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I Can Report Everything
Author: Must-fire
Alternative names:我能举报万物
Genre: Urban Life

I Can Report Everything

The report was cool, and the report was always cool.

Xu Yan was reborn in the parallel martial arts world, and a report system was added to her mind. Reporting will become stronger, and reporting will be rewarded. Reporting will do everything! It’s so cool that I can’t stop …

Report the success of Dad’s private money hidden in the wall, rewarded 100,000 cash.

Reporting at the same table is the success of the Rebirth Party and rewards skill prophecy.

Report the lady who lost weight upstairs stealing supper successfully in the middle of the night and reward a bottle of super slimming pills.

Reported that the rice was too unpalatable, and rewarded the glutinous rice.

Report the test paper is too difficult to succeed, reward genius Xueba Wan.

Report the success of pork price increase and reward the swine fever vaccine.

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