I Have a Doomsday City

Chapter 1752 season finale

Chapter 1752 The Finale

Song Jian has never encountered a monster with the strength of the King of Gods. He has too many laws and powers, and it is also a very difficult thing. If you are not familiar with the power of a certain law, it is difficult to restrain the opponent. .

However, Song Jian’s method of swallowing chaos used in his promotion, the Dragon of Law he created, seemed to have a special suppressive effect on the power of Law.

It was just a chaos law that suppressed the power of dozens of laws, and even quietly swallowed the power of the other party's laws.

The Lord of Space, who had long been transformed into a monster, opened his mouth wide and bit towards Song Jian, looking like he wanted to swallow Song Jian in his stomach in one bite.

Song Jian can vaguely feel that there is a trace of the law of swallowing in the mouth of the Lord of Space. If an ordinary **** is swallowed by him, I am afraid that it will really be unable to break free from the shackles of the law of swallowing for a while!

Chaos Spear!

Song Jian waved the weapon of the **** king in his hand, and slammed into the blood basin of the Lord of Space!

A gray ray of light like lightning was aroused from the spear and shot towards the mouth of the Lord of Space!


A violent explosion burst out from the Lord of Space's mouth, and the powerful energy directly lifted the Lord of Space away, and hit the stone tower in the center of the Plaza of the Temples fiercely!

This stone tower existed forever and was extremely strong. The Lord of Space slammed on it and let out a painful roar.

Whoosh whoosh~

Just before Song Jian was about to let him go and send a fatal blow to the Lord of Space, dozens of law tentacles suddenly appeared from the void and stabbed towards Song Jian!

Song Jian's face changed slightly, his figure flickered, and he dodged continuously. Suddenly, afterimages of Song Jian appeared in the air!


Because the distance was too close, there were still two law touches that pierced Song Jian's body. For a time, the blood value dropped greatly, and at the same time the law power contained in the law touch also exploded in an instant.


Two big holes were exploded in Song Fitness's body, his chest and abdomen, almost the entire body was blown into two parts.


Song Jian had an ugly face and endured the pain. He wanted to get a quick healing potion from the parcel, but soon, a powerful force was transmitted from the Chaos Spear, quickly repairing Song Jian's body.

At the same time, the blood value, which had fallen below half, also recovered to its full value within a few breaths!

"This is..." Song Jian showed a look of surprise on his face.

Song Jian had also seen this scene before. It was the bloodthirsty warhammer that directly controlled the user, constantly repairing the controlled body in a state of almost endless resurrection.

Unexpectedly, this god-king weapon in his hand has such a powerful recovery function, which is simply a surprise!

Chaos Sword Classic, Ten Thousand Swords Return!

Song Jian waved his right hand, and a spirit sword glowing with gray light suddenly appeared beside him.

The Red Lotus Karma has long been transformed into the power of the law, and Song Jian, who has returned to the source at this time, the most powerful is the law of chaos, which embraces all things and swallows all things!

Countless spirit swords flew towards the huge divine body of the Lord of Space like a torrential rain, poking large holes in the divine body. These wounds were filled with the power of law, and they continued to swallow the body and body of the Lord of Space. energy.

A series of injury figures floated from the head of the Lord of Space. With a roar of pain, the body of the Lord of Space collapsed, like porcelain, shattered and turned into countless fragments, spilling over the entire square. !

The Lord of Light gave a stunned expression: "Just, it's over like this?"

Lord of Thunder: "It's too fast, it's simply vulnerable. This is a battle between the kings of the gods. How could it be possible to end the battle so soon?"

The Lord of Dawn pointed to Song Jian, who was holding the Chaos Spear, and whispered: "Look at the Chaos King... the Chaos God King, looking at his appearance, it seems that the battle is not over!"

"Yes, he must have felt something..."

Song Jian floated in the air, staring at the broken corpses all over the square, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

"This kind of recovery method is really rare!"

