I Don't Want To Be A Young Master

Chapter 494

He gave him a sour look.

"Come on, when you were young, you were still dissatisfied with me. When you are old, you still have to fight with me. Hum, when you go there, I will be the brightest light bulb."

"Cheng Zhongda, you are not ashamed to be an old man, and you have to be shameless. If you want to follow, follow. I'm so angry with you."

The appearance of their bickering really makes Ye Feng laugh. He winks at Lu Kuan. Lu Kuan pushes him out of the door quietly, and the haze of Tong Licheng's death is swept away.

A few days later, Li Yi went to the hospital to see Hu Ling. When he saw her, a man burst into tears on the spot.

"Brother Yi, don't cry. I'm ok. I'm really OK. I'll install prosthetics in the future. I believe as long as I practice slowly, I can learn to walk again."

Li Yi wiped her tears and put her in his arms.

"Hu Ling, no matter where you want to cure, I will not give up."

Li Yi put a diamond ring on her finger when she didn't pay attention.

If she had changed her past, Hu Ling would be very happy and look forward to building a home of her own with Li Yi. But now that she is like this, she is afraid that she will drag him down.

"Brother Yi, I'm sorry, I can't promise you that you deserve a better girl, but I really don't deserve you as I am now. Do you think I will appreciate you when you propose to me at this time? I can only feel that you are humiliating me. "

"Go away, and don't come again. I don't want to see you again." After waking up for such a long time, Li Yi came late. Hu Ling knew that he was determined to face himself.

But she knew that his proposal at this time was entirely out of sympathy, and she could not accept it at all.

Li Yi takes a look at her and goes to the door without saying anything. Hu Ling hopes that at this parting moment, he can look back at himself, but he just leaves.

"I wish you happiness, Li Yi." Her two lines of tears wet the pillow, while there is no one in the ward, strong for so long, she can finally cry.

What she didn't expect was that Li Yi came back the next day and took several well-known Chinese medicine experts to see Hu Ling in turn. Hu Ling was at a loss.

All the experts shook their heads, as long as a local traditional Chinese medicine from the folk can come up with a treatment plan.

"The girl's hands and feet have been broken, and there is deep inflammation. According to western medicine, nailing may not be able to correct it, but according to traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture stimulation, her hands and feet may not be disabled."

The words of TCM experts immediately gave Li Yi confidence.

"Old man, since you can be saved, you should find a way quickly."

However, the old man shook his head: "Hey, young man, although I know how to treat it, I don't have the ability to treat it. I once met an expert of a family of traditional Chinese medicine in Lingnan, who has cured such complicated diseases."

"I can't cure it, but you can try to find him."

Li Yi is very grateful to him.

"Old man, as long as you can help me find that expert, how much money is not a problem."

Li Yi quickly took out 5000 yuan from his wallet and handed it to him.

"Sir, this is the deposit. Please bring it. If my wife is cured in the future, you will definitely have to pay for it."

The man waved his hand: "Hey, I don't forget to report the matter of treating the sick and saving the people. You have to get people to prepare the car. I'll take you there today."

After learning about this, Ye Feng directly approved a private plane for Li Yi.

"It's so far from the capital to Lingnan. If you take any bus, you can go directly by plane. As long as you can cure Huling, no matter how much it costs, I'll give you all the reimbursement."

Recently, Ye Feng has also found many famous doctors, saying that there is no way. Ye Feng is thinking that maybe folk recipes can cure Hu Ling.

Sure enough, many experts shake their heads, which is not a problem in the eyes of folk masters.

"I've seen her a lot. In the past, there was a lot of chaos here. Many little gangsters were broken hands and feet. I'm optimistic about it here. However, the girl had inflammation in her bones. She had to take some traditional Chinese medicine to completely remove the inflammation and then treat it with bone setting acupuncture."

"Trouble is the trouble point, but I can guarantee that after my treatment, within a year, her hands and feet will be able to move freely."

At first, Li Yi and Hu Ling were dubious, but after three months of treatment, Hu Ling felt that her hands and feet were gradually aware.

"Teacher Fu, I feel my fingertips itchy. Why is that?"

"It's very simple. Before, because your joints were inflamed, your hands and feet were broken, and your meridians were blocked, you would lose consciousness. After my conditioning, you completely eliminated the inflammation, and you also got through the meridians in the case of acupuncture, so your consciousness is slowly recovering."

"You're in a serious condition. It's only three months before you start to feel a little bit. It seems that you need to make more efforts in the later stage. You'll recover well in the later stage. You can walk in half a year."After listening to the old master's words, Hu Ling and Li Yi suddenly have confidence. During this time, they get along day and night, and their relationship is more profound.

Just a few days after Hu Ling went to Lingnan, Ye Feng's legs gradually regained consciousness and could walk slowly. Tong Licheng also officially returned.

On the day he came back, Cheng Yan met him in the street and cried like a madman.

Tong Licheng held her tightly: "Yan, don't be afraid, I'm back..."

Ye Shentu kept his promise and divided all the shares of Ye's group into three. Seeing the growing strength of Yuanfeng, ye Yun became the third largest shareholder of Yuanfeng without hesitation.

And Tong Licheng is still in the second place. Ye Feng has integrated the power of Ye group, including Tong Group and Cheng group, into his own Yuanfeng group. He has truly become the world's top business empire.

The industries Yuanfeng touches are also all inclusive. Many years later, Ye's group is still the most mysterious family in China, and this family holds nearly half of the world's wealth.

But it's all later. Half a year later, Hu Ling's feet can really move freely. Ye Feng gives her freedom, and she is no longer Chen Yurou's bodyguard.

With the original shares of Yuanfeng given by Ye Feng, he married Li Yi as a minority shareholder of Yuanfeng, and even Li Chungang looked at her differently.

A year later, the first Yuanfeng Cup football competition started in China. At the beginning of the competition, it was just a competition among Yuanfeng employees. Later, Ye Feng's career at home and abroad became bigger and bigger, and finally it became an international competition.

For this reason, Yuanfeng also produced an elite team, which won the world's first victory in the world cup not far away ten years later.

And Ye Feng's name has become a legend all over the world

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