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I Became A Hit After My Divorce!
Alternative names:离婚后,我爆火!
Genre: Romance

I Became A Hit After My Divorce!

Le Yao became the cannon fodder female supporting role in Wenli, the president of the dog blood. Holding the principle of cherishing life, she signed the divorce slyly and then went away.

Le Yao, who was far away, began to let go of herself.

Returning to the campus to fight for strength, she became the most beautiful student god;

She was unhappy with the live broadcast of cooking and cooking, and she became the most popular chef…

Even teaching the square dance aunt to twist her hips, she became the most sassy dance god.

Le Yao:  …

It seems to be flying a little faster by accident.

Nangong Jue: It’s okay, no matter how fast I fly, I can’t fly out of my palm.

A group of bigwigs who want to hug and kiss Le Yao:…

Le Yao:  …

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