I Became the Male Lead's Sister

Chapter 3


The man’s appearance could not be explained except for the word ‘crazy’.

God’s mistake? blessing? Whatever it is, God must have turned tightly when he created that man.

‘What is this face? The statue is alive, right?’ This is the first time I have seen a man who is more handsome than my brother.

As Evangeline glanced at the man’s appearance with a face of amazement, he pulled Evangeline with a light gesture. He even supported his back with his arms as if he had noticed his limp legs.

The distance from the man became closer.

Evangeline threw a sentence with her gaze fixed on his unbelievable face.

“How did you eat it like that?”

Despite Sibito’s question, he replied casually.

“You don’t like it?” Evangeline said firmly. No way.

“No. I really like it.”

From a while ago, even though I spoke in the face of the Grand Princess, I didn’t bother with her face.

That damn face!

In addition to Evangeline’s answer, the almond-shaped eyes were sorrowfully folded, drawing a line. Evangeline, who was fascinated by the fluttering eyelashes with the movement of his eyelids, managed to wake up. No, this is not the time!

Was there such a kid on Damian’s trail?

I don’t know who it is, but looking at the situation, it seemed like an ally who came to save him. Aside from appreciation of appearance.

I had to give an explanation of the current situation.

“Where is Damian?”


“Demi- Go to Grand Duke Knecht and tell them that the Grand Princess and Count Young-ae, Count of Saxony were kidnapped.”

And. And… Evangeline strangely closed his eyes as he looked into the man’s eyes. The visual stimulus is too big. or it seems dizzy.


He covered Evangeline’s eyes with his hand. Dark leather gloves touched the eyelids…

“You must find Young Ae, Count of Saxony, and take her home safely.”

The movement of the lips gradually slowed down. Evangeline lost his mind after saying that.


The old warehouse that was searched by the Imperial Palace garrison was empty.

A strange man stepped inside after breaking the rope around him to deny entry. The man was tall enough to touch the door frame and head. Dressed loosely in a black suit and bit a cigarette in his mouth. Looking around, he lit a cigar with matches.

A man with a harsh impression came in after him and bowed his head to the ground.

“Dismissal…… .”

Looking down at his kneeling men, he exhaled cigarette smoke once. The prickly smoke filled the enclosed space with groaning.

“John. What was the order you received? I will try to recite it.”

“ He told me to do it quietly so that it was not noisy.”

In the evening, in the dark room, the burning cigarette light flashed red and glowed.

“I guess I was misunderstanding the meaning of ‘quietly’.”

Isn’t it? He rubbed the cigarette, which had been cut by more than half, into a silver pack and turned it off.

A man called John curled up and bowed his head as if he knew what was going to happen in a moment.

“Ugh— !”

Soon a stomachache, like a twisting organ, struck him.

The man clenched his teeth and put up with the pain.

Words like screams of flurry spit out of his mouth.

“But sir! All evidence was destroyed before the garrison came!”


It was one of the kind he hated most. The man picked up the shoes already stained with blood and kicked John’s abdomen.

Cuck. chuck.

John, lying on the dirt floor, struggled with a bent because he could not breathe properly.

The man in a black suit rubbed his nose on the ground as if it was dirty.

After wandering around the empty warehouse, he headed for a family home not far from the warehouse.

In the living room of the building disguised as a regular home, various shreds of evidence were accumulated by the limbs before the arrival of the Imperial Palace garrison.

The man relaxedly sat on the sofa. As he looked at the burning object in the fireplace, he picked up the women’s shoes that had not yet been burned.

Densely embroidered silk shoes were swayed by her index finger. The shoes, which were walking around his hand, were soon thrown into the flame.

“It’s the Grand Princess Knecht.”

The man muttered Evangeline’s name with an unknowable expression.


Ugh. Its Saksin.

Even when I closed my eyes, I felt the gaze staring at myself. It was obvious that the owner of the gaze, the momentum to pierce the wall with his gaze, didn’t even see it. Evangeline was dry.


“Stay still.”

“Because I have a sore face, look at the work …”

I’ll pierce my skin. Evangeline forcibly lifted his heavy eyelid. It was his room. And the unlucky human sitting by the bedside.

A feeling of relief came with a familiar irritation. It’s okay.

I knew you would come to the rescue.

“I came late for something. You thought you were falling out of your eyes waiting.”


Damian’s still fierce eyes were sharper. He ignored his brother’s words, as if it weren’t worth answering.

Evangeline, who opened her mouth after a while, poured out her questions.

“What happened to Young-ae Saxony? Did you catch the kidnapper?”

“Marguerite Saxony was safely handed over to the Count, and all the people who kidnap you are dead.” is your brother?“


He replied as if he was very sorry.

Right. Evangeline, who had been moderately insensitive to the life and death of Extras while standing by the North Air Force, lightly passed the news of the annihilation of the kidnappers’ group.

