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I Can Upgrade Infinitely
Author: Shrimp Needle
Alternative names:我可以无限升级

I Can Upgrade Infinitely

You are cultivating Iron Shirt. You feel that it is insufficient, Iron Shirt +1

Iron Shirt has upgraded to ‘Copper-Skin Iron-Bones Art’. You still feel that it is lacking, Copper-Skin Iron-Bones Art +1

Copper-Skin Iron-Bones Art has upgraded to Invincible Vajra God Art, you continue to upgrade.

You have upgraded to Three Zhang Golden Body realm. You continue to upgrade and have successfully achieved Inextinguishable Golden Body realm.

You have seen the Severing Water Three Blades, Severing Water Three Blades +1

You have upgraded to Scarless Three Blades…Lithe Three Blades…Tyrant Blade…Exterminating Heaven Blade.

You have seen the Taichi Fist, Taichi Fist +1

You have upgraded to Taichi Fist Scripture…Profound Taichi Art…Yin-Yang Taichi Art…True Taichi Sutra.

You have seen the Raging Inferno Art, Raging Inferno Art +1

You have successfully cultivated the Raging Inferno Art. It has upgraded into the True Sun Sutra.

If I give you have foundation merit law, you can blow up a star system!

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