I Became A Hit After My Divorce!

Chapter 883 0883: Extracurricular Qian Meiqi and Fu Yunshen

    Chapter 883 0883: Qian Meiqi and Fu Yunshen

    Qian Meiqi and Wang Xia went to graduate school together. In the second year, Wang Xia found a boyfriend with the same major and got married directly after graduation.

    And she's single.

    This made Zhao Xinyue anxious, and asked people to introduce her to her.

    Even Hong Xia Leyao and others moved, and introduced him to a suitable young man.

    At first, Qian Meiqi was able to persevere, but later she could only compromise, and then she started the blind date journey.

    On this day, Zhao Xinyue called him and said that she only had a friend and a neighbor in Xiling. She had a son at home who was single. He had seen the photos, and it was not bad. Let her go down and see See.

    "Okay." Qian Meiqi is now numb, so she can go, eat and drink for a while and then part ways. It has become a unified process.

    Zhao Xinyue sent the other party's phone number, and told me to see you at two o'clock in the afternoon, don't be late.

     Qian Meiqi agreed.


    Because it's not a holiday or off-duty time, there are not many people in the cafe.

    Qian Meiqi sat down at table number 8 that they had agreed to before, and then ordered a steak and coffee dessert, swiping her phone and eating while waiting.

    Ten minutes to two o'clock, Qian Meiqi asked the waiter to clear the table, settled the bill, and then ordered a new cup of coffee.

    As soon as the coffee came, the door of the cafe was pushed open, a man walked in, and then came straight to the eighth table.

    Qian Meiqi looked at the other party and estimated that she was 1.756 meters tall. She didn't look very outstanding, but it was not ugly. An impression is not disgusting.

    "Is that Miss Qian? Hello, I'm Baidoudou."

    The corner of Qian Meiqi's mouth twitched, but she held back her smile and got up and shook hands with the other party: "Mr. Bai, I am Qian Meiqi."

    "Sit down." Bai Doudou looked at Qian Meiqi with a satisfied look on her face, "What to drink? You're welcome..."

    "I ordered a cappuccino." Qian Meiqi pointed to the coffee in front of her.

    "No, how can rich people drink entry-level coffee?" Bai Doudou shook his head, "Anyone with taste should drink Blue Mountain, freshly brewed Jamaica's best Blue Mountain... "

    Qian Meiqi:…

    Aren't rich people supposed to drink the most expensive coffee? That should be civet feces coffee. Blue Mountain seems to be far from it, right?

    White Doudou called the waiter over.

    Qian Meiqi just wanted to say that she was not used to drinking Blue Mountain, but the other party ordered a drink, but she didn't plan to order it for her.

    "Qian...I'll call you Meiqi." Bai Doudou looked at Qian Meiqi with a smile, "My situation, the middleman should have introduced it?"

    Qian Meiqi shook her head: "No."

    "Then let me introduce myself again, I am a native of Xiling and live in Cuiwan District, because my father likes to build houses, so when the demolition was carried out three years ago, my family was divided into two parts. I bought eight units, I am the only child in the family, now my parents live in one, I live in one by myself, and the remaining six are rented out…”

    Qian Meiqi nodded: "It's really good."

    "I am a typical second-generation demolition. This idea, the house is a big deal, so if you marry me, you don't have to worry about the house..."

    Qian Meiqi smiled politely, she was not worried.

    "I heard that you just graduated from graduate school, which is very good. Your mother is highly educated, and your children will be able to study well in the future. However, after you get married, don't go to work and have children at home. If As soon as you win a man, I will transfer one of the houses to you..."

    "What if you can't get a man?"

    "Then have another child. Anyway, three children are now advocated."

    "What if the third child is a girl?"

    "This... can't be?" Bai Doudou was a little dumbfounded.

    "Why not? There is a neighbor in my house who gave birth to seven full girls in a row. Everyone jokingly calls them the Seven Fairies..."

    "There's no other way, you'll allow me to take a concubine." Bai Doudou sighed, "After all, my family has passed down the family for three generations, so many family properties must be inherited by a son... But don't worry, look For your beauty's sake, you will always be the wife..."

    Qian Meiqi laughed, got up and picked up her bag: "I'm sorry, I'm not qualified for your wife's position, goodbye."

    "Don't go." Bai Doudou reached out to pull Qian Meiqi, "We can talk again, I can keep my concubine from entering the door, I..."

    Qian Meiqi picked up her cup of coffee and poured it over: "Go for your big dream." Then she left without looking back.

    As soon as I walked out of the door of the cafe, I saw a person walking out of a tea room diagonally opposite, it turned out to be Fu Yunshen.

    Fu Yunshen didn't expect to meet Qian Meiqi, and was stunned.

    At this time, Bai Doudou chased after her, scolded Qian Meiqi with her feet, and asked her to match the clothes.

    And the other party chased a woman out of the restaurant, screaming that Fu Yunshen was not a man.

     Qian Meiqi was about to say something, but Fu Yunshen pulled her up and ran away, she was relieved until she got into the car.

    "What's your situation?" Qian Meiqi asked Fu Yunshen.

    "Blind date, when I met a strange woman, I took off my clothes when I walked in the door, and I was so scared that I ran away..." Fu Yun patted his chest with deep lingering fears.

    Qian Meiqi laughed.

    "What about you? What's your situation?" Fu Yunshen also laughed.

    "Like you, blind date, meet a strange man, come up and tell me to have a son..."

    After Fu Yun was stunned for a while, he suddenly laughed.

    Qian Meiqi also laughed: "We both really have the same disease."

    Fu Yun laughed enough, then turned to look at Qian Meiqi: "I said Xiao Qian Qian, we have known each other for so many years, or we can make do with it."


    "Look, everyone around us is married and has children, only the two of us are single, which delays the children's schooling, rather than let them force us to meet strange and strange people Blind date, why don't we find it by ourselves, you see, my family background is innocent enough, I have no problem supporting my wife and children, and my appearance is not bad, so do you want to think about it?"

    Qian Meiqi was dumbfounded, and it took a long time to regain her senses: "What you said seems to make sense, then why don't you make do with it?"

    "Okay, let's go get a certificate?"

    Qian Meiqi looked at Fu Yunshen, froze for a moment, then nodded: "Okay, go get the ID card, right?"

    "Enough." Fu Yun nodded deeply, then started the car and went straight to the Civil Affairs Bureau.


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