“My brother must have taken care of it. Oh, is there a handsome man with brown hair in the knight? Give him something as a reward.”

“Brown hair? I don’t know what you’re talking about. None of Knecht’s articles are like that.”

“What are you talking about? At first glance, he was unforgettable and handsome. ”

Evangeline complained. “Don’t lie. He was the first person to find me.”

Damian’s reaction was still bleak. He replied with an expression of what bullshit he was talking about.

“Apparently there was a knight with that hair color, but he died in an accident a month ago.”

“So who was the handsome brunette I met?”

Goosebumps grew on her spine.

Damian crossed his arms and glanced at Evangeline, whose fisheye was dumb.

When he saw his thickened leg wrapped in a bandage, he raised one of his mouths and laughed.

“That’s good. I won’t be able to go outside the door, let alone that Darron.”

What is that bird I told my younger brother? Even in a dreamless mental state, the mouth with words to say moved properly.

Evangeline mumbled to hear everything.

“So my wife runs away… “

When I openly touched my weakness, Damian’s eyebrows crumbled. Evangeline closed his eyes and pretended not to know Damian’s intense gaze. 1 have to put a bandage on my mouth:

“Open your eyes. All you have to do is look at the title and face, but do you think Beatrice will accept you if your face becomes ugly?”

Damian awakened from the seat. Evangeline closed his ears with a pillow, anticipating what would happen.

Fortunately, the door opened before hearing Damian’s unlucky voice.



“Our princess! It finally happened! Every time I saw you lost my mind, my father’s heart burned hard!”

A huge middle-aged man ran to the bed. Evangeline gazed at his father stupidly.

“Dad, you said you’re going to defeat the monsters in the northern mountains?”

Evangeline’s father and former Grand Duke of Knecht, Joseph Knecht, held the daughter’s hand with the thick hands that had just been washed.

“Of course, I put it off for a week! My daughter is wandering around, and how can she subdue her father? ”

As a northern nobleman, an important event that must be carried out every year was quickly turned into a rattle.

Damian stepped back as he watched his own father whispering all kinds of things without a word. Joseph naturally took the chair where his son was sitting and sat down.

Evangeline was naturally treated by his father.

“OK. I’m not going to faint once or twice.”

faint! When he heard the word. Joseph’s expression quickly changed from joy to anger. It was because I remembered why Evangeline had passed out.

“Dare my daughter… do not worry. I will make them pay the right price.”

“It’s okay.“

Even at Evangeline’s words, he showed no sign of calming down. The next emotion that came to mind was gloomy. The face of a handsome cold man who couldn’t even make eye contact if he stayed still collapsed in sadness.

“My daughter. My princess. I’m so sorry to be born with a body with so many small sicknesses. I have no face to see you…” I shouldn’t have eaten any food just because it was good for having a daughter. Even if I didn’t swallow Gremlin live then… .“

“I’m grateful for you just giving birth and raising me.”

After that, every time Evangeline got sick, the repertoire continued. What to do. It is said that the daughter of a woman’s family in a hundred years is so precious.

It was only a moment that the Grand Duke Cheol-blood, who said I was dropping a bird, became a daughter.

Love is scary. Evangeline thought, mechanically holding his head at his father’s words.

It was as if the sun had lost, thinking that our princess would never be able to open her eyes again… I can’t live a single day without my daughter… You are my light, water, world… blah blah.

Joseph’s endless confession came to an end with the appearance of his mother Count Linzheim.

“I’m sorry, though, I’ll be tired. Lee doesn’t have a mental head. You understand.”

“No. Mother,“ Evangeline replied somewhat anxiously.

The father, blinking his eyes, was dragged by his mother because of his emotions.

Damian, who looked at his father’s depravity with contempt, sat down again.

“It’s pathetic…”

Are you pathetic? It’s your future. Tsum. You don’t even know one step ahead. Evangeline laughed at her brother.

“That’s it– .”

“I told him to stop.”

When I jumped, my broken leg didn’t heal easily. Evangeline stayed in bed for weeks with Damian’s pathetic gaze. I wasn’t doing anything, so a month passed in no time. Evangeline, who had wasted his little life without waste, prepared for an outing.

Then there was a good excuse to get out of the car. Early morning in early spring. Someone anxiously called Evangeline, who was lying on the bed in street clothes.

“miss! Marriage requests are pouring out from northern nobles!”

Evangeline’s maid, Eve, rolled her feet with letters in both hands. What else happened. Evangeline uninspiredly dropped Marguerite’s wedding invitation from his hand onto the blanket.

“Calm down. I usually get married or propose a lot around this time. It may not be because of that.”

“All letters from the northern family!“


Evangeline mumbled as he crushed the pillow with his face. Proposal with the North. An ominous premonition passed.

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