I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 11 Game girl

"For the membership card of your supermarket, you still have to do the task. No wonder there isn't any one here ... The membership cards of other supermarkets are all given away!" Song Jian couldn't help but vomit.

In reality, if there is a supermarket you go to apply for a membership card, the lady at the desk said politely: "Sorry, sir, you must first complete the task and kill ten stray cats in the city before you can apply for our supermarket Membership card. "

I do you a ghost! If you encounter such a supermarket, Song Jian will leave without saying a word, and it is estimated that such a supermarket will soon not survive and will close down.

现在 But now, how good are the goods in the supermarket? What should you do?

"I'm desperate too!" Song Jian said.

There is no way, Song Jian can only turn around and leave the supermarket. At this time, twelve hours, less than half an hour, and the sky gradually lights up. It is estimated that there will be at most ten minutes, and the sun will appear. At that time, all mutant zombies will halve their attributes again, and it will be much easier to kill them.

I just don't know if this sudden doomsday supermarket will disappear suddenly at the next moment. When Song Jian completes the task and the doomsday supermarket suddenly disappears, what is the significance of completing this task?

Leaving the Doomsday supermarket, Song Jian walked towards the unexplored neighbourhood opposite Camel Square. This neighbourhood is a six-storey building or a single villa. It is easier to search for supplies or find mutant zombies.

Before Xu was close to the community, Song Jian heard a roar of mutant zombies coming forward, and it seemed that the number was still quite large.

"Mistweed, shouldn't it be that novice player came out and attracted a lot of mutant zombies, now the attributes of these mutant zombies have not been halved." Song Jian was startled, some dare not continue Go forward.

At this moment, a little girl ran out from the street opposite. This little girl looked like she was only about ten years old. She wore a white dress and lost one of her sneakers. Feet, running towards the direction where Song Jian is.

Behind her, followed by a dozen mutant zombies, only seven or eight meters away from the little girl, she opened her teeth and cried out;

The little girl held a small crossbow in her hand and shot back and forth towards the mutant zombie from time to time;

Uh ~

The crossbow does not need to be wound, and it seems that it does not need a crossbow. It only needs to pull the trigger to shoot the crossbow. It is even more powerful than Song Jian's pistol.

Every time the little girl turned back, there was a mutant zombie with five or six crossbow arrows on her body, which fell to black and gray. The little girl did not even look at the dropped items, so she kept running towards the doomsday supermarket;

When I saw Song Jian, the little girl froze with a look of fright on her face, but when she saw that Song Jian wasn't a mutant zombie, the little girl's face was clearly surprised.

"Help me, those monsters are chasing me!" The little girl's expression on her face looked implored.

"Okay, okay, don't panic first, don't panic!" Song Jian was panicked, but there were more than a dozen zombies on the opposite side, rushing up, and he would definitely leave a few of his bones.

But at this moment, the zombies seemed to be aware of something, even standing on the edge of Camel Square, roaring and roaring in the direction of Song Jian, but did not dare to take a step forward.

"What are they afraid of?" Song Jian looked around, and finally looked at the Doomsday Supermarket: "They are afraid of this supermarket?"

At this time, when the water dog was beaten down, Song Jian raised his pistol and aimed at the nearest zombie head at the station, and pulled the trigger.

Bang bang ~

I took two shots and replaced three magazines. Song Jian killed a dozen mutant zombies and dropped a bunch of items with a discolored light.

The thumping was very cool, but the bullets were also used quickly. In a flash, Song Jian had only fifty or sixty bullets left.

The experience of more than a dozen mutant zombies has improved Song Jian's experience slot by more than two-thirds. By killing a maximum of four or five zombies, he can be promoted to the next level.

"Well, all killed!" Song Jian smiled slightly at the little girl and said.

Looking at the little girl, the smile on Song Jian's face froze. At this moment, the little girl was holding a crossbow and aiming at him. Suddenly a chill surged from Song Jian's back.

"Little, younger sister, why are you aiming at me? It won't be good if it goes out, close it up!" Song Jian whispered.

"You won't sell me abducted, right?" The little girl asked calmly.

"No, no, how is it possible!" Song Jian said with cold sweat.

"You won't grab my snacks, toys, and other things?"

"No, no!"

"You don't want to catch me and bit me like those monsters, right?"

"No, no, I'm the same player as you, not a monster!"

"Well, okay." The little girl thought for a long time with her head tilted, and seemed to have decided to believe Song Jian's words. She put her crossbow and bowed towards Song Jian. "Thank you Uncle for saving me, you What a great man! "

Hissing ~, this good guy sent a card, which made Song Jian a little caught off guard;

"Hehe, uncle ..., okay, yes, the weapon you just used is of silver quality, looks great!" Song Jian pretended to inadvertently as he walked towards the killed zombies. . UU Kanshu www.uukanshu.com

When the little girl appeared, Song Jian's eyes first fell on the small crossbow in the little girl's hand. The surface of the crossbow radiated a silver light, which was obviously a silver-quality weapon;

Song Jian now has some understanding of the quality of the equipment in the game. The equipment here is divided into gray quality, white quality, green quality, blue quality and silver quality. Obviously, the silver quality is the best, and the gray quality is the worst.

Worse than gray, it is sundries, better than silver. Song Jian guesses that there should be golden quality. As for whether there is better equipment than golden quality, Song Jian does not understand, after all, he also Just just entered the game.

After questioning, there was a quiet moment behind him. Song Jian glanced back curiously, and the scared heart almost popped out. I saw the little girl, holding her crossbow in her hands, looking at Song Jian's back with a vigilant look. .

"You, what are you doing?" Song Jian scared;

"Are you trying to grab my newbie weapon?" The little girl asked, staring at Song Jian.

"Why, how, I have my own weapon, you see, I have three." Song Jian was embarrassed at once, and immediately showed the baseball bat in his hand, the dagger and pistol around his waist, cold sweat. Said.

The little girl stared at Song Jian's three weapons and looked for a long time before she said skeptically: "Is that so?"

"Of course, of course, how could I grab a little girl's stuff, you are really ..." Song Jian swallowed, and the silver crossbow was not ordinary at first sight. Not only was the damage high, but the attack speed was fast. If you shoot yourself, maybe you can kill yourself immediately.

The special code game turned out to be such a big killer for the little girl. Are you a pro-girl in the game?

Uh ...

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