In Song Jian's eyes, there was a vitality bar on each piece of minced meat, and the minced meat was constantly squirming, trying to reintegrate.

In the previous ten thousand swords returning to the sect, every spirit sword contained the law of chaos. Tens of thousands of spirit swords attacked the master of space, already eroding the law of chaos to every inch of its body.

Under this situation, getting rid of the Law of Chaos has become a very difficult task, not to mention that in battle, it is simply an impossible task.

Therefore, the Lord of Space broke his body directly and entered a special state of suspended animation. This state has a special effect, that is, it can make the bad state disappear. After all, for a dead body, any bad state is It doesn't make any sense.

Seeing that the Lord of Space was about to reunite, Song Jian waved his hand, and the law of time suddenly spread, covering every broken corpse on the square.


An inexplicable roar sounded from Song Fitness, and a phantom dragon wandering on top of Song Jian’s head. This is the soul of Song Jian’s law. It’s just that the soul of the law of ordinary gods and kings is a human form, and Song Jian’s The soul of the law is inexplicably a blue dragon!

Although the law of chaos was used as the foundation law and swallowed all other laws, it was not to say that Song Jian completely lost the power of other laws.

Like ordinary **** king-level powerhouses, as long as it is the power of the law swallowed by the law of chaos, Song Jian can perfectly control the power of the law, even those who are only slightly aware of the law, and have not fully grasped, once they are swallowed by the law of chaos, they will also Can be completely mastered by Song Jian quickly!

The body of the Space Master that had just fused together suddenly fell apart with a "bang", returning to the appearance it was a few minutes ago.

This situation is too familiar to Song Jian, and the laws of the world are also the nemesis of this recovery method!

Once, twice, three times, four times,...

Every time the fragments of the Lord of Space want to fuse together, they are affected by the law of time, returning to the state they had just separated a few minutes ago.

The other gods all stared at the scene in amazement, and suddenly felt a little disappointed at the battle between the kings of the gods!

"It's a pity that the original master of space had a chance, but in the end he chose the wrong way of recovery..." The Lord of Light couldn't help but sighed. In fact, he mastered a magical technique that could quickly get rid of abnormal states. Perhaps it is not very effective for the Law of Chaos, but it seems that it is definitely 10,000 times better than the dead-end method of the Lord of Space!

"The law of time, has the Lord of Space forgotten that Song Jian's name in the True God Realm is the God of Time and Chaos!" a **** muttered to himself.

"He has been demonized, and his previous memories are long gone. The Lord of Space says that he has already died..."

"With the life energy of the Lord of Space, I am afraid that it will take thousands of times, tens of thousands of times, to be completely wiped out!"

"It's possible, but from the moment it is automatically resolved, the winner has already been divided!"

Song Jian can feel that every time the law of time is used, the upper limit of the health bar on the head of the space lord will be reduced, and every time we look back, the lord of space will be one step closer to true death!

After hundreds of times back in time, even Song Jian felt a trace of exhaustion. This exhaustion was spiritual. Song Jian's physical state at this time was kept at its peak due to the existence of the God King's weapons!

"It's almost there!" Song Jian said softly.

At this time, the aura of the Lord of Space had fallen a lot, and hundreds of time retrospectives had consumed much of the Lord of Space’s activity. Now, the moving speed of each piece of ground meat was more than twice as slow as before.

Karma Fire Furnace Wan Jian Jue!

Song Jian gave a soft drink, countless spirit swords skyrocketed, and in the void, a powerful furnace ding appeared in front of everyone.

The stove lid slowly opened, and the minced meat in the center of the square was sucked into the furnace in an instant.


The fire was raging at the bottom of the furnace. This fire was no longer karma, but the fire of chaos. The power and effect were more than a hundred times stronger than the red lotus karma!

A desperate roar sounded from the furnace. The Lord of Space, who had been reintegrated, wanted to break the furnace seal, but at this time, he was already weak to the extreme, and it was impossible to rush out of the furnace!

