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I Became Popular After Participating In Escape Games
Author: Zhong Jia
Alternative names:参加逃生游戏后我爆红了
Genre: Comedy, Game

I Became Popular After Participating In Escape Games

In 2122, the “game” came.
【Are you terminally ill? Disabled? Disfigured? Unbearable pain? Do you feel that life is meaningless? Come join the game! Survive, win, win with high scores, and you will gain a healthier body, a better appearance, and greater abilities…you will—evolve! 】
[Global live broadcast of the game, registration starts now——]
Eighteenth-tier star Lu Tingliu entered the game with a terminally ill diagnosis certificate in hand.
After each player enters the game, they will draw a basic card of their own, which will determine their evolutionary direction and their basic ability.
The card Lu Tingliu drew is called [Split].
Skill introduction: You are a splitter. You are a mercenary that money can buy, you are a doctor who is good at anatomy, you are a great detective who knows everything, you are a god, you are a car mechanic, you are a stunning beauty, you are a weak child… You are a splitter. You are the top actor, you are the most insane lunatic.
Current Split Personality: 2/147
In the era of gaming, players have become the most high-profile stars.
Lu Tingliu is the most mysterious, the most heretical, and the most insane among them.

【Reading Tips】
1. Not scary, not brain-burning, the heroine of the battle department upgrades the cool text
2, the male protagonist Chu Hongjing, Meiqiang miserable loyal dog
3. Efforts to update ing

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One sentence introduction: Become a goddess


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