouted loudly while firing angrily.

Swipe it!

Sure enough, after the Rocket Raccoon finished shouting, a half of the hundreds of spacecraft surrounding Lin Rui and Thor turned their heads to look at the Rocket Raccoon, and then they rushed towards the Rocket Raccoon!

"Hahaha! I'm not afraid of you!" Seeing that he had attracted so many spacecrafts to rush towards him, the rocket raccoon's arms kept shouting in flames.


In the next moment, the aircraft behind the Rocket Raccoon increased its power and rushed out, swiftly shuttled through the core of the earth.

Then, Rocket Raccoon took dozens of spaceships to circle in this space, reducing a lot of pressure on Peter and Jack. As for the remaining spacecraft that continued to attack Lin Rui and Thor, Rocket Raccoon had no choice.

"Jack! What to do?! There are too many spaceships!" Peter shouted loudly, jumping rapidly between several stone pillars, and had tried all the spider silks but to no avail.

"I don't know! The defenses of these spaceships are very strong, and my attack magic damage is not enough!" Jack, who tried his best to use magic to attack these spaceships, also replied loudly.

As a new generation of magicians on Earth, Jack is not very strong yet, and the use of magic is still relatively basic. Otherwise, if a few powerful magic blasts out, even if these spaceships are left, there won't be too many. Or you can build a mirror world directly and pull these spaceships in.

"Don't worry, Thor and I are fine, just protect yourself."

Just when Peter and Jack were tired of coping, Lin Rui's steady voice came from their ears at the same time.

"Jackson! Are you okay!?" Hearing Lin Rui's voice, Peter quickly asked.

"Well, this attack is still unable to cause damage to me and Thor. Thor is holding back his big move, so stay away." After Peter asked, Lin Rui's voice continued.

"it is good!"

He agreed, and a magical space door appeared in front of Peter, and then he leaped in and rushed in. At the same time, Jack also created a magic space door beside the besieged Rocket Raccoon, saving him from the chase.

"Find a place to hide first!"

After everyone was teleported to him by Jack using the magic space gate, he quickly reminded him.

However, since entering this space, Mantis has been very nervous to hide. At this time, the two tentacles on her head suddenly lit up.

"Ego!...He's already here!" Mantis said with a trembling tone looking at the space where there was still no movement.

Hearing what Mantis said, Rocket Raccoon grabbed the weapon in his hand: "Ego..."


Just after Rocket Raccoon finished repeating Igo's name, the originally stable space suddenly vibrated violently. UU Reading www.uukanshu.com Jack suddenly appeared in the underground where they were hiding. It was the energy tentacles of Igo that had disappeared before appearing.

At the same time, above Lin Rui and Thor were attacked. A group of energy appeared out of thin air, and then Yi Ge's energy clone quickly formed, still in the image of Xing Jue's father. It's just that this time he is much taller.

Glancing at the destruction of this space, an angry expression appeared on Ego's face, but it was quickly suppressed. Looking at the scurrying Sovereign spacecraft a few more times, Yi Ge's eyes finally stayed at the positions of Lin Rui and Thor, who were still shrouded in countless energy beams.

"These two guys... are much stronger than when they were in the Nine Realms last time..."


Just as Igo watched the little sun thinking silently in his heart, a violent energy fluctuation suddenly spread from that central position.

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