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I Can Absorb Everything
Alternative names:我能吸收万物

I Can Absorb Everything

This is a world where ferocious beasts run rampant and martial arts are respected.
Lin Mu also has a dream of a warrior, but unfortunately, he has only mixed food and clothing for six months.

Today, half a year later …
“Absorb all things system and activate successfully!”

From then on, no one will be able to stop Lin Mu’s progress.

Absorb a book, all the knowledge in the book is clearly imprinted on your mind, and you will never forget it!
Absorb Supreme Master “Star Picker”, you can get a great star picker without training!
Absorb the everlasting treasure “Chaos Heart Sutra” and get all the insights from the Great Chaos Heart Sutra!
Absorb a group of mind and spirit, fire energy energy +99999, achieve the Supreme Divine Eucharist!

I can absorb everything, everything will become my nourishment, and create a legend.

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