Hollywood Secret Garden

Chapter 14 Shooting (2)

"Hi, Angela, what are you doing here?" A group of girls came over here at the moment. The first one who saw Angela screamed, she was the tall girl who started to play with the little guy. She Also called Annie.

"Hey Annie, and everyone." Angela said lazily, and she was a good fit with the girls who acted as extras, but she didn't have much thought at the moment.

"What's wrong? Would you like to help?" Annie found out that she was wrong, and asked with concern, and the other girls also rushed together.

"Nothing, just don't know how to perform." Angela smiled reluctantly.

"I don't know? God, you did a good job." Annie opened her eyes.

"Yeah, at least I think Angela is great." Another girl with glasses said.

"Did the director scold you? Then we go to him!" Another little girl called.

Seeing that these girls supported herself on one side, Angela couldn't help laughing and crying, but she felt less depressed, and said busyly: "Okay, don't do this, I just think about how to perform better, nothing else Meaning, thank you for your concern. Would you please let me stay quieter if you can? "

Annie responded quickly: "Okay, no problem, then we leave for the time being, good luck."

The other girls followed her blessing and walked to the wooden house under Annie's leadership, but within two minutes, Annie ran back again and hesitated to her and whispered: "Angela, if ... If the director really scolds you, please don't take it to heart? "

Although it was strange why she came back to tell her this, but the little girl replied with a smile, "You can rest assured, I'm fine, there is no such thing."

Annie nodded and gave her an encouraging smile, and then ran back. Angela watched her and the girls go to the chalet, and then looked back at the lake, although the previous episode had some problems in solving her troubles. Nothing helped, but at least her mood was not so bad, and then an idea came out of her head.

"Maybe I can try this?" She said to herself, closing her eyes as she faced the lake, lowering her hands, and while the body was constantly adjusting the balance, Angela took a deep breath, then held her breath. After three or four seconds, she slowly spit out rhythmically, and then took a sigh of breath again. This time, the hold time was extended by two seconds, and then spit out at another rhythm. Then she breathed at the beginning rhythm. Na, she stopped after repeating this several times.

At this moment, the breeze blew and lifted the waves on the lake. The little girl's long blonde hair also fluttered with the wind. With her decent light gray plaid dress and skirt, the whole person looked a little different, it seemed more. Out of a hazy temperament.

Angela slowly opened her eyes and stared at the lake with a confident smile. The two shallow dimples were especially charming. She turned around and quickly came to Charles and Nancy, smiling, and said, "You can start again, Mr. Shuyer."

Charles, who didn't understand what happened, looked at his wife, said nothing, and immediately moved everyone to start shooting again. Soon they noticed the difference between Angela, and Mr. Buck felt more obvious. He has played against the little girl a few times, but he can't tell the difference. This feeling almost made him ng again.

But Charles, who was sitting in the director's position, felt differently. He found that the occasional jerkyness in Angela's scene had been replaced by another kind of astringent, giving people an unusual charm. He was surprised that he never stopped. Then, I was busy shooting all angles again before I stopped.

Then, Mr. Buck is leaving. There is only one of his plays here, and the crew has to stay in the forest park for at least a week to finish all the shots, so he only needs to wait for the crew to go to the Pallag Hotel to shoot. Just come back again.

Then Nancy announced that the little guy could take a break for the time being.

"It's 4 o'clock, and there are two hours for dinner. We need to take the first meal of the summer camp before that, and then wait until 8 o'clock in the evening before shooting at night." Nancy said to Angela. What to do next.

"So, what will be the moment when you are allergic to strawberries?" The little girl blinked and asked, she has lost the hazy temperament just now, which makes her more cute, but less kind Unspeakable feeling.

"Yes, it's time for Jessica to play for the first time. Although we will replace you in post-production, this does not mean that she only needs to say rigid lines." Nancy turned to look at Jesse card.

"I see, Mrs. Meyers." Jessica nodded excitedly, her face flushed, and Angela on the side couldn't help but want to pinch, of course, it was just thinking, she now The most important thing is to continue trying to figure out acting skills. That was just a trick—just a little furry breathing from her half-grandma of Chinese descent. According to my dear grandma, it was her mother. The little girl ’s grandmother secretly taught her. As for how the grandmother learned it, the little guy needs to slowly test it later. In short, these simple breaths do have a calming effect, and maybe self-hypnosis. Function-this is what the little girl guessed, otherwise how to explain will always be completely blank in the head every time.

However, it is clear that Angela is neither able nor allowed to clear her head in such an instinct for acting. She may have taken on the role just because she was curious and wanted to try something new, but it does not mean that she will not Take it seriously, especially after going through the two main plays today, being enterprising and responsible are two different things. If you have n’t dragged the show yourself for a long time this afternoon, the crew can completely finish the game of Bi Jian.

