I Am the God of Games

Chapter 380 We are just!

Genius remembers this site address in one second: []The fastest update! No ads! This is the fringe area deep in the volcanic zone.

If it is a player, it is a safe area that will not lose blood due to excessive heat for the time being, but for ordinary people, it is already a dangerous area that surpasses the hot summer environment and can steam people to dryness.

But even so, there are still people who can act normally here, and even exert terrible combat effectiveness.

"This is the last mouse hanging behind us."

The assassin, whose body was looming like a mirage, pulled the dagger from Simba's neck, and several front-line players, including Shazu and Nana, were lying around him.

"Obviously, all traces have been cleaned up on the road, how did these guys find our whereabouts?" He muttered thoughtfully.

In his opinion, it is a very strange group of guys.

They have abilities that are quite tricky for assassins-even if they are pierced to the point, they will not die instantly.

In addition, this group of people also possesses quite strong strength even in the Fannia Yinying Society. If it weren't for their inability to keep up with their tempered killing moves, it would take a lot of effort to kill these guys.

"Look, Master Ramias!"

Another assassin behind him pointed to the corpse on the ground and exclaimed.

The assassin named Ramias lowered his head and found that the players' corpses began to dissipate in the air because they had exceeded the resurrection deadline.

This reminded him of a passerby who was killed casually on the road. The outfit of the other party was as strange as these guys. At that time, he wiped his neck. Although he felt a little strange in the hand, he did not confirm his own skill because of confidence in his skills. …

Presumably that guy deceived himself by pretending to be dead, so I called these weird people in some way to secretly embellish my team.

"Do you need to track down the origins of these guys?"

Ramias' subordinate asked in a low voice.

"No, there is no idle time now... Don't forget our purpose." Ramias shook his head: "We are all destined to die on this land, but for our great vision, this level of sacrifice is necessary. of!"

"Yes, I will follow you to the end." The subordinate also looked at him very respectfully and nodded to him.

"Then go and clean up the scene quickly, don't leave any traces. After the last dinner, you are ready to go!" Ramias waved and ordered: "For our vision—"

But before he finished speaking, his voice snapped, and then he squinted his eyes and looked into the darkness with little sparks floating.

After a while, a figure holding a sword slowly walked out of the darkness.

"Although I didn't deliberately curb my breath, the instinct before the battle still tried to condense the breath as much as possible... Don't have to look so serious, I'm complimenting you." The person who walked out of the darkness slowly said .

Ramias looked at each other, but could not help but feel a sense of absurdity.

The opponent was wearing an obviously tanned exquisite leather armor. Although the leather armor on the handguard and left leg was obviously not the same as the body and the helmet, it still couldn't conceal the rather luxurious feeling.

If it's just like this, it's all right, after all, mercenaries can't afford to wear a full set of equipment, and there are many people who put things together.

But the problem is that the guy who appeared in front of them was a long gray eel head from the neck. It was shaking with the sultry air in the night of the volcanic zone, looking very funny.

Ramias could probably tell that it was a headgear, but what made him unacceptable was why did the other party wear such a strange headgear? This is an incredible flaw in the master's duel... Is it possible to cover up his head and make it difficult for him to judge where the opponent's real neck is?

But this is not necessary, let alone a top-level assassin like yourself, even assassins who have just started for three to five months, as long as they can survive those dangerous missions, they also have their eyes closed on the neck of the target. Can be inserted.

Because it was so weird, for a while, Ramias's tempered assassin's aura was shaken...

The unexpected visitor shook his eel head and said to Ramias: "My child is taken care of by you. If you don't mind, can you tell me, what do you mean by the ‘great vision’?"

"Do it!"

Ramias felt that if he didn't do anything, the assassins on his own side would be dignified, and the murderous aura gathered would be unable to sustain the collapse, so he just screamed, intending to take the lead.

Several assassins faintly approached the eel's head under the shelter of the night, and then drew out their poisonous dagger to directly assassinate the comical uninvited guest.

But just for a moment, the opponent drew a long sword from nowhere, easily blocked the shining sharp blades, and shot them all to the ground!

Ramias's heart shuddered, and he realized that the opponent was different from the players just now, and he was a real master!

"Question: Who are you?" After avoiding the assassins, the other side approached the assassins and replaced their weapons with fist blades. They used a long sword full of runes across their skins to lead the way. At the same time as the blood stains, he said softly.

Ramias snorted. This unit was carefully selected from himself to his entourage. They all expressed fanatical recognition of the great vision of Fania Silver Company, and the comrades who will give their lives in the end. , It's just that this kind of playful skin wounds can't get any information out of their mouths!

However, to his surprise, the wounded assassin actually spoke: "We are members of the Feniya Silver Company..."

"What are you doing, Ned!"

Ramias shouted.

The assassin who opened his mouth was taken aback, UU read www.uukanshu.com and then his whole face was distorted, and he rushed towards the eel's head: "How dare you—"

But his decisive blow did not have any effect. The opponent just avoided his attack as easily as a dance, and used the sword full of runes to draw on his back again like a torture. Made a wound.

"Question: What are you doing here?"

"Of course it's looking for the saint of fire worship... ah ah ah ah!"

The assassin first answered subconsciously, then came back to his senses, and wailed and pierced his dagger into his throat, preventing himself from continuing.

"It's a pity that I didn't hear your purpose." Mufasa looked at the dead assassin with regret. He gently wiped off the blood on the blade: "But the number of times the Sword of Mantra is left is a lot. Let us continue to fight."

"Are you a demon!"

Ramias scolded bitterly.

"What stupid thing are you talking about, you are b," Mufasa said without hesitation: "We are the righteous!"

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