"Die quietly," Song Jian said softly, and with a wave of his right hand, the furnace escaped into the void and disappeared.

Song Jian turned around and walked towards the other gods with a smile on his face.

With a powerful aura rushing towards his face, Song Jian, holding a god-king weapon, has become an invincible existence who can only look up!

"Welcome to the King of Chaos!" The Dawn Goddess was the first to bow down, kneel on one knee, and chant loudly.

"See the King of Chaos!" Like cutting wheat, all the gods fell on one knee, welcoming Song Jian to enter the temples.


In the game world, countless black fog and blood demons gather together to form a sea-like terrorist army, sweeping across various cities. Every city in the game is like an isolated island. In the black sea, it looks so thin, like a wave, just Can destroy these islands!

"Now we can only pray to the gods and pray for them to save us!"

"God, please save us..."

"God is here, please save us..."


In the game world, a loud prayer passed through the temple altar to the ears of the gods of the temples. At first, the gods didn't care. Such prayers existed almost all the time.

But after a long time, the gods discovered that this time, it seemed to be different from before.

"The game world will be destroyed!"

Sitting on the throne of God, Song Jian heard a strange voice inexplicably, and opened his eyes slightly. Song Jian's gaze seemed to penetrate countless levels and fell into the game world.

"How come there are so many monsters!" Song Jian was also taken aback. At this time, the game world has almost turned into a black ocean. These black fog and blood demons condensed into various monster images, giving out a burst. There was a horrible roar.

A large number of players have gone offline, and even no longer log in to the game. Only the indigenous people in the game world are fighting hard against the invasion of monsters.

And the City of Hope, because of Song Jian's sacred light bath, always protects the city from being captured, it has become the first choice of most players.

"These monsters seem to have deliberately avoided the city of miracles..." Song Jian said to himself.

These Black Mist Gorefiends did not attack all cities in one mind, but chose to attack those cities that were not protected by the gods first. However, such cities have become fewer and fewer. It is only time to attack the miraculous city. .


Over the game world, there was a burst of lightning, a huge crack, like a moat, across the void, looking at the huge space gap in front of him, Song Jian felt inexplicably fearful, as if something bad was about to happen. occur!

"Leaving this world, after the gap in space, there is a better world waiting for you!" A magnificent voice resounded through the sky in the game world.

Countless black fog blood demons roared and turned into mists, rushing towards the gap in space.

However, there is like a transparent wall in the gap of space, blocking all these powerful black fog and gorefiends.

"The spatial channel has just been formed and has not yet been stabilized. Only those with lower strength can pass through safely..." The voice rang again.

Song Jian felt cold all over, he had already seen that the other side of the space gap was the world.

That is the earth, the home planet of players like Song Jian!

"No!" Song Jian let out a roar, the chaotic spear in his hand turned into a flash of lightning, like a meteor, flying towards the game world!


The black mist gorefiends began to forcibly decompose their bodies. The original monsters turned into wisps of mist and drifted towards the gap in space.

This time, the gaps in the space never blocked them anymore, and the mists changed into fist-sized black beetles, flapping their wings and flying into the gaps in the space and disappeared.

At this time, a gray lightning straddling the entire sky, falling tens of millions of thunder lightnings, bombarding the Black Mist Gorefiend!

Each Chaos Lightning can take away the lives of several or even dozens of Black Mist Gorefiends, but the number of Black Mist Gorefiends is really too many, hundreds of millions of trillions. Chaos Lightning lasted for a full ten minutes. A large number of the lives of the Black Mist Gorefi were gone, and then slowly disappeared.

Song Jian's forehead was full of sweat, and he was gasping for breath. This blow almost exhausted all of his energy. After all, his attacks could fall into the game world through multiple levels.

With Song Jian's current ability, there is no way to make another blow in a short time.

With a thought, Song Jian's figure disappeared. After a while, Song Jian's figure appeared beside the tree of life on the earth.

