I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 14 What it is?

Hey, hey ~

Two bullets are accurately injected into the skull of the mutant zombie, killing the monster.

Although the power of a baseball bat is much greater than that of a pistol, one shot can kill this zombie with half its attributes, but Song Jian does not want to experience the feeling of smashing **** with a baseball bat.

"Long-range attacks are also more secure!" Song Jian secretly said, "You have died before you even approached me, and it feels pretty cool!"

After the death of the zombie corpse, it turned into black ash, and the faint odor of the corpse in the room gradually dissipated. Five or six items emitting gray light scattered around the black ash.

Song Jian first supported the triangle metal ladder, and picked up Kerr.

"Okay, this is our safe house in the future. When you have time, when you leave the game, leave from here." Song Jian said to Ker.

"Well." But Keer nodded, and soon her eyes fell on those items that glowed grey, pointing to the ground, "meat, fragrant meat."

Wu Songjian picked up the dropped items and found that they were all "zombies", and suddenly he was speechless.

"Are you going to let me develop into a career as a chef?" Song Jian secretly said.

I have eaten a full-bodied Kerr, and I am still very happy to see the "Zombie Meat" exuding a scent of green grass and plants, and my face is full of happy smiles.

After Song Jian put the zombies in the parcel, he started searching the whole villa.

It took more than an hour for Song Jian to search the three-story villa carefully. On the second floor of the villa, Song Jian found a lot of living supplies, various food and drinking water, which could fully satisfy the two people in the first half of the year.

But unfortunately, most of these foods and water have deteriorated. Song Jian only needs to throw them all out;

In a bedroom on the third floor, Song Jian found a double-barreled shotgun and dozens of shotgun bullets. In order to store them, Song Jian painfully took out two gold bracelets.

"Beretta Double Barreled Shotgun (Green), Two-Handed Weapon, Attack 12-21, Critical Strike +1, Equipment Requirements: 5 Strength, 4 Physical Strength; Can I Bring Out the Game: No"

This shotgun has two barrels side by side, which can be filled with two bullets at a time, and the bomb change time is longer, but the power is much greater than Song Jian's P18C pistol, and there is an additional "Crit + 1" Properties.

After Song Jian's search, he still returned to the living room, but he sat on the shabby sofa honestly, with both hands on the sofa, looking away, looking around, looking very well-behaved.

All the doors and windows of this villa are sealed with sturdy wooden strips, which cannot penetrate the slightest sunlight, and heavy furniture is stacked behind the wooden strips. Even at night, the mutated zombie attributes are restored, and you want to break windows or doors. It also takes a long time to enter, and it is very safe.

咦 "Oh, what's the situation?" When looking at the doors and windows, Song Jian suddenly found that along the edges of the doors and windows, a red border suddenly appeared, and a line of text prompts: "Will the door of the room be modified?"

Next to the text, there is a row of gates that can be viewed by sliding, but only the first gate pattern on the front is white and can be used, and the gate patterns on the back are all in red seal state, which cannot be modified. .

"Wooden door, 200 points of defense, needs wood 35." Song Jian's eyes locked on the first door pattern, and soon, the materials needed to build this door appeared in front of Song Jian.

Behind the "Wooden Gate", there is also a "Stone Gate, with a defense of 500 points and a Stone of 50". However, the icon of this stone gate is red and cannot be built.

The defense of the door of this villa's room is only 98 points. If it is replaced by a stone door, it will obviously be more secure. However, Song Jian did not know how to collect the stone and wood for a while.

Then, Song Jian stared at the other places carefully and observed. Sure enough, like the door, the rest of the room can also be transformed and upgraded to a more defensive building. Windows, walls, stairs, skylights, and even floors can be retrofitted and upgraded.

"In this way, wouldn't I be able to build a strong safe house, enough to ensure the safety of my body after leaving the game?" Song Jian's mouth slightly tilted, as if a big rock had fallen to the ground, he felt a lot easier now. .

This doomsday survival game is very weird, and it will be life-threatening at any time, but if you can persist in this game, there are also many benefits.

Li Guang is the fruit of the attribute that can increase physical fitness, which makes Song Jian be impressed. This is a treasure that can directly improve his physical fitness.

"Maybe you can get the flying skills and exercises from the myth and legend in this game." Song Jian's mind once again emerged the figure of the monster floating in the air and constantly absorbing the essence of the moon.

"Uncle, let's go out and fight monsters, it's so boring here," Ke Er said suddenly shaking his calf.

"Fight monsters? Aren't you afraid?" Song Jian asked curiously.

Mutant zombies are scary for a ten-year-old girl.

"Uncle, you are so naive, this is a game!" Ke Er said with scorn. UU Reading Book www.uukanshu.com

可 "Keer, how long do you have to leave the game?" Song Jian asked for a moment. He didn't know if Kerr understood what it means to have only one life in the game.

"About one and a half hours left." Kerr glanced at the game interface.

"Okay, uncle took you out to fight monsters." Song Jian nodded with a smile: "But we can only fight for an hour, and then we will return here. When the time is up, you will go offline, and do not enter this game in the future. , Okay? Promise uncle. "

Ke Er tilted his head and seemed to be thinking about it. After a while, Ke Er smiled on his face and nodded: "Well, uncle, this game is not interesting, but Er doesn't want to play anymore. Play this game. "

Tong Songjian nodded, hugging Ker and started climbing the ladder, and left the three-story villa from the skylight.

Outside this villa, there is a small courtyard of five or six square meters, surrounded by a half-height fence, but at this time the surrounding fence has already been destroyed, rotten in the mud, and the small courtyard is also overgrown with grass. The vines, such as creepers, covered several walls outside the villa. The tallest one has covered the first floor and climbed towards the second floor.

Ke Keer held the crossbow in both hands, and the cat was on his waist. With a vigilant look, he looked closely behind Song Jian.

Tong Songjian was leaning against the wall of a building and carefully leaning forward.

Although the variation of zombie attributes during the day was halved, but once accidentally attracted the attention of a large number of zombies, Song Jian was not sure whether he could successfully escape to the complete house. How did the man holding the baseball bat die at the beginning? Will forget.

I came to a turn, and Song Jian leaned out his head carefully;

Ok? What it is?

Uh ...

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