Hollywood Secret Garden

Chapter 15 Julia Roberts

. "We are now going to the Pelleague Hotel, where the" Born Together "crew will start your first show there, it will take about three to four days, and then we leave and return to Mr. Spielberg's" Huo The crew of Captain Hook was filmed there for a week, and then went to the vineyards of the Napa Valley to continue shooting "Born in One" until they followed them to London, and finally returned to Los Angeles to the Captain Hook crew. This is the schedule from today to the end of next month. ”Marcy Andros turned the documents in her hand and looked at the pretty woman sitting side by side with her, asking a little worried,“ Are you listening, Julie? "

"Well? What?" The woman who had been looking out of the car window turned back at this time, and then smiled slightly: "I see, Marcy."

At first glance, this very scented woman is no different from other beautiful women, but a few more glances will reveal her distinctive charm, especially her **** lips, which can't help when pinched together. The man didn't want to be wrong. Although she was smiling at this time, there was always some depression between the eyebrows.

"Look, Julie, you don't need to worry about the cold words of the" Captain Hawk "crew. Hollywood is like this. When you become famous, they will hug you around, but when you fail, they will immediately Treat you coldly, "said Marcy, sighing." I've talked to Mr. Spielberg, and he promises that the crew won't do similar things in the future. "

"Well, Marcy, I'm fine. There are no problems at all. I don't care about these. I believe that as long as I can produce good works, I can stop those people's mouths." He said in an uncertain tone: "But why should I pick a movie like" Born in One "?"

"What's wrong?" Marcy asked puzzledly. "When Ms. Mayes sent the invitation, you agreed too-is there anything wrong?"

"No ... but ..." The woman shook her head. "I just thought, maybe a different type of role ... would be more helpful to me."

Marcy sighed silently. From this sentence, she could actually hear that she really cared about the words of those guys. Who would have thought that she had also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress and the Most Popular Movie Actress last year. Just one year, Julia Roberts was called box office poison just because of a film failure! Could it be that the failure of a movie can obliterate so many years of effort?

"Look, Julie, don't you have so much pressure, I believe you will show it to everyone, but before that we'd better ... pick some simple box office guaranteed characters." Marcy said A little helpless, but Julia smiled with relief.

"Well, I admit that I think too much," she said with a smile. "I won't be defeated so easily. Besides, this is also my first time playing the mother, thank you for your concern, Marcy."

"It's great that you can adjust it," said Marcy with an exaggerated relief expression. "You know that if you really break the contract, I will get 15% less, I don't want to get over the money. "

In the laughter of the two, the driver's voice came: "Miss Roberts, Miss Andros, Pallag Hotel is here."

The Pallag Hotel is located at the turn of the Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. The entire building is curved around 30 degrees. The entire exterior is very ordinary, but the interior is very luxurious and contains different styles. Because it is close to Hollywood, so many The film company will also come here to take pictures.

"Welcome you, Miss Roberts, Andros." A middle-aged woman was already waiting there after the crew of the crew stopped their car outside the hotel.

"Hello, Ms. Meyers, it's nice to meet you." The two women greeted the middle-aged woman in unison, and then reached out almost at the same time.

"Oh, I wish I had two right hands," Nancy said with a smile, shaking hands with them in turn, "You can call me Nancy."

"You are on time, Miss Roberts, and we can start shooting now, so that sloppy lobby manager will not always complain that we have occupied the driveway without motion." Nancy smiled and made a gesture, then mixed Lead the way.

"It's not surprising, Nancy, the person in charge of the public place is just like the director. I always hope that you can start shooting as fast as possible, and then finish shooting as fast as possible." Julia walked side by side with her, in Before seeing the crew, I heard a big grinning voice in my ear: "No no no, Mr. Finike, I'm sure you hid it here, I saw it, you can't lie to me, do you want to be like me? Isn't it okay for a little girl to speak? "

The voice was brisk and lively. It was very attractive. Julia couldn't help but look for it. Then she saw a very beautiful little girl who was holding the camera on her chest. Long brown hair, bright and green eyes seemed to speak, beige coat and skirt made her look very temperamental, and she was a little lady-although her movements did not look like lady.

"It's a cute girl, isn't it?" Nancy noticed who she was paying attention to and joked: "That's your daughter."

"My daughter?" Julia blinked and didn't understand, but she quickly reacted and couldn't help laughing: "It's really cute, I like her very much."

