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I Created Cthulhu In Naruto
Alternative names:我在火影创造克苏鲁
Genre: Fan-Fiction

I Created Cthulhu In Naruto

Traveling to the world of Naruto, the Moonlight Refracting Mirror has obtained the “Thriller Descending System”. As long as someone trembles because of the indescribable, they can exchange for various unexpected rewards.

Feiduan: “This is the ultimate evil god I believe in! I offer you the most abundant sacrifice, the great king in yellow!”

Orochimaru: “The all-knowing and almighty one, the mystery of eternal life is behind that door!”

Hei Jue: “Shabu Nicholas? The black goat of the forest that gave birth to ten million descendants? The first grandmother?”

The Kingdom of Iron, the Five Shadows Talks.

Shuiying: “It is said that when the stars return to their correct positions, Lalaye will rise to the surface, and Cthulhu will wake up from his slumber, bringing disaster to the world.”

Raikage: “That’s just a stupid folk legend, you won’t really believe it, will you?”

Tsukage: “Our biggest enemy right now is the Akatsuki organization!”

Shuiying took out a photo, and the huge outline of the ancient city was looming in the sea fog.

For a time, the five shadows were speechless.

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