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I Became a Loophole in the World
Author: Bandit
Genre: Urban Life

I Became a Loophole in the World

Just crossed and judged by the core of the world as a bug and will be erased, wat should I do? Wait online, hurry! ! ! ... This is a digital world. As long as you work hard to live, you can get the experience fed back by world intelligence. Studying, working, fighting, falling in love, getting married, having children... etc. can all gain experience. Gu Xiu came across and was judged to be a reasonable bug by World Intelligence, with a bug status on his body. [Sister-in-law’s daily task: pick up my niece from school and reward 1 point of experience.] [Trigger bug status, task change] [Rescue: My niece is about to be killed in an hour, save 10,000 experience points...] … [Happy birthday, 365 experience points.] [Trigger the bug state.] [Happy birthday, gain 36500 experience points.] … [658 points in the college entrance examination, 658 points of experience... Trigger bug status, 65800 points of experience...] … [Character level up, get 10 attribute points, 1 skill point... trigger the bug state, get 100 attribute points, 10 skill points...] … [Obtain life occupation: Takeaway rider... Trigger bug status, get rare occupation: Necromancer...] … [Professional skills upgrade... trigger bug status...] … Gu Xiu: "Please don't give me experience, I really want to work hard and rely on myself..." Bug status: "No, you don't want to."


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