I Became a Loophole in the World

Chapter 303

The core of the world?

Isn't this the protector of civilization.

Normally, the abyss is the biggest villain. How can it be the core of the world.

In the abyss, on the boundless field.

Gu Xiu and Jin Yan'er walk side by side and ask the question in their heart.

"The abyss is the tool of the core of the world. If there is no abyss threat, how can the civilization in the universe be willingly shrouded and controlled by the core of the world?"

Jin Yan'er's voice is flat.

Gu Xiu thought about it, but he didn't think it was a problem.

Justice and villain are difficult to distinguish, but their positions are more different.

"Does the core of the world have subjective consciousness and feelings?"

Gu Xiu is curious.

Jin Yan'er said, "no, you can understand it as a computer."

Gu Xiu understood and said, "can we fight?"

Jin Yan'er pauses and says, "all the existence enveloped by the core of the world has no resistance to the core of the world, even me."

"But you are different."

Jin Yan'er looked at Gu Xiu and said, "you are the only variable. From the beginning of weakness to the present strength, you only took 49 days."

So fast.

Gu Xiu didn't calculate it, but roughly speaking, it should be about the same.

The reason why I can be fast and powerful is that I have a bug state.

"I don't know how you do it, what's in you, what's going on."

"But it doesn't matter. I just look at the results," said Jin Yan'er

Gu Xiu scratched his head and said, "will there be bugs in the core of the world?"

"So, you are the only bug in the core of the world?" she said thoughtfully

It's just a question. Guess?

Gu Xiu bowed and said, "well, it can be said that because I'm a bug, just like a cancer cell, the core of the world can't control my growth."

Jin Yan'er slowly relaxed and said, "that's good. The core of the world will be left to you. I can't help you any more."

Gu Xiu was speechless and said, "you said you were ready."

Jin Yan'er blinked her eyes and said, "I've made a lot of preparations, for example, when you're tired, I'll pinch your shoulder. If you can't, I'll cheer you on. If you want, it's OK."

Gu Xiu coughed and looked around.

Jin Yan'er said with a light smile: "in fact, the reason why I am reborn is that I want to get rid of the imprisonment of the core of the world myself."

"If you can't rely on me, then I can only rely on myself."

"But if you're reliable, that plan won't be needed."

"You know, I can't die if I want to be imprisoned by the core of the world. I hope you can destroy the core of the world..."


Gu Xiu sighed and said, "I'll try my best."

All the way.

The two exchanged a lot.

Gu Xiaoya's life and death need not worry any more, it has been solved.

Liu Yiyi's parents are also easily found by jinyan'er, not dead, back to reality.

Yan Xi and Ruoyan are still alive.

In a word, Jin Yan'er has dealt with everything properly, so that Gu Xiu can fight with ease.

As for angels in Angel civilization, they are not dead.

Those angels were fused by Gu Xiu before, so that Gu Xiu could be promoted to the king of angels.

This is the reason why the king of angels is the disaster of the whole Angel civilization.

The king of angels is not only the only king of angels, but also the only angel, absolutely the only one.

In other words, if you want to be the king of angels, you must integrate all the other angels and become the only angel.

If smoke and Yan Xi did not die, but also lost the power of the angel.

Therefore, Gu Xiu is the only angel and the only king of angel civilization.

One man's king, one man's civilization.

This is the reason why the king of angels will destroy the whole Angel civilization.

It is also very simple to revive Angel civilization. As long as the king of angels dies, then the fused angels will be reborn.

Of course.

Gu Xiu can also choose to take the initiative to disperse the power of the king of angels, so that he doesn't have to die.


A person is a civilization.

Angel civilization is still there, as long as Gu Xiu does not die, it will always exist, dead will be reborn.

It's time for a decisive battle.

If you win, Gu Xiu will lose the power of the king of angels.

If you lose

Under the gray sky.

Two figures came in the air, before the darkness.

In front of the endless darkness and now in the dark world is very distinct.

At the same time, darkness engulfs everything, full of inexplicable fear.It's not nothingness, it's pure darkness.

"This is..."

Gu Xiu was shocked.

Jin Yan'er looked in a trance and said, "the abyss, the real abyss."

It's different from the imaginary abyss.

Gu Xiu took a deep breath and said, "let's go."

Jin Yan'er suddenly turned to look at Gu Xiu and said, "now you can go back."

Gu Xiu laughed and took the beauty into his arms. He said, "a real man will never look back."

Jin Yan'er kisses her gently. After a moment, she separates and whispers, "if I fail, I will bury you with all the civilizations of the universe."

Gu Xiu said, "I'm under a lot of pressure when you say that."

Jin Yan'er smiles and says, "if I succeed, I will live with those women and you forever."

Gu Xiu looked forward to it and said, "this is good. I'm motivated. "

so, let's go.

In the lonely world, they went into the darkness and saw a little light in the unknown place.

I don't know how long I've been walking, but the light has changed at last.

With the distance getting closer and closer, the light is also getting bigger and bigger. When we come to our eyes, the true face of the light comes into our eyes.

This is a big ball of light.

It's just a little too big. It's the size of a sun.

Such a big ball of light is really frightening.

In front of the photosphere.

Jin Yan'er kisses Gu Xiu again and says, "go."

Gu xiudun, resolutely released the beauty, to the big light ball.

When I was in the light ball, I left a sentence: "if I can't come back..."

"Don't cry..."


Jinyan'er's eyes closed slowly and murmured to herself. She didn't know what to say.

After the boundless glare.

Gu Xiu took away the palm in front of his eyes and saw a bed and a woman on it.

Women are very beautiful. They are the most beautiful women he has ever seen in his life.

Beautiful beyond words.

"Here you are."

The woman opened her mouth and said, "master."


Gu Xiu was stunned and said: "you are..."

The woman sat on the bed, smiling and saying, "I'm your darling."



I take you as the world, but you take me as the master?

Still good?

Gu Xiu didn't believe it, and said: "false, you must be bewitching me, witch, to die!"


Gu Xiu rushed up and pressed the woman under his body.

"Master ~"

the woman said pitifully, "they are really good."

Gu Xiu was suspicious and said, "am I really so powerful?"

The woman said, "yes, yes, the master is so powerful."

Gu Xiu pondered and said, "if I'm your master, don't you mean that I'm the biggest boss behind the scenes, the villain?"

The woman naturally said, "yes, you asked me to do all this."

Gu Xiu hesitated. He was firm again and said, "I don't believe it. You witch, eat my stick."

The woman blinked her eyes and kissed her.

Then, Gu Xiu's memory awakened.

A moment later.

Gu Xiu lay down breathlessly and said, "well done."

The woman said with a smile: "master, you are very fast this time, and the test results are very good. In this way, we can eat the core of the outer universe."

"With such a rapid growth rate, we can certainly finish our aggressive plan before the other party reacts and finds out the way to deal with it."


The outer universe

Gu Xiu took the woman into his arms and said, "the memory is a little big and a little tired. I'll sleep first."

Said, fell into a deep sleep.

One side.

Women obediently accompany, whispered: "well, outside those women how to deal with it."

"Well, wait till the master wakes up."


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