"Let's go, Jesse, let's go to the show. I hope I can do it once." The little girl took Jessica aside and gave birth to ambitious again.

The crew was doing other filming in an orderly way, and Angela and Jessila also dragged Jennifer as the counselor of the summer camp. You came and spoke to the lines, but this situation did not last long. With the arrival of the coming tutor, the two little guys have to start the three-hour study period stipulated in the Child Labor Law-of course, not three consecutive hours.

This lady named Alma Brown is about 50 years old. Although she looks very kind, she has very strict requirements, and even some old-fashioned. Even Angela ’s request to sit on the floor for teaching is not allowed. This makes Xiao The girl was so defamatory that she always thought that there was a good-hearted Mr. Charles Shuye enough to make her suffer, and now another one, does she want to make her rebellious?

Of course, rebellion is impossible. Although Ms. Brown has strict requirements, she is still very interesting and savory in teaching. This makes the little girl who has never caught a cold in elementary school can't help but listen carefully to one or two quarters. The guy also secretly recorded the two ng shots before dinner here, which is not to say that Angela was very careful, mainly because the two ngs were because of her, not Jessica, which made her a little bit Mad, she certainly understands that the director's requirements for her and Jessica's are different, but this does not prevent her from complaining in her heart, so Ms. Brown has to be a scapegoat for the time being.

After all, the restaurant's scene is not completely attracted by her like Annie's appearance, so after ng twice, Angela finally caught the little feeling of the afternoon filming, and then successfully cut the scene, so everyone was relieved. .

"Well, maybe I should buy a book before that, such as" The Self-Cultivation of an Actor "or something." After finishing the scene, the crew began dinner, and at the table, Angela said to Jessica. Say.

Jessica didn't know what book Angela was talking about. Although it was literally well understood, she obviously couldn't travel through time and space to understand Xingye's funny and heavy, so she just blinked and looked at Anji curiously. Pulling, she wanted to hear her explanation, but Angela had lost her interest in talking, and smashed the vegetable salad in front of her, so Jessica shrugged it and left it behind, thinking about her own day's income.

After the night fell, the crew began to get busy again. Although Angela knew that the night shooting had stricter requirements on various effects such as lighting and photography, and the staff must be fully prepared, why did it start so early and the location seemed to be ... By the lake? Is it ... is it ...

She was startled, and suddenly stood up, God, didn't you want to shoot that first? At this moment, Ms. Brown's gentle and irresistible voice rang in her ear: "Miss Mason, do you have any questions?"

The little girl was shocked again. After meeting the sharp eyes of Ms. Brown, she responded that she was still in class. Damn it! She screamed bitterly in her heart, and busted Jessica next to her. Fortunately, although she lowered her head and pretended to read the book carefully, her fingers were clearly scratching back and forth under a certain line of letters on the book. !! So the little guy immediately raised his head with a smile and said, "That's it, Ms. Brown. We all know that President Lincoln would not be a great president if he had not experienced ups and downs since childhood, but I think it is because Mr. President has experienced The ordeal, so he was a little too tough. If his means of abolishing slavery were softer and more concealed, maybe there would be no civil war. "

This is pure nonsense, but Angela can't help distracting Ms. Brown's attention, she can only keep her mouth open, and Ms. Brown really stuns. At the same time, Nancy comes over: "Ms. Brown, I can Can you borrow Angela? "

"Please, please." Ms. Brown didn't say much, and made a gesture, please, the little man finally escaped.

But she wasn't happy about it. After sighing, she looked at Nancy with a pitiful expression: "Will I have to take off my clothes and jump into the lake?"

"Don't worry, my dear, we will clear the field, and all the irrelevant people will leave," Nancy replied with a smile and paused. "Of course, you won't take it off completely. In the close-up, we only shoot the head and calf , And the telephoto lens will be backlit. "

The little girl sighed again. This is not self-defeating, right? I had changed this paragraph if I knew it, but then how could I have thought that I would play this role? Angela felt pain. She had to be uncomfortable wearing a skirt for a long time, not to mention **** in front of a lot of people. It ’s important to know that apart from her mother and Jennifer, her father has never seen her since she was 2 years old * * It's up.

But what can I do now? Did you tell Nancy to revise the script? Or simply stop acting? Do not be silly! Therefore, after a long period of nurturing, after the clearance, I came out of the changing car wearing a close-fitting coat with exposed shoulders and lower legs. The clothes were well handled by the female makeup artist. From the perspective of backlight Not coming out.

Reluctant to endure the embarrassment and discomfort, Angela walked to the small wooden pier near the lake, and the breeze blew again. It was a bit cold, and it was still cold in the early summer evening.

I swear I will never do this again! The little girl stood upright, gritted her teeth, and plunged into the lake with the director's shooting sound! 2k novel reading network

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