I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 10 Enter the supermarket

Although it is in the game, suddenly a large supermarket appears out of thin air. This kind of operation still makes Song Jian feel a bit of egg pain. But looking at the advertisement on the LED screen, as long as you apply for a membership card, you can get a thousand points, and you can also buy discounted goods ...

"These discounted products look good, **** ~" Song Jian stared intently at the LED screen, watching a lot of second-hand discounted products above, saliva was about to drain.

"In addition to food and mineral water, there are many variants of zombies that have fallen from the package, all of which are of gray quality. I don't know if this supermarket will not accept them." Thinking of here, the idea of ​​going to the doomsday supermarket is even more urgent. .

But the mutant zombies on the street who kept screaming, reminded Song Jian to keep calm. The Doomsday Supermarket looks like a fishing lure in the pond. If Song Jian wants to act rashly, there is a high probability that he will be directly chased by the mutated zombie that has recovered its full attributes, and there will be no way to the ground.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute, and after a while, the sky will be bright!" Song Jian comforted himself looking at the neon lights flashing in the supermarket not far away.

Not only was he afraid to rush out and be killed by the zombies, but also to wait until dawn, and the doomsday supermarket suddenly disappeared. At this time, Xu Feng felt like an old quilt stockholder, looking at the stock price that suddenly rises and falls. Holding and afraid of falling, hesitant in his heart as if a big hand was holding his heart.

"Be quiet and sleep! ..."

When the sky was light and the sun had not yet risen, and there was less than an hour before leaving the game, the mutated zombies on the street also began to hide instinctively into dark corners. To the window

"It's okay, okay, the supermarket is still there!" The heart that had been trembling finally calmed down, Song Jian took a deep breath, grabbed the baseball bat, pushed away the heavy furniture blocking the door, and walked carefully towards the doomsday supermarket. .

There was a mutant zombie wandering in the Diaolou Road. It should be because the day was about to dawn and he inadvertently hid in. Song Jian rushed straight up, wielded a baseball bat, and severely hit the head of the nearest zombies.

Uh ~

A dull crash sounded, and the mutant zombie's head flew up, and a 57-point critical strike number emerged from his head.

When Song Jian was ready to wave the baseball bat again, the mutant zombie had rushed to his body, the rotting muscles on his face, and the stench from his body, which made Song Jian feel the threat of death;

I lost the baseball bat, and Song Jian directly took out the pistol, almost firing two shots against the head of the zombie, smashing the zombie into a pile of black ash;

"His, it hurts!" Regardless of the items dropped by the zombies, Song Jian looked at his arms, his sleeves had been torn into a few rags, three scratches appeared on his shoulders, and they were slowly moving. Exuding blood.

When Song Jian searched for supplies, he searched a lot for daily necessities, but the only thing he didn't find was medicines for healing.

"The other party is a zombie!" Song Jian looked at the scratches on his shoulders, his heart was cold, and he quickly opened the battle record to check it.

"You use a baseball bat to hit the mutant zombie weakness (head), causing 67 physical damage (critical strike) to the target!"

"Mutant zombie inflicts 12 physical damage to you, with a little 'corpse poison' damage, and your skill 'cheeky' takes effect to resist this corpse poison attack!"

"You use a pistol to attack, hit a mutant zombie weakness (head), and cause 38 remote physical damage (critical strike) to the target!"

"You use a pistol to attack, hit the mutant zombie weakness (head), and cause 4 long-range physical damage (critical strike) to the target. The mutant zombie has zero health!"

"Mutation Zombies Die!"

System: You kill Mutant Zombies and gain 110 experience.

"The corpse poison hurts, cheeky, shouting, okay, okay!" Song Jian breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that the injury on his shoulder was not so painful.

"The skill of cheeky is still very useful. Zombies are everywhere here, they will be infected with corpse poison at any time. If there is a chance, you can raise this skill to some insurance!" Song Jian thought to himself.

Now the sky is only slightly white, the sun has not yet come out, and the attributes of mutant zombies have not been halved. This has also made it impossible for a novice baseball bat to kill the mutant zombies, giving it a chance to fight back.

And this attack also exposed an unseen weakness of the baseball bat, which is that the attack speed is very slow. Between the two attacks, at least one second has to be separated, and one second is enough for Song Jian to use the pistol to attack twice. Above, this is also why the mutant zombies rushed over and Song Jian immediately threw away the baseball bat and pulled out a pistol.

Soon, Song Jian's clothes were stained with blood, which looked terrifying, but in fact, Song Jian's blood volume dropped by only 12 points. At this time, he still had more than 80% of his blood volume.

The wound slowly healed, Song Jian thought about it, took off his clothes directly, tossed it aside, and walked out with his naked torso. The **** smell of that clothes was too great. Song Jian was afraid to attract outside zombies.

Doomsday Supermarket is located in the square behind the community. Song Jian held the baseball bat, carefully avoiding the mutant zombies, walked forward, walked for more than ten minutes, came to Camel Plaza behind the community.

The Doomsday supermarket was completely exposed to him at this moment.

Qiong looks no different from other supermarkets in the city. Song Jian came to the main entrance of the supermarket and found that the glass door of the supermarket was tightly closed. Looking out across the glass door, there was a large store. There is an assortment of merchandise on the store shelves, and everything.

It's just weird that there is no one in the supermarket, no cashier, no tallyman, and no customer.

The entire supermarket is brightly lit, and there is no mutant zombies around. It seems that they are afraid of this place and dare not approach. The entire supermarket gives a very strange feeling. UU Kanshu www.uukanshu.com

He walked into the supermarket's door, and a "drop" sound came from above the glass door. A green laser beam was emitted. Before Song Jian responded, the laser light fell from the top of his head and scanned all the way to the soles of his feet.

Tong Songjian was startled. When he reacted, the green laser light on the glass door was recaptured. After a flash of a red dot twice, it turned green and the supermarket door opened automatically.

After a moment of hesitation, Song Jian lifted his feet and walked in.

"Anyone?" Song Jian shouted, there was silence all around.

After thinking about it for a while, Song Jian gritted his teeth and walked towards the supermarket. The supermarket was empty and looked around. The space inside the supermarket was dozens of times larger than that seen from the outside.

"Before consumption, please apply for a membership card. If you do not apply for a membership card, you can take the goods without authorization, and you will be at your own risk!" A cold mechanical sound sounded in Song Jian's ear, which scared Song Jian.

Looking around, Song Jian saw an ATM-like machine next to the empty service desk in front of the lobby. The screen was bright and the top option was "Apply for membership card".

This is a touch-screen self-service terminal. Song Jian stepped forward. There are several options on the screen of the terminal. Song Jian tapped his finger for "Membership Card".

Once the screen was gone, all options disappeared. On the azure screen, a few lines of characters appeared: "Task: Kill 10 mutant zombies, get 10 mutant zombies kernels, and put 10 no zombies kernels into the recovery bin next to it, that is, You can complete the mission! Mission reward: a doomsday supermarket membership card! "

Under these few lines, there are two more options, "Accept task" and "Abandon task".

"His, this membership card, you have to do the task?" Song Jian took a breath.

Uh ...

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