Hollywood Secret Garden

Chapter 16 Ask for advice

The little girl opened her eyes and watched the big-mouthed sister confronted Mr. Buck with a fluent British accent. It was like speaking for many years, even more fluent than her. She was very curious after getting the script. How does the big mouth sister go through this hurdle, but it is clear that this hurdle no longer exists, look at it, people are called professional!

"Cut!" Director Charles shouted, then stood up and frowned at Angela: "Miss Mason, what were you doing just now!"

"Is it me?" The little girl reacted, and said pitifully, "I ... I'm sorry, I was ... I was frightened by Miss Roberts' performance."

She looks so funny and funny now, so Mr. Shuye glared at her for a long time, and finally he could only raise his hand: "Stop for a few minutes and start again!"

Angela breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, it is now indoor shooting. If you go to the lobby to shoot in the lobby and ng because of cyanosis, it will be shame. She is no longer worried about what the director will do to her The affinity halo made her quickly become a part of the whole crew in the past few days. Besides, her acting skills have gradually improved during this time. For children, it is always better to encourage criticism-although this The soul of the guy is no longer a child.

"Angie, this is very memorable." Jessica waved a hand in front of her with a smile.

"Why?" Angela blinked inexplicably.

"This is the first time you are ng because of a daze." Jessica's smile immediately became bad, and then another voice came over: "It's a pity that the photographer just didn't take her down. Maybe Anji became a big star in the future, and we can still buy a big price! "

A tall girl emerged from behind Jessica and made a face at Angela. She was the one named Anne who played with the little guy in the first shot in San Bernardino National Forest Park a week ago. Girl, um, her full name is Annie Meyers, yes, yes, Nancy's eldest daughter, she often guest cameo in movies made by her parents, this time is no exception, so at the time, She would comfort her by thinking that her father had scolded Angela, hoping she wouldn't take it seriously.

"Well, just laugh, you're welcome," Angela hugged her hands, pretending to look at the two with a resentful look, "but if I'm ng then, that's not my reason."

"Oh, she's here again." Jessica rolled her eyes and vomited her little tongue.

"Okay, okay, let's not bother you slowly, and then use your acting skills to frighten Miss Roberts and let her ng." Annie said sternly, and then pulled Jessica away with a smile .

Wait and see! You two baddies! Angela, standing in place, waved a small fist at the two backs.

"Hey, Angela, do you have any questions you need to solve?" A voice came at this moment, and the little girl looked forward. Julia Roberts had already come by, looking at her with a smile.

"Oh, it's nothing, Miss Roberts ..."

"You can call me Julia."

"Zhu ..." The little man scratched his head and spit out his tongue: "I would prefer to call you a big mouth sister if you can."

Julia couldn't help laughing: "Well, whatever you want, you won't be the last one to call me that anyway."

"Thank you, Sister Mouth. First of all, I'm sorry that the daze just interrupted everyone, but I'm really surprised that your English accent can speak so well. I know you must have worked hard before, so I am very Sorry, maybe this is the difference between professional and amateur. "The little girl talked with her hands on her back, and she seemed very quiet at this time.

"Well, this isn't really a problem for an actor." Julia thought about it, beckoned, and they sat on the sofa in the room. Julia looked at her and continued: "Each actor is getting the script Later, you will collect relevant information. You must understand what this person is. This is the most basic requirement. "

At this point, she paused, as if remembering something, then shrugged and said with a smile: "I still remember when I took the" Wind Moon Beauty ", I had to go to the red light district to observe the life of the prostitute, and even talked about Too. "

"Wow, it's hard to imagine." Little girl heard her eyes bright, and these things could not be known even in the year 2000 when the information of previous life was developed.

However, Julia was obviously reluctant to talk more about this. She turned back to the previous topic: "But in addition to these, it is not enough. Everyone has a different perspective on the problem. We need to ask the people around us at the same time. What do they think of such roles and things to enrich their understanding-I say this, do you understand? "

"Yes, I know." Angela nodded and continued to look at her expectantly.

