I Am a Saiyan

Chapter 427

Vegeta: "Please hurry up."

Dragon God Salama: "...Well, I received your wish."

So, when the two were directly transported back to 'now' by the Dragon God Salama, the Dragon God Salama's eyes stared at the long river of time, closed his eyes and continued to rest.

It has been a while since the little-known battle. After Sun Wuming completed his practice today, he is gearing up to eat and drink—

"Today is Gohan and Bidiri's wedding, isn't it Xiao Wuming you're going to be the best man?"

The wedding is about to start, and on the 21st, I found Sun Wuming eating melon seeds at the table, and I couldn't help but be a little surprised.

"If you don't go, you won't go. Last time, I was the best man for Tashitou, and I didn't eat too much. I heard that this time Naba went to Sabotage God Realm to learn cooking skills. what."

"Uh... Who is the best man this time? Bidili's classmate?"

"It's Trunks and Goten."

No. 21 was startled: "Won't they fight?"

"No." Sun Wuming raised his chin and gestured to the boys and girls in the corner of the wedding venue who were restraining their strength and using their skills to pull each other, "Don't worry, it's already started."

The 21st:"…"

More than a fight, even Vegeta and Sun Wukong stood outside the circle and cheered their own children in different ways. One shouted not to lose the face of the Saiyan royal family, and the other instigated to push each other in the face. On the fight, Krillin, Bick and others all wandered over to watch.

"It's quite lively there, I'm afraid it will be more lively later."

Liu Lidong brought a fruit plate over and put it on the table, and swept the melon seed skins piled into hills into the trash.

"How else can it be so lively?" No. 21 couldn't help but spit out, "Sun Wukong and Vegeta are going to have an all-martial match? You can't get enough of a fight and join forces to fight Wuming?"

Liu Lidong shook her head and pointed to the side of the venue where Bulma and Kiki rushed to the battlefield.

The scene after that was really lively.

But it's normal for a wedding to have an accident, especially when a group of people get together. Son Gohan in a suit and Bidiri in a wedding dress take the stage. Monkey King and Trunks, who have bruised noses and bruises, secretly glared at each other while working hard. Take the posture of best man and bridesmaid.

Under the stage, Ke Lin was discussing with Yamucha how to chase girls. He seemed to have a good conversation with a woman recently. Tianjin Fan was wearing a Taoist uniform with the Chinese character embroidered on it, with dumplings next to him. He was a grandmaster, and Buu dominated. There was a dining table eating and drinking, Piccolo nestled in the corner of the venue with a face full of relief, Satan weeping and waving his handkerchief to the embarrassed Bidili, Naba slowly walked into the venue with a whole roasted fish on his back, Seeing that a **** storm is about to start, Sun Wukong is scolding Qiqi's nagging into his left ear and right out. Vegeta carefully comforts Bulma, who has recently become pregnant...

On the stage, Son Gohan and Bidili are reciting their marriage vows.

"Hmm..." Liu Lidong glanced sideways at Sun Wuming, who was thoughtful, "Brother Wuming, you want to go out for a walk again recently?"

"Well, the practice is almost the same. You have to find powerful people to fight. Martial arts are like rowing a boat, if you don't row, you will be slow."

Liu Lidong nodded her lips: "Then when will we get married?"

After Sun Wuming thought about the way, he said: "Well - wait for the time."

Snapped! On the 21st, he raised his hand and patted Sun Wuming's head: "What does it mean to be free? This is a major life event. What kind of mood do you think Xiaodong is asking..."

"According to the habit, you can have a honeymoon after getting married. In simple terms, you can go and play wherever you want to go for a month." Liu Lidong said with a smile, "Whether it is to go to other time and space to find powerful people to fight, or to go to some interesting places. It's okay to wander around the place."

"Oh..." Sun Wuming suddenly realized and understood, "No. 21, do you want to go out to play?"

"Play? Oh, of course, I originally planned to go to some place like the source of time and space recently. There are still many theories that I don't understand..."

"it is good!"

Sun Wuming nodded, then grabbed No. 21 and Liu Lidong and flew directly to the stage.

"Stupid Gohan, let let let let, let me announce something—my sister and I are getting married on the 21st!"

The whole place was eerily silent.

"I'm going out for two honeymoons!"

"So let's go!"

Crowd: ?


The three of them rose into the air and disappeared into the open space-time vortex.


No. 21 is numb, what is it? Is this the legendary flash marriage?

"Brother Wuming, where are you going first?"

"Well - Doudou said he wanted to find a time and space to rebuild Saiyan civilization, Kamba said that he would challenge me after he became stronger, so there was no need to go, Z and Hertz were not in the time and space lair, as if they were running away with a bucket, Alright! Let's fight Doudou! Let's go!"

(End of the book)

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