Then she hesitated, and asked, "Although this is rude, I would like to ask, she is immersed in the environment ..."

"It's guaranteed to surprise you," a male voice interjected, and after Julia's gaze came, the visitor smiled slightly and stretched out his hand: "Glad to see you again, Miss Roberts, I'm Alan Buck, Now your housekeeper. "

"Mr. Buck ?! I'm so glad to see you again," Julia hugs each other in surprise, "I remember the last time we worked together was the" Mysterious Pie "in 88."

"Yeah, but the young lady at that time has become a big star, and I am still an insignificant little role." Mr. Buck deliberately pretended to be a pitiful look, full of joy, plus a hippie who needed the plot Dressed up, several ladies couldn't help laughing.

"Well, Mr. Little Steward, what surprise would you say?" Julia asked with a smile, but without waiting for Ellen to reply, a marvel came over: "Wow! That's a big mouth sister!"

Although this was not the first time or the last time someone called her a big-mouthed sister, the joy contained in the sound made her feel a little bit more happy, without waiting for her to speak. A small figure had ran to the front. She blinked eagerly at herself without blinking with her green eyes.

"You-okay, I'm Julia Roberts, are you?" Seeing the cute little girl staring at herself, Julia, who couldn't help laughing, had to ask first.

The little girl seemed to be awake, her round face turned red, and suddenly she remembered something again, ran back into the crowd and screamed: "Jesse! Jesse! Get me what I prepared!"

A few seconds later, she dragged another cute little girl out of breath, and then handed a beautiful notebook: "Big ... Oh, Miss Roberts, my name is Angela, Angela Mason , I like your movie so much, can you sign me? "

Looking at the tiny beads of sweat on her forehead, Julia was suddenly touched. She opened the notebook with a smile, took the pen handed by Marcy, and quickly wrote on it: Angela, I hope you will never be bothered by the troubles in your life , Your faithful Julia Roberts.

"Okay." Julia returned the notebook to her, and another little girl handed over a notebook too. She was a little embarrassed, but still blushing. "Miss Roberts, I'm Jessica Alba. Should I sign it too? "

Now that she has signed, she does n’t care about signing one more, and she has always refused to sign, but this sign has caused a little confusion. From the hotel door just now, she has recognized her fans in twos and twos. I was nearby, but I saw the crew here and thought that I was making a movie, so I didn't rush to ask for the signature, but when I saw the two little girls get their signatures, the enthusiastic fans immediately embraced them like this. Know that Julia has won a popular award for her favorite movie actress.

Fortunately, this little mess was quickly brought under control of the crew. After spending dozens of minutes signing the fans, Julia finally sat in a chair and waited for the makeup artist to make up for her, so at this moment A voice passed into the ear from the door.

"Miss Mason, you can't disturb Miss Roberts, she's applying makeup now."

"I know, I know, I just glanced at it, and I won't go in."

"you promise?"

"Yes, I promise!"

"Still no, your guarantee is always unreliable."

"Oh, don't do that, Mr. Rex, it's so sad of you."

"Okay, but ask Miss Alba to promise."


"Yes, I'd rather trust you than Miss Mason."

"Well, Jesse, you promise, although he still hurt my young mind, I don't plan to pursue it until then!"

Really cute girl, Julia would like to look back, but the makeup artist has started to apply powder on her face, so she can only listen to her ears.

"It's a pity that I'm wearing the crew's clothes, otherwise it would be nice to have my sister with a big mouth signed on."

"Why sign on the clothes, Angie?"

"In this case, this dress will have a high collection value, especially after my big mouth sister got the best actress in Oscar. Alas, maybe I should prepare two clothes and sign it before the big mouth sister ’s announcement on the day , Sign again after winning! "

"Are you so sure that Sister Mouth could win the best actress in an Oscar?"

"Of course, Sister Mouth isn't pursuing you like you, Jesse!"

"Come on, Angie, no matter how much better I am than you don't want to do anything!"

Crying and laughing, Julia was suddenly moved at the same time. Every actor will have an Oscar dream. She is no exception, but she was disastrously defeated in "The Young Man" and the crew of "Captain Hawk" After the cold words came out, she even dared not think about it. Now a childish girl vowed to say that she would succeed in getting the little golden man, even if it was just childish words, it gave her considerable comfort.

What a funny little girl, Julia's mouth bent a smile, and suddenly remembered what Mr. Buck said, so what kind of surprise can I give, Angela? 2k novel reading network

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