A little dubious, Julia decided to change her approach: "Well, Angela, I ask you, do you know your role?"

"Yes, I understand," the little girl replied, then added: "I wrote this script."

"Really, now we ... wait! You just said ... the script you wrote?" Julia opened her mouth in surprise, which made her thick lips look more sexy.

Seeing her like this, the little guy couldn't help but sighed and leaned on the sofa and grieved: "God, Mr. Buck asked me this, you ask me now, and wait for Mr. Quaid and Miss Ryan. Wouldn't you ask me that too? I remember writing it all in the script. "

"Oh, Angela, I-I'm sorry, I've seen the script, I thought-it's the same name and same sex." Julia busy explained.

However, the little girl continued to pretend to be indifferent: "I know that no one would think that a little girl who is only 11 years old can write a screenplay."

"Please don't be sad, Angela, um, in this world you know, um, sometimes that's it ..." Julia wanted to comfort her, but she didn't know what to say, although the little girl just said so truely Yes, but like she said, almost no one would think that an 11-year-old girl could write a qualified movie script, so she was still puzzled.

Who knows, the gloom on Angela's face suddenly disappeared, and he smiled and said, "Fucked! Big mouth sister!"

Julia looked at her suddenly, although she was angry and funny and pressed on her head: "The child who lies is not a good child!"

"I didn't lie. The script was indeed written by me," Angela said busyly. "That's why Nancy also invited me to decorate the two corners."

Julia recovered again, blinking before she said, "Allen said to me that you would surprise me, is that ... this?" The little girl shrugged, and looked at her with a smile, tilting her head.

"Well, it's really surprising. I'm still playing with ragdolls at your age." The big mouth sister sighed sadly.

"It's nothing, I'm just a sudden inspiration ..." Angela touched her little nose and decided to change the subject: "To be honest, sister, big mouth, I'm very distressed, Director Shuye is always right I ca n’t be 100% satisfied with my performance. I think I know enough about my role. When performing, I try my best to be the best, but I always feel that there is a little gap. "

"My dear, no one can make the director 100% satisfied, and the director will never be satisfied with the actor," Julia shrugged, then looked at the little boy with a painful face, fluttered and laughed, could not help her He squeezed his face before he said, "Okay, it was just a joke, I know what you want to ask."

Having said that, she paused, and seemed to organize the sentence in her head before asking, "Angela, how much experience do you have?"

The little girl thought for a while before answering: "Not much. During festivals or school festivals, there will be dramas, and occasionally music will be played in front of friends and relatives."

"That's it?"

"That's it."

"That's the problem, you know, Angela, most of Hollywood's child stars started to receive advertisements or act in small roles when I was a few years old. I remember Kerr ... Kerr ..."

"Kirsten Dunst!"

"Yes, it is Kirsten Dunst. She is two years younger than you, but she started advertising when she was 3 years old. It was these accumulated experiences that made Mr. Woody Allen finally choose her. Starring in "New York Story." And I came from a small role. Acting skills were accumulated to a large extent after being invested in a serious and enthusiastic attitude. "

Although the little guy knows that Julia is not directed at her, she always feels uncomfortable, just like the "large degree" that the big mouth sister just said, which means that there are still some people who can act well for the first time. Grasp the essence of that performance, which is the legendary "genius", such as the best Lolita Talisman Portman who appeared in "This Killer Is Not Too Cold" 3 years later! And myself, obviously, will not be a member of the "genius".

"Angela, don't worry, you still have time. I believe that Nancy invited you to play" Born in One "not entirely because you wrote this script," Julia consoled the little girl with a depressed face, "I though I haven't played against you for the time being, and I can't evaluate your acting skills, but I believe you must have some shining points. "

"Thank you, Big Mouth Sister." Angela smiled, but she seemed to have put it on her head, but in fact she was still very depressed. If it wasn't a little tricky to shoot in Forest Park that week, , I don't know when it will be hardened, or if you are not the material of acting?

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