Hollywood Hunter

Chapter 1652 :Finding Nemo

Simon stayed in South Korea for two days and did not set off until the morning of June 15 to fly back to North America.

Arrived in Los Angeles, because of the time difference, it was still the morning of June 15th.

The time is Thursday.

Although he has been away for more than half a month, the country remains the same.

Of course, Janet couldn't help but complained that she didn't care about her family.

In fact, Simon has stayed in Los Angeles for most of these years, but the ordinary family life often seems like a gurgling water, as if it will flow quietly in the blink of an eye.

Now that I am back, first of all, I still pay attention to the summer vacation that has already been opened.

The film that hit the front line in May, it is worth mentioning "Hurricane Rescue 2" starring Jet Li, this action film as the opening of Daenerys's 2000 summer season, with the first accumulated popularity and sequel is good The word of mouth, opened on May 19, and successfully won a box office of 45.36 million US dollars in the first week.

Then, in the critical next week, the film's decline was controlled to a good 37%, and it collected another 28.61 million US dollars, with a cumulative box office of 73.97 million US dollars, basically locking in another 100 million yuan box office club film of Daenerys.

The day after Simon returned to Los Angeles, the box office of "Hurricane Rescue 2" in the fourth week of its release was also announced, and it received an additional $7.98 million. Counting the $14.01 million in the third week, the cumulative box office has reached $95.96 million.

The following week from June 16 to June 23, with a revenue of 5.16 million US dollars, "Hurricane Rescue 2" successfully exceeded 100 million, with a total of 101.12 million US dollars.

Considering the follow-up box office potential, the total North American box office volume of the film is expected to be around 110 million US dollars. Although it is not as big as those super heavyweight projects such as DC Cinematic Universe projects, the score of 100 million yuan in North America has successfully pushed Jet Li to the top of the list. The location of Hollywood A-list male stars.

Another Chinese superstar was born, and the news was sent back to the other side of the ocean, which inevitably brought a lot of excitement.

Of course, as for the fact that Jet Li has quietly entered the United States, of course, no one will mention it in a disappointing manner. Anyway, it is the pride of the Chinese.

After "Hurricane Rescue 2", we have to talk about Pixar's new 3D animation film "Finding Nemo", which opened on June 1.

Speaking of which, the Friday of the week is June 2, one day earlier, naturally to catch up with the Children's Day schedule. After all, although Pixar's animated films are aimed at all age groups, they are ultimately more child-friendly.

In addition, the schedule in early June is often the day when Daenerys' most blockbuster projects are launched. Simon pushed the animated film "Finding Nemo" to this position this year, rather than a live-action blockbuster, although with the history of Pixar animation The results are understandable, but they are always confusing.

Only Simon knew that Finding Nemo was Pixar's most successful animated film to date, with a global box office approaching $1 billion.

Of course, only at the box office.

Compared with the huge peripheral income of "Toy Story" and "Cars", the previous "Finding Nemo" seemed a bit embarrassing. This film was released, and the most popular peripheral was the clownfish in the film.

This is alive.

This time, it's the same.

Fortunately, the film's box office did not disappoint Simon. The film started on June 1, and within 8 days of the first week, this animated film, which inherited Pixar's excellent reputation as always, quickly won a box office of 107.22 million US dollars, becoming the 2000 annual film. The first week of the first movie...Although there was an extra day, it finally reached the rare achievement of breaking 100 million. After all, only Daenerys' own "Hurricane Rescue 2", the total domestic box office is probably only so much.

After a high opening in the first week, followed by a very good 32% drop in the second week, still a huge revenue of 72.91 million US dollars, indicating that the film's North American box office will easily break through the 300 million US dollars mark, and even 350 million is not impossible to rush .

When Simon saw the data, because he had just returned from South Korea, it was inevitable to compare it.

"Finding Nemo" has been synchronized in South Korea, and it all started on June 1, while "My Sassy Girl" over there is on June 2, a serious Friday file.

Although the number of viewers of this cartoon in South Korea was only 690,000 in its first week, the total number of viewers estimated to be around 2 million is far less than the total number of 5-6 million viewers of "My Sassy Girl", but... well, it's too bullying Well, forget it.

And then, it's another installment in this summer's '2' series, "High School Musical 2".

After the great success of the first song, "High School Musical 2" came back after two years. As the heroine Christina Aguilera became more and more prosperous in her singing career, and it was still in the publicity stage, the film has been widely praised by countless teenagers. expect.

After the early premiere, word of mouth was released, and film critics also gave an excellent media score of 8.1 points.

In the end, the film opened on June 16, and 2,763 screens were shown. In the first seven days of the first week, this youth musical film with a very accurate audience quickly won the box office of 5,361 US dollars, which was a 31% increase compared to the 41.09 million in the first film. It is expected that the total box office will also reach a new level, conservatively estimated at 150 million US dollars, and the global volume is basically locked in 300 million.

Although the budget for the sequel has doubled to $30 million compared to the $15 million production cost of the first film, the global box office volume of 300 million can still bring huge profits to Daenerys only in the theater stage. .

It's already June 23rd.

Another Friday.

Simon only worked less than an hour of overtime today. After finishing a week of work, it was only six o'clock in the evening when he returned home.

After having dinner with the family and watching TV together for a while, Simon left at about 9 o'clock.

Evening is a party as usual.

The location is still at the mansion halfway up the mountain in Palisades. Daenerys officially hosted it, mainly to celebrate the success of a series of recent films, "Finding Nemo", "Hurricane Rescue 2", "High School Musical" 2" and other series of the main creators of the crew have been invited, of course, if others can get the invitation, they can come too.

Simon returned to Los Angeles last week and hasn't been out to socialize much. Today is the first time.

Arriving at the party scene, the liveliness here has lasted for more than two hours, and it is probably certain that Simon will appear. Many guests who usually leave early after finishing the communication at the party did not leave early tonight.

After Simon greeted Amy Pascal, who was the first to greet him, they walked to the "Finding Nemo" crew together, had a group chat with John Lasseter and others, and then turned to the main creators of "Hurricane Rescue 2", chatting , The little Christina Aguilera has come over, and Xiaoxiao tentatively exchanged a few words. Seeing that the man had no objection, he boldly took the man's arm and socialized together.

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