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I Don’t Have Sex with My Sister
Author: Mo Bailang
Alternative names:我与师妹不谈情
Genre: Yuri

I Don’t Have Sex with My Sister

Shang Canchuan became the chief disciple of the Xiuxian sect, a young genius, high-spirited, and her life was smooth and smooth, and she never encountered any difficulties. Even her beautiful junior sister, who everyone said was cold and unapproachable, would only smile softly when she saw her, and call her senior sister docilely and obediently.

She thought it would always be like this in the future, but the fate is unpredictable.

Years later, Yunyun was dressed in white like an immortal, but her beautiful eyes were lost, her always calm and self-contained voice trembled slightly, and she said to her word by word: “Senior sister, either you stay, or I will go with you. .”

Shang Can, who had become a magic cultivator, blinked and did not dare to look at her.

Shang Yan once liked to listen to the cloud and call her sister, and shouted that she couldn’t wait to give her everything, and the stars in the sky were willing to pick it up for her.

Now that the transit has moved, listening to these two words, even the pain of heartbreaking lungs has passed, and only a little numbness.

Shang Can always couldn’t give her what her beloved junior sister wanted most.

*Cynical and steady middle-leaning senior sister (attack) x cold and taciturn beauty (acceptance)

*Atypical immortals, regardless of realm (the kind whose force value is entirely determined by the author)

*Only love each other not kill each other

*1v1 (but the relationship will probably be determined later), he (but there will be abuse)

*The author likes dog blood, if you don’t like it, don’t spray it

Content tags: Special liking Xianxia Cultivation Oriental Fantasy
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