Looking up, the blue sky above my head is like a huge mirror surface. A huge gap is cracked on the mirror surface. With this gap as the center, there are constantly and smaller gaps spreading from its body, far away. It looked like a ferocious multi-legged insect.

Behind the gap in the space, there is an endless deep void, and countless black beetles, like dark cloud tornadoes, flew out of the gap and rushed towards the creatures on the earth.

"The doomsday, this is the doomsday!" Song Jian muttered to himself.

At this moment, Song Jian suddenly received a system message.

System: The City of Hope is being attacked by monsters and will be destroyed in one hour and thirty-eight minutes. Will it be rescued immediately?

Song Jian's heart sank. Unexpectedly, even if the space channel was opened, these black fog blood demons would not be satisfied, and it seemed that they must destroy the entire game world!

Soon, another system message appeared in front of Song Jian.

System: Are you willing to merge the City of Hope and the Broken Kingdom of God to become a complete Kingdom of God! Tip: With a complete kingdom of God, you will be able to save at least 10 million lives!


Song Jian did not hesitate, and immediately chose Fusion!

Soon, the city of hope in the game world bloomed with endless divine light, strangling all the surrounding black fog and gorefiends into powder!

Then, the City of Hope disappeared completely, leaving only a huge hole in the same place!

Song Jian floated above the earth and waited quietly. At this time, every city was attacked by black beetles. These black beetles have only four or five levels of strength. For people in the game world, they are simply vulnerable. But on the earth, this beetle is like an overlord, constantly harvesting the lives of ordinary people!

"You bastards, let me die!" A figure roared in anger, and attacked fiercely. Song Jian narrowed his eyes. These are players who have left the game world. Although they have lost the equipment bonus, they have a little strength. Descending, but to these black beetles, they were like natural enemies, and more than ten were killed instantly.

More and more players are starting to take action, but the number of black beetles is too much, and it is a drop in the bucket!

Hurry up, hurry up!

Song Jian looked at the time of fusion, with an anxious look in his eyes. Every second, someone was killed, and the early fusion would save the lives of these ordinary people!

"Now the channel is not stable, and low-level monsters come out. When the channel is stable, there will be more powerful black fog blood demons..." Song Jian felt as if he had crushed a big rock in his heart. Unexpectedly, the earth will turn into another game world!

Finally, the City of Hope and Song Jian's Broken Kingdom of God were completely integrated. There were nearly half a million aborigines in the City of Hope. At this time, they had become citizens of the Kingdom of God. U U Reading www.uukanshu.com

In the void, a huge idol appeared in the sky above various cities. This is a idol molded by Song Jian with divine power. The strength is less than one percent of Song Jian's own strength, but it has the power to control the kingdom of God.

A huge phantom of the city appears behind the idol, and familiar players can recognize it. This is the city of hope in the game world!

"Today, Song Jian, my king of chaos, vowed here to protect all sentient beings, to be peaceful and away from death threats! All sentient beings on earth can enter my kingdom of God and become a member of the City of Hope..."

As soon as Song Jian's voice fell, another loud voice sounded again!

"Today, I am willing to belong to the Lord of Thunder and help him build the kingdom of God. All living beings on the earth can enter the kingdom of Thunder and become a member of Heavenly Phoenix City..."

Turning his head and looking, a figure appeared above the earth, behind him, a giant bear faintly appeared!

"This is the city lord of Tianfeng City. In order to save the earth, he gave his city to the lord of thunder and turned it into its kingdom of God!" Song Jian had a trace of enlightenment in his heart!

"Today, my Hualing No. 1 City is willing to belong to the Lord of Dawn to help him build the Kingdom of God. All beings on the earth can enter the Kingdom of Dawn and become a member of the City of Hualing No. 1..."


More and more city owners have issued their own vows to give the cities that they have built so hard to give to the gods and become the kingdom of these gods, just to save the lives on the earth!

Seeing a figure appearing in the void, a smile appeared at the corner of Song Jian's mouth.


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